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Need stuttering materials that are appropriate for your upper elementary, middle school, and high school students? This 43 page mini-unit is exactly what you need to directly target your students' fluency goals in speech language therapy!The main focus in this unit is for your students to learn abo
Want to get started using digital resources in your classroom? Help your students gain the background technology skills they need to learn and complete online assignments with this Introduction to Google. Students work to earn their "Google Driver's License". Students will learn and practice over 8
Do your students need handwriting practice? This print handwriting system provides an organized approach with practice sheets and tests to improve your students’ handwriting. It is designed to develop students’ handwriting skills through practice and mastery of each letter.This packet includes:-Sug
Do I Detect Sarcasm? Social Language This "Clues to Use" social language activity works on the concept of identifying what sarcasm is. It is appropriate for late elementary ages through middle school and can be used in social skills groups, speech therapy, counseling or special education setting
Do your students use the same dull words to describe their characters? Are you trying to stretch their vocabulary at the same time as defining and defending character traits? If so, this set is for you! These graphic organizers, posters and word bank will help your students identify character tra
This is a presentation on how to read the lines and spaces of the treble and bass clefs. There are presentations available in PowerPoint, and a PDF file as well. Click the "Preview" tab to see all 83 slides. Slides in the preview may appear blurry due to compression. However, the file is very cris
Summarizing can be one of the most difficult reading skills for intermediate students to master. The skills taught in this download will help students master the art of summarizing through teacher-led, interactive lessons. Also included are examples of how to use summarizing as a starting off po
French and Indian War PowerPoint Lesson and Printables ✎ Slides 2 – 3 Overview of The French and Indian War and the causes. ✎ Slides 4 – 6 French and British Allies during the war. ✎ Slide 7 Benjamin Franklin and The Albany Plan ✎ Slide 8 George Washington and Fort Necessity ✎ Slide 9 The Tre
This is a fantastically engaging and complete unit for your middle schoolers for Rod Serling's The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. This is a teleplay from The Twilight Zone television series. You will get the following materials:Pre-reading Group Questions/Discussion PromptsPre-Reading Vocabulary
Explicitly teach your students advanced decoding using word parts in multisyllabic words. This product is a resource for teachers to use as they teach each word part to their class, small group or individuals.. Readers will gain confidence as they tackle the demands of increased reading levels. As
Do your students need handwriting practice? This cursive handwriting system provides an organized approach with practice sheets and tests to improve your students’ handwriting. It is designed to develop students’ handwriting skills through practice and mastery of each letter.This packet includes:-S
**CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW DOWNLOAD!!** Need a fun, exciting way to review/introduce Point of View/Perspective? Get this engaging mini unit for your kids today! In this packet you'll find: Page 3: Santa’s Situation “Ho! Ho!...Oh NO!” Page 4: Directions Pages 5-8: Christmas Characters Pages 9-16: Lett
Poetry Analysis Unit (more than 20 poems from famous poets). This unit has a culminating project at the end that is a take on a coffee house called "Chocolate, Tea, Poetry and Me" Poems included in this unit in order that they appear: Teaching different Poetry Analysis Methods using the Works of L
This printable booklet teaches students about the season of advent and the Advent wreath. Includes questions for student reflection, review questions, and a crossword puzzle.
Writing Workshop improves student writing and provides writing independence. Table of Contents ● Common Core Standards ● Elements of Writing ● Tracking Your Writing ● Planning to Write ● Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay ● The Writing Process ● Determine Your Writing Purpose ● Decode Your Audience ● P
Set meets CCSS 3.MD.8 - 4.MD.3 - 5.MD.3,4,5 - 6.MD.2 and 7.MD.6.There are three sets with 12 questions each. All sets begin at a lower level and develop into more complex questions and visuals. There is an answer sheet provided for all sets and they are easily distinguished by a small image placed i
This bundle includes all of my 6th grade FOLDABLES & activities. It is broken down into the following categories:1. Introduction to Rational Numbers2. Decimals & Fractions3. Ratios, Rates, & Percent4. Expressions5. Equations & Inequalities6. Equations, Tables, & Graphs7. 2-D Geo
This fun and relatable anxiety workbook teaches new skills every lesson which helps students become more independent and manage their worries. All of the research and hard work has been done for you; your job is to help guide the kids through the evidence-based program. This workbook has been de
This is a social story for a student who struggles with keeping his/her hands to himself/herself. It includes colorful pictures and photos along with words. I have kept this file as a Microsoft Word document so that you can edit it for your student. Social Stories are meant to be tailored to fit a s
Writing activities for Back to School don't need to be boring! Have your students use this creative writing unit to invent crazy excuses for not doing their homework! This is a fun NO-PREP interactive writing unit..NEW IN 2020: A Digital Interactive PDF version is now included!Your Fun Homework Excu
The package: "Lesson on: How Batteries Work" includes everything you will need to run the lesson. -Lesson plan- 5 Mission Assignments:-Mission 1: Alkaline Battery-Mission 2: Nickel Cadmium Battery-Mission 3: Nickel Metal Hydride Battery-Mission 4: Lithium Ion Battery-Mission 5: Your Mission: Create
Complete set of 3 video courses--over two full hours of video tutorials--teaching you and your students how to use Google Drive and three of its most academically useful tools: Docs, Slides, and Forms.*************************************************************************** This bundle has been pa
Managing Your Anger is an 8 week small group curriculum where the goal is to help students understand the origins of their anger and how to control their tempers. The group meets once a week and provides students with an opportunity to meet with fellow classmates on a more personal level. Students
Jamestown PowerPoint Lesson and Printables ✎ Slides 2 – 3 Overview of Jamestown Colony and The Virginia Company. ✎ Slide 4 Jamestown’s location & reasons ✎ Slide 5 John Smith ✎ Slides 6 – 8 Chief Powhatan, The Powhatan Confederacy and Pocahontas ✎ Slides 9 –10 Indentured Servants and

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