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This Solving Quadratic Equations Flip Book for Algebra and PreCalculus is a great addition to your classes that cover Quadratic Equations. This easy to make, foldable, paper saving Flip Book helps your students review and enhances your teaching of the techniques needed to solve Quadratic Equations.
Students need to find the probability of picking certain colored M&Ms, and asked to change them into decimals, fractions, and percents. They are asked to draw specific M&Ms at random for experimental probability problems. They are asked to make a few predictions, as well. This is a length
This Incredible time saver is just the Algebra resource you were looking for!! Both PDF and Editable Template (in PowerPoint) forms showing the coordinate plane and work space for students to show their work. Use for graphing any function - Great for PreAlgebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and PreCalc
SOlve, Decode and Unscramble!! Get this fun Christmas theme Linear equation worksheet in your math class and your student won't even complain solving 24 linear equation problems rather letting them solve in a plain worksheet. In this worksheet, each answer in the equation is equivalent to a letter
This bundle includes a total of 8 mazes. Each of these mazes is sold separately at my store. Please visit the links below for more details about each individual product. The mazes are: * Maze - Exponents - Product Property * Maze - Exponents - Quotient Property * Maze - Exponents - Power Pr
12 of my best selling projects/units all in an organized money saving bundle! These engaging, student/teacher approved math projects that provide rigor, relevance, and cross-curricular content altogether. Check out the preview to see the alignment to the Common Core Standards! I have each of the
Silence the Violence intends to take a closer look at gun violence throughout the world. Is there a correlation between gun ownership and gun violence? While this is on the news, and people argue back and forth, unfortunately there are not a lot of statistics cited.I built this project through the u
A very Fun Linear Equation Activity, where students will be motivated to answer and draw, then a figure transferred diagram will appear!!!A must have for a Fun Math Class!!!-this is a version of my previous activity posted (just without the holiday theme) :)
Parent Function Transformations Foldable Graphic Organizer Interactive Notebook F-IF.4 F-BF.3 This is a single page PDF document that can be used as a reference when learning about Transformations of Parent Functions: Translations, Reflections and Dilations. The foldable explains the Transformation
This unit on graphing coordinates contains 140 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism who are in elementary school. This unit addresses concepts like: labeling axes on a graph, plotting coordinates, identifying what the ordered pair of
This file is a multi-level foldable of the Real Number System Venn Diagram. It can be used stand-alone or in a notebook. There is space for definitions/descriptions, examples, and additional notes as well. Detailed instructions are included. This product is for use for a single-classroom/teacher. A
looking for a change in your math class? Stop the routine math blackboard discussion. This will just limit students' thinking skill. Let your student discover, think critically and analyze math and let them see mathematics outside the bounds of their books! In this activity, it will guide students
This unit on function families and linear equations contains 254 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism who are in middle and high school. This unit addresses some of the main concepts when it comes to function families like: function m
Quadratic Functions Standard Form to Vertex Form Worksheet A-SSE.3, F-IF.7a This is a (1) page PDF worksheet requires a student to convert a Quadratic Function in Standard Form to Vertex Form after identifying the vertex. The worksheet contains (12) problems and the answer key is included. The w
VUX HOY Linear Graph Posters - Horizontal Vertical Lines and Parent Function This file contains a 15 poster assortment to teach students the graph, slope, and equation for the linear parent function along with vertical and horizontal lines. Vux Hoy is a common mnemonic device to help students lea
This foldable/graphic organizer summarizes the properties of 8 common Parent Functions: constant, identity, reciprocal, absolute value, cubic, square root, quadratic and greatest integer and shows an example of each Parent Function’s graph. When printed as a double sided document, the PDF file mak
Equations of Circles Completing the Square Scavenger Hunt Activity During this activity, students travel around the room to find the center of each circle. For each station, students are given an equation of a circle. Each equation is written in standard conic form, and students must use the comple
This is an original 111 page booklet - Middle School Math - Grades 5 - 7. The booklet includes visual, detailed explanations, practice worksheets, and videos on: 1. Greatest Common Factor,2. Least Common Multiple, 3. Prime Numbers & Prime factorization,4. Translating numbers from scientific nota
Addition and Subtraction of Integers Number Line blank Worksheet This is to guide and give students to have a better understanding about integers. Best used for students who have difficulty in understanding addition and subtraction of integers. The range of each number line is from -10 to 10.
This BUNDLE covers everything you will need to teach about functions and linear equations. The introductory unit goes over some basic concepts and the advanced unit dives into more calculations. There is still a lot of suggestions for differentiation as this is meant for students with significant le
Properties of Graphs of Quadratics with Boom Cards™ for AlgebraMy students love Task Cards and when I created BOOM Cards for them, it was magic. These Digital Self-Checking Boom Cards are a great way for students to practice their skills In a hi-tech fun environment. There are 20 Task cards in thi
beginning algebra jeopardy topics covered: integers and square roots algebraic expression polynomials (add and sub) polynomials (multiplication) polynomials(division) bonus: who am i? each category ranging from $100 to $500. $100 the easiest in each topic while $500 the hardest. a fun game in lea
Linear Programming: Maximum & Minimum Values Worksheet NQ.3 A-CED.3 A-REI 3 This is an 8 page PDF document (Assignment- 4 pgs. and Answer key - 4 pgs.) that pertains to Linear Programming: Maximum and Minimum values. The assignment is a total of 12 problems. Download the free preview to get
Students independently and effectively discover the concepts behind Slope. You be the facilitator!Most students just accept equations and theorems as a given in math. But, in many cases, the theorems and equations are just an extension of what they already know or have previously studied. So, they a

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