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Measurement Conversion Word Problem Task Cards Do your students get enough practice converting between units in standard and metric measures? Having the ability to read a word problem and then do the proper conversion to answer the problem is a skill that requires practice. Use these handy task c
Comparison of Themes Found in Lamb to the Slaughter and Little Red Riding Hood by Roald Dahl + Informational Text Using close reading strategies with highlighters or markers, students do a close reading of Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood (link to poem included) and Lamb to Slaughter (link also i
This resource is for a very popular website that offers dynamic presentation software. The name of the website is not mentioned in this description due to trademark guidelines.• This is a presentation tool that helps students organize and share their ideas• It offers Free cloud-based presentation so
Just download, click on the PREZI circle, then, click "open"....IF YOU CANNOT OPEN this FREE PREZI file, I WILL BE HAPPY TO EMAIL A COPY TO YOU :-) PLEASE do NOT leave negative feedback if you cannot OPEN it. THANKS! :-) This is a vocabulary prezi (a presentation similar to powerpoint but BETTER) t
This lesson is meant to act as an introduction to one of the most important elements of art, line and to some OP Art artist who use it well (Bridget Riley & Victor Vaserely). It is targeted to students between the 6th and 8th grade levels and takes about 1 day to introduce, 1 day to finish the w
This best-selling bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students learn to make healthy and safe decisions even when under social pressure, both face-to-face and online. Specific strategies include assessing risks, weighing desired and undesired outcomes, and avoiding 'fitting in' behavio
This bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students resolve conflicts peacefully both face-to-face and online. Assertive I-statements, active listening, empathy, compromises, negotiating, brainstorming, and peer mediation are all strategies students will explore to learn how to resolve e
Want to end the drama? This is a great lesson to teach the effects of rumors and gossip. The prezi contains 26 slides with 6 youtube videos that start automatically for a smooth flowing lesson. The lesson covers what gossip is and how to avoid drama. It also addresses rumors via text messaging and s
This bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students improve their self-esteem by applying goals and values to make good decisions under social pressure, debunking media beauty myths to improve body image, and using positive self-talk to boost confidence. If you have students who are stru
This bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students recognize, cope with, and prevent bullying in both face-to-face and online situations. Students will explore the concepts of social bulling versus healthy teasing, recognizing the bully in themselves, and coping with bullying through fr
This FREE mini-unit focuses on developing skills and strategies for being an upstander to bullying in both face-to-face and online situations. Students will learn how to use empathy for motivation to intervene in bullying situations, determine whether or not it is safe to intervene, and apply simple
This Prezi presentation introduces students to explicit vs implicit information within different texts. The prezi introduces these two terms and how they relate to inferences. It asks students to identify explicit and implicit information in real world examples including: -Film clip -Song lyrics
Included is all you need for a lesson on Good Sportsmanship. Want to know what you are getting before you buy? ****Download the preview to see the first few slides for FREE.****This Prezi includes links to 4 YouTube videos to keep students engaged the whole time. Thank you for choosing School Counse
Help students develop coping skills to manage impulsive behavior, such as recognizing when their stress or emotions are negatively affecting behavior and learning how to decompress and process their emotions in healthy ways. A scientific explanation of the different parts of the brain, including wha
This bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students use empathy and compassion to promote inclusion both face-to-face and online. If you'd like to improve school connectedness and a sense of belonging in your classroom, or if you have students who are socially isolated or in need of supp
Help students develop coping skills to deal with stress, life challenges, and everyday adversity in healthy, positive ways with this mini-unit. Designed to help students become more resilient in both face-to-face and online situations, this resource explores specific examples of adversity young peop
This bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students learn to be more resilient when coping with adversity, depression, stress, and loss. Students will explore specific strategies for recovering from adversity and managing both chronic and everyday stress. Additionally, the symptoms of de
This counseling lesson is all about testing. Are your students nervous about taking tests? School Counseling Rocks brings you another all inclusive 30 minute lesson on dealing with test anxiety. There are 37 slides in the Prezi that discuss test taking strategies and test taking tips included along
This bundle includes three mini-units designed to help students develop and use healthy communication skills both face-to-face and online. Students will learn to use assertive I-statements, decompress when emotionally hijacked, and use tactics like offering a mutually-beneficial rationale to persuad
Perfect for use in the beginning of the school year or any time when students will be transitioning to classes with new peers, this mini-unit provides simple, straightforward strategies to help students forge and nurture genuine, healthy friendships. Specific strategies include finding compatible fr
Complete human body system project including details, objectives, research websites, graphic organizer, and rubrics. Students will use online research tools to complete a Prezi. This system can be used without the Prezi component. It is easily transferable to a poster or oral presentation.
This lesson is meant to act as an introduction to both one point perspective and to some of MC Escher's perspective influenced work. It is targeted to 8th grade but can be modified to challenge students all the way up to high school level depending on how detailed you would like for the finished pro
This lab is EASY PREP, it's hands-on, students are engaged, it includes many physics concepts, it’s STEM, AND you get two of my top selling products in one! I include detailed TEACHER NOTES, student copy, a PREZI for scaffolding, a Kinetic and Potential Energy Card Sort, an Energy Conversion Chart a
This Prezi is a great tool to present a school counseling lesson on careers. A Prezi is like power point but better. This lesson contains 16 slides discussing interests vs. skills, the different career path possibilities, and the 16 career clusters. Students will have an opportunity to listen to an

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