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Whodunnit? This immersive mascot mystery requires a few microscopes and a scientific eye as students view various residues while they act like detectives and try to determine who the culprit is! This lab is easy to implement using household items such as garlic powder, salt, baby powder, sugar, sand
Get to know your students with these "all about me" fingerprints! Each student can showcase how unique and wonderful they are!Choose 1 of the 3 fingerprint templates. (loop, whorl, arch). Students write about themselves on the lines of the fingerprint.This is perfect for the first week of school. T
CSI Forensic Science - Be a detective and use science to figure out who stole the jewels from the town hall. Print Version + Boom Card Version + Google Slide Version!This pack now includes a print version a google classroom & a BOOM card version for distance learning with your students! With the
Students use forensic evidence, teamwork, and critical thinking to solve this CSI Crime scene escape room. In the activities, students analyze 4 different pieces of evidence (fingerprints, shoe prints, unknown powder, and pen samples) and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power o
{ Forensic Science Crime Scene Analysis Physical Science Stations Forensic Science Project } Hook your students into science by investigating a crime scene and solving The Case of the Vandalized Wall. Someone has vandalized the school wall and lots of evidence has been left at the scene. It appe
An exciting mini-inquiry science lab! Teach and reinforce good observation and inference skills in this fun easy to prep activity. Your students will love solving the mystery of the broken pencils! Perfect for forensic units, inquiry units, the beginning of the school year.This is an exciting min
Great for Biology Distance Learning / Independent WorkIn this activity, students will answer 12 questions regarding genetics and heredity. Once finished, they will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun DNA coloring page. And best of all, the questions are editable! You can change
This photocopy master contains simple, yet fun, hands-on introductory forensic activities. Tasks may require simple science materials that are readily available in most homes and school science resource centres. Sections focus on examining lip prints, fingerprints, teeth prints, blood drops, DNA, ha
The beloved science teacher at JKF Middle School has been found dead in her classroom and YOUR Junior Crime Detectives are on the case.Using their skills critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and team work, the Junior Crime Detectives work in partnerships or teams to solve the murder myster
There has been a murder the old historic hotel in downtown. The concierge has been found dead in the basement elevator. Your detective team has been assigned to the case. Can you solve the murder?Click here to save 20% on our TRIO Murder Mystery BundleUsing their skills critical thinking skills, ded
Students love CSI Activities and Hands-on Investigations. These popular investigation activities will have your students asking for more.Looking to go DIGITAL in the CLASSROOM or Distance Learning Mode?Check out this C.S.I BUNDLE! C.S.I. Activities for Google ClassroomBy purchasing this BUNDLE you a
Forensic Science. Crime Scene Analysis. Physical Science Stations. Forensic Science Project. Your students will love science when they are given the opportunity to investigate a crime scene and solve the case of The Shop Burglar. Centered on a property crime, an unknown person has broken into the
Great for Biology Distance Learning / Independent WorkIn this activity, students will answer 12 questions regarding mitosis and the cell cycle. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun chromosome coloring page. And best of all, the questions are editable
THE WILL MURDER MYSTERY ACTIVITY When rich old Mrs. Wetherington dies the family and staff are shocked, not at her death (after all she was old and many people wanted her dead) but at her will. The bulk of the estate would go to the person who fingered her murderer. Skeletons in closets, blackmail
This packet focuses on the scientific classification system for living things, including the five kingdoms. Included in the packet you will find:(1) Instructions of assembling a “The Five Kingdoms” foldable, (2) “The Five Kingdoms” foldable - 2 pages, (3) a poster/chart on the 5 kingdoms, their ch
In this hands on escape room activity, students solve a forensic mystery using science, teamwork, and critical thinking. In the crime scene activities, students analyze 4 different pieces of evidence and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power of observations to “crack the case”
This package will provide you with all the information, handouts and instructions needed to setup a fake crime scene in your classroom and spark the interest of your students! In this project, students become crime scene investigators as they use their knowledge of mixtures and solutions to crack t
DNA mutation simulation simplified to a middle school level - fun, engaging, and standards-based. Addresses NGSS perfectly without complicating it! And, no supplies needed! (Consider pairing this activity with our Mutant DNA Informational Text.)It is a challenge to teach middle school students ab
Are you looking for an engaging activity that will help your students better understand deductive logic and reasoning? Crime Scene Investigation is a great theme that teaches all the skills of critical thinking in a fun and interesting way!Investigate the Basics of CSI with this exciting differenti
If you like Game of Thrones, you'll enjoy Murder at The Manor The Earl Henry is dead and without an heir on the eve of the annual tournament and feast. Who could have done such a dastardly deed at the castle? His 4th wife? The traveling minstrel? One of his sisters or a host of other relatives
Save yourself the hassle (and $) of ordering blood typing kits for your Forensics class! My no fail blood recipe and blood typing serum recipe uses household products to simulate those expensive kits.Challenge your students to solve the case by presenting them with blood samples from a crime scene a
FUN way to have students explore the world of disease transfer. Be a detective analyzing what happened one day at the zoo. My students tell me this is one of their favorite activities for the year.
This lesson is part of my Beginning of the Year Experiments Bundle 2 that contains three experiments at a reduced price. In this lab, student's are asked to figure out who stole the teachers' Jolly Ranchers by using scientific process skills. This fun and easy to do lab uses chromatography to
This Mysteries Unit contains 9 detailed lesson plans along with materials that are used within each lesson. Below is what each lesson topic is.Lesson 1: The History of Mysteries *The link no longer works and I am looking for a solution, as such I have discounted the product to account for Lesson 1 n

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