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Wake up the memories of your gifted and talented students and use them to create an autobiographical life map. This life map will help your students visualize their life journey (past, present, and future) and teach them the power of autobiographical thinking and metaphorical representation. Stude
Fun, fast activities that can be used in every classroom! This personality test is a fun, silly activity perfect for a beginning of the year ice-breaker or when you end up with 5-10 minutes at the end of a lesson and need an activity to take up some time. What is included in this resource: -------
This includes a 7 page booklet that provides images of each part of the brain and ends with neurons. It also has a text box for students to add definitions for each aspect of the brain. This booklet follows the order of the book Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by Dr. JoAnn Deak
Enjoy these cool-looking 10 8.5x11" posters of Mr. Browne's precepts. These will look great hanging around your classroom while reading the novel or to hang up periodically for discussion over their meanings.SUGGESTED ACTIVITY IMPLEMENTATIONEnjoy these cool-looking 10 8.5x11" posters of Mr. Browne's
This can be used as an icebreaker activity or as part of the memory section of the Cognition unit in Psychology or AP Psychology. Students are allowed to view a picture for three minutes that depicts a crime scene and try to memorize as much as they can. After the three minutes is up, they turn th
Worksheets for a history lesson on the Salem Witch Trials. Includes a short piece of verse, a fact sheet, a 10 question short-answer worksheet, and a puzzle. My worksheets make good homework assignments or handout work. I found them effective at the start of class. Have students read the poem al
I know that each of you is concerned about the health of your students. We know that these times are very difficult for them. That is why it is necessary to work on their mental health. I used this resource in my class and I can assure you that the results were very positive. This resource can be us
Mental processing speed is very important.Helping your student increase processing speed is worth the effort. Processing influences auditory comprehension, perceptual organization, planning and learning ability.Following auditory directions, completing assignments, reading fluency, writing speed, ma
**THIS VERSION contains 2 versions of PowerPoint SO YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES** This form also has pictures and animations on every slide that the free version does not. This PowerPoint contains a 13 question quiz that is used to identify individuals' main learning style: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic,
This spoof on the Myers-Briggs Assessment is a great beginning of the year activity. Use as an ice-breaker with your classes or for a faculty meeting. Presented as a PDF SlideShow, participants will use only pencil and paper to complete the assessment. The pig they draw serves as a “test” of th
Middle School Psychology - Phobias. I have used this Phobias lesson for years in my 7th Grade Social Studies class when we are studying fear in our Psychology Unit. This Phobias lesson involves a PowerPoint that has students figure out how superstitious they are as well as try to guess 10 unique p
WHAT DO I TEACH ON THE FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL IN SCIENCE - - DAY ONE WHO IS A SCIENTIST Stereotypes of scientists abound: The nerd with the pencil protector and the wild haired physicist (both white males) fill the scientific landscape with inacc
Every student is unique. They look differently and have individual personalities. They also have a preferred style of learning and expressing their learning. Additional they have intelligence strengths and weaknesses. All these differences need to be respected, embraced, and accommodated in the
This is a 6 week anger management group for elementary aged children, 1st through 5th grade. It addresses how anger impacts the body, various levels of anger, coping skills, how thoughts impact anger levels, and how family responds to anger. After these 6 sessions, children should become aware of
This project guides student in the exploration of a psychological disorder. The project lists 24 choices. They design a cover, research a brief description, with treatment. The highlight of the project is when students write a narrative of the disorder like they are actually struggling with the d
This activity can be used as an ice-breaker or as part of the cognition and language unit in Psychology or AP Psychology as a demonstration of problem-solving. Students are placed into the role of a person during the zombie apocalypse and are given fifteen items in which they must rank their order
This 30 Days Video Guide on Minimum Wage is full of thought provoking questions about Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days series on FX. The video is excellent for talking about current issues with minimum wage. These questions are thought provoking and the video should be paused for good classroom discussio
Here is a worksheet of questions that can be filled out by students while watching the PBS video from the NOVA series, Memory Hackers. This episode is viewable for free online at PBS's website here: link, or on YouTube if PBS's website doesn't work in your location. The episode explains the science
This is a 27 questions film guide to get students critically thinking about the more complex parts of the brain and issues people go through that the film Inside Out captures so well. The depth of these questions requires the teachers to pause the video and discuss with the class. Most likely this
This is a two day activity, perfect for a thorough introduction to Manifest Destiny. Day 1 includes a PowerPoint presentation and a printable note catcher handout. This covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of Manifest Destiny. There is also an article from 2012 about a controversy surrounding a
A 36"x24" inch sign for School Adjustment Counselors, School Guidance Counselors and School Psychologists to hang in their offices. What You Say In Here Stays In Here Except if: Someone Is Hurting You You Want To Hurt Someone You Want To Hurt Yourself
This PowerPoint presentation explains what propaganda is and discusses 11 common persuasion techniques. For each persuasion technique, there is a definition, written examples, and a print advertisement used in today's commercial world. The persuasion techniques explained in the presentation are ba
Things aren't always as they seem. Your students will love this fun and engaging power point. Featuring a variety of optical illusions, this power point can be used as a jumping off point for a number of different lessons. Whether for education, or just for fun, students of all ages will love this p
Image bundle of different kids and teens. They were originally part of various sets I cancelled at the moment, mostly on the subject of poor social skills (but will revise in the future, with completely different images) Includes transparent PNGS of both colored and black and white drawings. Perfe

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