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Create a "Geometry Star" This is one of my favorite geometry activities to do with upper elementary students. It's a simple review of point, line, line segment, endpoints, angles, and ruler use, plus the "stars" turn into unique, colorful art work for the classroom! Be the first to know about my
This set of cards has both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes to build. They show right on the cards how many toothpicks and marshmallows you will need to build the shape. Then there is a graphic to help you see what it will look like. The printable set comes with 10 2D cards and 12 3D cards. S
This Bundle Contains Set #1, Set #2, and Set #3 of 20 Task Cards Each with A/B Vocabulary Question Practice. Each of the three sets contains - 20 Task Cards which simulate the vocabulary questions on the PARCC test in A/B format. -Word List, - 20 task cards (2 per page), -student answer sheet, -
Year of the Rooster and Chinese New Year lanterns are now available. Please click on the links below. I have also added very cute Year of the Roost Crowns. Year of the Monkey Chinese Lanterns A creative way to decorate your classroom for Chinese New Year on February 8th, 2016. Monkeys hangin
A set of 52 high definition picture cards used to inspire stories, both oral and written. Great for children who find it difficult to get started with storytelling. Encourages reluctant writers.
This is a set of 12 Classroom Jobs including Boardmaker Visual Supports. The Jobs include: Office Monitor Calendar Helper Pencil Sharpener Line Leader Morning Meeting Leader Table Cleaner Paper Monitor Snack Helper Book Monitor Light Monitor Door Monitor Teacher Helper ............................
The printable life-size organs give the students opportunities to build models of how their own bodies look inside - a skeletal system, a digestive system, a respiratory system and others. The students can handle the printed organs, move them around and even try them on!The printable organs are scal
This Decimal Sort Game will build fluency for word form, unit form, and expanded form with decimal numbers in a fun and exciting way! What's included? ⇒Game Implementation Guide⇒10 unique game mats⇒10 Decks of 16 Decimal Cards (160 total cards) ⇒Answer Key Each student is given a unique game mat an
This pack of letter & phonics activities are great for centers or as task boxes/ independent work. The activities are perfect for students with Autism or other special needs or for ECE-1st grade. These activities are awesome because each activity is differentiated in TWO LEVELS (one with color-c
There are 20 Northern Constellation cards in this set - Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Draco, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Bootes, Hercules, Lupus, Andromeda, Cetus, Pegasus, Perseus, Aquila, Cygnus, Delphinus, Lyra, Auriga, Canis Major, Columba & Orion.These cards can be used in multiple ways.- use just the f
These category sorting tasks are great for students with Autism or other disabilities, There are 4 picture cards included for each category. Each sorting mat comes in two levels- one with a color-coded prompt and one without color coding. This is great differentiation to meet the needs of all studen
These printable math centers are great to use for students in ECE, kindergarten or kids with disabilities / special needs. They're perfect to use during math direct instruction, centers or independent work! Centers include a variety of counting and sorting activities and are winter activity themed.I
The challenge of this activity is to identify the proper usage and punctuation (apostrophes) of singular versus plural possessives and plural nouns, given the sentences provided. Within each of the three sets of cards, there are ten sentences and twelve word choices. Working individually or with a p
This 3-part card set (picture, label, paragraph) supports The Story (or History) of Writing. Included are: 12 pictures illustrating the development of writing from cave art to the 15th century; 12 corresponding labels; 12 corresponding "stories" or explanatory paragraphs, written for the elementary
These charts provide the vocabulary used with each of the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Additionally, there is one chart that refers to fractions (numerator/denominator). The vocabulary is written where a number would usually be as part of solving the operatio
These super simple matching activities are great as independent work for students with disabilities or kiddos in ECE- kinder. MATCHING ACTIVITIES ARE INCLUDED FOR THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES:ButterfliesCupcakesFoodSuperheroesBirdsSchool suppliesScience toolsMath toolsFlowersLand animalsOcean animalsMod
Print, Laminate, Cut... Then set out in a writing center to encourage independent writing OR pass out to students as a writing prompt for creating descriptive writing prompts. Each picture has endless potential for creativity!!!
The Great Lessons are the unifying principle of the Montessori elementary school program. Traditionally the five Great Lessons include The Story of the Universe, The Coming of Life, The Coming of Human Beings, The Story of Writing, and The Story of Numbers. This ebook for teachers introduces The St
Each 8.5"x 14" place value decimals chart / mat can be used to introduce the concept of decimal place values, adding and subtracting decimals, and identifying the decimal numeric and fraction values of the places. Materials included: - 7 decimal mats with decimal point, with whole number places fro
Types of Mountains Information, 3-Part Cards & Control Chart - These information and photographic cards will help children learn to classify 5 types of mountains: fault-block mountains, fold mountains, volcanic mountains, dome mountains, and plateau mountains.This work includes:1 page outlining
World Geography Continent work. These open ended social studies projects will help your students learn about continents by learning about Cultural geography and physical geography continent work. Suitable for children in Montessori Elementary or public school classrooms.These activities encourage s
This is a revision grammar tool for Montessori elementary students. It is an interactive notebook where students write in information about parts of speech.There is a digital version of this resource here (works with google slides)PURPOSE OF THIS RESOURCEA great revision tool for parts of speechStud
25+ Famous Artists Posters. Posters of famous artists to use in your classroom. Just print and display on bulletin boards, centers, and classroom walls. Even use them as a PowerPoint Presentation to introduce students to different artists. Each poster contains a famous painting that can be used for
This material focuses on common fractions and their corresponding decimal and percent values. The cards can be used for one of the activities below, or however you or your students imagine! Card Sort for practice or assessment • Using all or a subset of the cards, place column labels out. • Stude

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