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Human Body Systems Primary Posters
These human body systems posters were created as a review and anchor for the following systems: The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Digestive System The Circulatory System The Respiratory System The Nervous System The Urinary System Each poster contains a brief summary of the systems functi

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Fingerprint - I Am Unique Writing Activity
Choose 1 of the 3 fingerprint templates. (loop, whorl, arch)Students write about themselves on the lines of the fingerprint.This is perfect for the first day of school or the first week of school. This can be used in English, Art, Science, or any other subject. Students share their fingerprints to

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CSI Forensic Science. Who done it? Print & Google Classroom | Distance Learning.
CSI Forensic Science - Be a detective and use science to figure out who stole the jewels from the town hall. Print Version + Boom Card Version + Google Slide Version!This pack now includes a print version a google classroom & a BOOM card version for distance learning with your students! With the

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CSI Forensics Escape Room
Students use forensic evidence, teamwork, and critical thinking to solve this CSI Crime scene escape room. In the activities, students analyze 4 different pieces of evidence (fingerprints, shoe prints, unknown powder, and pen samples) and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power o

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{ Forensic Science Crime Scene Analysis Physical Science Stations Forensic Science Project } Hook your students into science by investigating a crime scene and solving The Case of the Vandalized Wall. Someone has vandalized the school wall and lots of evidence has been left at the scene. It appe

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The Great Pencil Caper an Observation and Inference Inquiry Mystery
This is an exciting mini-inquiry lab that uses a common everyday classroom supply, pencils! In this inquiry lab activity students read a short newspaper article about a pencil thief who is sneaking into classrooms and breaking pencils. The police are hoping that if they can figure out how the band

Also included in: Science Inquiry and Process Skills Lab Activity Bundle


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Who Sent the Cake? Using Science to Solve a Mystery
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:

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Forensic Science
This photocopy master contains simple, yet fun, hands-on introductory forensic activities. Tasks may require simple science materials that are readily available in most homes and school science resource centres. Sections focus on examining lip prints, fingerprints, teeth prints, blood drops, DNA, ha

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Forensic Science. Crime Scene Analysis. Physical Science Stations. Forensic Science Project. Your students will love science when they are given the opportunity to investigate a crime scene and solve the case of The Shop Burglar. Centered on a property crime, an unknown person has broken into the

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Detective Clip Art
This set has 8 boys, 7 boys and a cute beagle in different detective poses with magnify glasses, in disguise, taking photographs and using a flashlight. Also in set is a camera, flashlight, badge, top secret and evidence stamp, 2 moustaches, sunglasses, binoculars, 3 different footprints, paw print,

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CSI Forensics | Crime Scene Investigation Activity Bundle
Students love CSI Activities and Hands-on Investigations. These popular investigation activities will have your students asking for more.By purchasing this BUNDLE you are saving 20% off the individual activities.If you enjoy this CSI for Kids Bundle...Save 20% on other bundles by clicking here...Cri


Fingerprint Science Experiment | Forensics | STEM | Scientific Method
Students will become detectives and investigate their fingerprints while learning about the scientific method! This STEM fingerprint science experiment will cover the three types of fingerprints and super fun facts about fingerprints in humans and animals. This is an easy science experiment that wor

Also included in: 7 Easy Science Experiments To Teach The Scientific Method Bundle


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Mystery Madness Detectives {literacy and science activities}
This is a 23 page packet full of activities to supplement a mystery or detective theme for grades K-2. Watch out Sherlock Holmes! Graphics by melonheadz @ http://melonheadzillustrating.blogspot.com/ included: 2 forensic science activities mystery vocab sheets- can be used a matching game several

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Scientific Classification of Living Things: The Five Kingdoms
This packet focuses on the scientific classification system for living things, including the five kingdoms. Included in the packet you will find:(1) Instructions of assembling a “The Five Kingdoms” foldable, (2) “The Five Kingdoms” foldable - 2 pages, (3) a poster/chart on the 5 kingdoms, their ch

Also included in: BUNDLE! Classification of Living Things


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CSI Forensics 2 Escape Room
In this hands on escape room activity, students solve a forensic mystery using science, teamwork, and critical thinking. In the crime scene activities, students analyze 4 different pieces of evidence and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power of observations to “crack the case”

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Project Based Learning: Solve a Mystery with Scientific Inquiry
Mystery Science: Solve a Mystery with Scientific Inquiry I was looking for a CSI unit to use with my third graders, but everything I found relating to CSI was at a middle school level so I created this unit. This is a science mystery unit where students use the concepts of the scientific method t

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Microbe Disease Detective
FUN way to have students explore the world of disease transfer. Be a detective analyzing what happened one day at the zoo. My students tell me this is one of their favorite activities for the year.

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Chromatography Lab-Jolly Rancher Raider
This lesson is part of my Beginning of the Year Experiments Bundle 2 that contains three experiments at a reduced price. In this lab, student's are asked to figure out who stole the teachers' Jolly Ranchers by using scientific process skills. This fun and easy to do lab uses chromatography to

Also included in: Beginning of the Year Experiments Bundle 2


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Crime Scene Investigation Activity | CSI Forensics | Solve a Mystery
Are you looking for an engaging activity that will help your students better understand deductive logic and reasoning? Crime Scene Investigation is a great theme that teaches all the skills of critical thinking in a fun and interesting way!Investigate the Basics of CSI with this exciting differenti

Also included in: Differentiated Instruction Strategies | Critical Thinking for Gifted Students


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SPY LAB Theme Day
Are you looking for an engaging themed day to motivate and reward your students while still sneaking in learning? Well, this SPY Themed Day download is perfect for your needs! It has step-by-step instructions, 6 centers, mysteries to solve, and more! Students can learn how to lift fingerprints, ma

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Crime Week Detective Notebook-Forensics
Crime Week! Never witnessed more learning occur in one week than during crime week! Problem-solving, critical thinking, inferring, and collaborating! This product includes 31 pages to bind together to create a detective notebook. The following pages are in this package... 2 Cover Pages to choose

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Forensic Science 2: Look at Me!
Forensic Science sheets are practical science activities designed to capture students' imagination and promote analytical thinking. Created by ReadyEd Publications, they are simple, yet fun, hands-on activities based around a topic that many students already have an interest in. It has been designed

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Fingerprint clip art
A clip art collection of finger / thumbprints! There are 38 images in total in 2 styles: ones with black outlines and ones without. Each style has a transparent and white background for versatility. Includes black lines of 3 finger print types: whorl, arch and loop. Each image comes in both color

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Fossil Formation Lab - Simulate How Fossils are Formed
Need an engaging way to teach your students about fossils and how they are formed? This lab will help your students “see” how fossils are made with cheap, easy to find supplies. Materials Needed: -Plastic bowls - Flat toothpicks -Sand - Packing peanuts (corn-based/biodegradable) -Water - Pipet

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