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This set includes an intro on Pythagorus, a starburst proof worksheet, area practice, and pythagorean triple practice. Includes exit tickets relating to the wizard of oz! *Answer keys included. This is a great intro to the pythagorean theorem. Note that the starburst proof page contains squares
This twenty question worksheet offers two formats, one with the conversion factors given, the other without so that students have to provide them. Answer key included *** New 2-23-15: TASK CARDS included *** Common Core standards met: CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.A.3d Use ratio reasoning to convert mea
Area and Perimeter Posters These Area and Perimeter Posters are useful visual reminders for students. Includes; 1) What is area? (example) 2) Area of a Square (formula and example) 3) Area of a Rectangle (formula and example) 4) Area of a Triangle (formula and example) 5) What is perimeter (formul
Trigonometric Functions SOHCAHTOA Sine Cosine Tangent Foldable Graphic Organizer This is a single page PDF foldable that explains the Trig Functions Sine Cosine & Tangent also referred to as "SOHCAHTOA". The folding directions are included. BONUS: (3) FREE ITEMS included with this purchase a
Research is showing coloring in the classroom activates the brain! In this activity, students will use sine, cosine, and tangent functions to find missing angle measures in right triangles. There is a total of 15 problems. In the first 9 problems, the students are given right triangles with two
Looking to EXTEND your thinkers? Does your data shows your students met the target and are ready for more? This packet is filled with activities that not only challenge, but bring the fun back into math. Using this format requires students to start with a required activity that mirrors a typical tar
Matching activity for Congruence, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines. This activity includes: Parallel Lines, Skew Lines, Parallel Planes, Transversal, Alternate Interior Angles, Same Side Interior Angles, Corresponding Angles, Alternate Exterior Angles, Auxiliary Line, Exterior angles of a polygon, R
21 Free Clip Art Pictures of Graphs of Polar Functions in png format to use on tests, handouts, PowerPoints or anywhere you use Clip Art. Great for Trigonometry. Use as decorations, make a page border, or for a special art projects. 21 Graphs. Their png file name is the function, such as r=2cos_th
This video lesson introduces students to the Pythagorean Theorem and teaches them how to use Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the missing side of a right triangle.In particular, your students will learn...The parts of a right triangle (hypotenuse and legs)The formula for the Pythagorean The
Right Triangles and Trigonometry Word Search 22 words to find about: Right Triangles and Trigonometry You can check: Algebra Word Search Book 1 You may also be interested in my other top-selling products: EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS (33 Items) Fractions 10 Pages of Practice (191 questions) Frac
Right Triangle Trigonometry Finding Missing Sides Scavenger Hunt Activity During this activity, students travel around the room to find the missing sides of right triangles using sine, cosine, and tangent. This activity is a great opportunity to group students or let students work with a partner.
Glencoe Common Core Algebra 2 Lesson Unit Plans (13 Word Templates) This is a valuable resource that will cut your planning time in half! This is a file containing 13 Unit Plans aligned to Glencoe McGraw Hill Common Core Algebra 2 textbook. Each Unit Plan is a Microsoft Word Template which makes t
This worksheet helps students solve a problem involving pythagorean theorum using a step-by-step question/answer guide. Excellent for introducing pythagorean triples or for students stuggling with pythagorean theorem Teacher answer key included ___________________________________________________
This is a money saving bundle that includes 8 coloring activities.1) Triangle Sums (Easy and Harder) 2 activities2) Exterior Angle Sum Theorem3) Congruent Triangles4) Parallel Line Angles5) Identify Parallel Line Angles6) Trigonometry Ratios (Finding trig ratios)7) Transformations - Reflections 8) T
Trigonometry Worksheet (Sin, Cos, Tan) 66 questions Find cos, sin, tan of different angles. Using SOHCAHTOA to find sin, cos , and Tan
Engage your whole class in a highly creative and highly mathy heroic colouring battle! I would like to introduce my latest line of collaborative math mosaics, and allow you to see the various versions available, all in one easy-to-navigate file. Basically, students each have a small colour-by-numb
Identifying Hypotenuse, Adjacent, and Opposite Sides Card Sort and Ratios Activity: This card sort activity will help you teach your students how to recognize the different sides of a right triangle and how to find sine, cosine, and tangent of right triangles. This activity should be used on the fi
Triangles II (Triangle Theory) One set in a series of Mathematics Wall Posters for Primary, Middle School and High School classrooms, addressing all Common Core Standards concepts. 14 Posters addressing concepts: Area of triangle Herons’ Law Trig Area Formula Metric Relations Congruency SAS, SSS
Vector Magnitude was once a difficult topics for my students, so I spent a lot of time developing a very simple introduction that would give them the comprehension they needed to succeed. Now it's one of the easiest topics in my physics course. This study guide starts with simple polar coordinates
Scramble is a great game to get your students scrambling to the front of the classroom. This particular download has a complete set of instructions, printable digit cards, and two ready to go games for the Algebra 2- Calculus classrooms. One is a great review of fractional exponents. The other is
Wonderful geometry whole-course resource - it will accompany any high school geometry course/curriculum. I have organized vocabulary terms, definitions or descriptions of the terms, as well as a picture to show each term in action. Great student reference throughout the entire geometry course. I
Here's a collection of some of my best sellers at a hugely discounted price!This bundle is a great school purchase! There is plenty of collaborative colouring engagement to be had for many classrooms.Some of the products in this bundle are mini bundles in themselves (Chewbacca comes in 4 different
This is a Color Me In or Doodle Sheet to help pupils learn, revise and memorize key facts on SOHCAHTOA or Basic TRIG. A completed version can be seen in the cover image.It works extremely well as a resource to give to the pupils while going through teaching slides as they can colour, doodle or make
This product includes a review sheet and test for the grade 5 transformations math unit. These products cover Canadian curriculum expectations and include EQAO styled questions.In this product the following is covered:- Translations- Rotations with the point of rotation ON the shape- Reflections Ans

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