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Elementary Multiple Intelligences Survey
If you are interested in finding out your student's learning styles based on Gardner's 8 Multiple Intelligences then this survey is appropriate for your class. There are 40 questions aligned with each of the multiple intelligences (musical, spatial, logical/mathematical, inter-personal, linguistic,

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Gifted and Talented - Autobiographical Life Map Unit
Wake up the memories of your gifted and talented students and use them to create an autobiographical life map. This life map will help your students visualize their life journey (past, present, and future) and teach them the power of autobiographical thinking and metaphorical representation. Stude

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Fantastic Elastic Brain - Parts of the Brain
This includes a 7 page booklet that provides images of each part of the brain and ends with neurons. It also has a text box for students to add definitions for each aspect of the brain. This booklet follows the order of the book Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by Dr. JoAnn Deak

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Salem Witch Trials (23) - poem, worksheets and puzzle
Worksheets for a history lesson on the Salem Witch Trials. Includes a short piece of verse, a fact sheet, a 10 question short-answer worksheet, and a puzzle. My worksheets make good homework assignments or handout work. I found them effective at the start of class. Have students read the poem al

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Annexation of Texas PowerPoint
This PowerPoint by Teaching in the Fast Lane was created to introduce and explain the Annexation of Texas by the United States. It begins with the Republic of Texas' struggles and ends with Annexation and the conditions that Texans joined the United States under. Other Annexation products from Te

Also included in: Texas History PowerPoint Bundle


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Improve Mental Processing Speed | Therapeutic Activity for processing speed
Mental processing speed is very important. Helping your student increase processing speed is worth the effort. Processing influences auditory comprehension, perceptual organization, planning and learning ability. Following auditory directions, completing assignments, reading fluency, writing speed,

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Worry Warriors Bundle: 5 Resources to Help Kids Manage Worries
Worry Warriors Bundle: Looking for ways to help your students manage worries? You'll love this worry small group counseling program, worry lap book, counseling game, and worry workbook! These worry activities are perfect for classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseli


Anger Management Group for Elementary Children
This is a 6 week anger management group for elementary aged children, 1st through 5th grade. It addresses how anger impacts the body, various levels of anger, coping skills, how thoughts impact anger levels, and how family responds to anger. After these 6 sessions, children should become aware of

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Gifted and Talented - Style Profile Concept Based Unit
Every student is unique. They look differently and have individual personalities. They also have a preferred style of learning and expressing their learning. Additional they have intelligence strengths and weaknesses. All these differences need to be respected, embraced, and accommodated in the

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Middle School Psychology - Phobias Lesson, PowerPoint, Activity, and Activity
Middle School Psychology - Phobias. I have used this Phobias lesson for years in my 7th Grade Social Studies class when we are studying fear in our Psychology Unit. This Phobias lesson involves a PowerPoint that has students figure out how superstitious they are as well as try to guess 10 unique p

Also included in: Psychology & Sociology Bundle - 8 Different Activities for Middle School!


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Jim Crow Laws Reading Comprehension
This is a reading comprehension about Jim Crow Laws. It is based on the South Carolina 3rd grade state standards.

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Polka Dot - What You Say in Here Stays in Here Poster 36"x24"
A 36"x24" inch sign for School Adjustment Counselors, School Guidance Counselors and School Psychologists to hang in their offices. What You Say In Here Stays In Here Except if: Someone Is Hurting You You Want To Hurt Someone You Want To Hurt Yourself

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Optical Illusion Power Point
Things aren't always as they seem. Your students will love this fun and engaging power point. Featuring a variety of optical illusions, this power point can be used as a jumping off point for a number of different lessons. Whether for education, or just for fun, students of all ages will love this p

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Values Activity - What Are Your Values? - Core Values Activity
Values Activity. The purpose of this activity is for students to get a better idea what they believe compared to what others in class believe about the things we value in life such as power, money, fairness, honesty, etc. This values activity works great for character education, health, psycholog

Also included in: Family Values Bundle - 20 Questions, Defining Roles, Parent-Teenager Assessment


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Kids+Teens clip art: Assorted actions February 2016
Image bundle of different kids and teens. They were originally part of various sets I cancelled at the moment, mostly on the subject of poor social skills (but will revise in the future, with completely different images) Includes transparent PNGS of both colored and black and white drawings. Perfe

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Habits of Mind (Award Certificates)
This file contains 16 Habit of Mind Award certificates to help reinforce the habits in your classroom and recognize students throughout the year! Encourage your students to be successful thinkers by rewarding them with these super cute certificates that will definitely help them to practice the hab



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Brain Games Season 5, Episode 8 - Peer Pressure Guide - Digital Copy Included
This is a viewing guide that accompanies the National Geographic Channel Show Brain Games. Students will answer questions as they watch the episode. Answer key is included. This product is shared as a PDF, but the digital copy is on the credits page. ***This product is included in the Brain Games Se

Also included in: Brain Games Seasons 1-7 BUNDLE - ALL 7 SEASONS - 57 Episodes


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Chill Zone (a safe place for children to calm down)
Chill Zone (a safe place for children to calm down) effective calming center strategies to help students identify their emotions, learn self-calming strategies, and de-escalate in a positive way! Perfect for students struggling with Autism and ASD as well as special education and general education s

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Frozen Teacher's Guide
The Teacher's Guide for Disney's Frozen offers ideas for cross curricular integration for multiple grade levels from K-12. Pop Goes the Classroom Teacher's Guides are idea lesson plans for subs and a great opportunity to create extension activities parents can do at home.

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First Day Introduction Power Point
This powerpoint works for all ages and can easily be changed to fit different people. I use this as an ice-breaker and a first week assignment for my middle/high school students. While I do not recommend judging books (or people) by their covers, this is a fun exercise to show the students how mak

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Find-A-Feelings Word Search Puzzle
21 Scrambled Feelings! • 8.5"x11" in Size • Fun, Quiet & Entertaining Activity • Puzzle and Instructor's Key Included This 8.5" X 11" Find-A-Feeling Word Search Puzzle features 21 feeling words which are scrambled throughout the puzzle. This puzzle is a fun and quiet activity to hand out to ind

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Social and Emotional - Bullying - Ways to Stay Bully Free - Student Cards
This one-page file contains four identical student cards that list several anti-bullying strategies. (In other words, one sheet will provide enough cards for four different students.) Simply print out as many sheets as needed, cut out the cards, and distribute to students in need. (I recommend fi

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Georgia On My Mind Information and Graphic Organizer
I wanted my 2nd graders to get a littler insight about Georgia. We looked at several different websites for information and ultimately reviewed this powerpoint and record information about our state's symbols. The students really enjoyed reading about Georgia and recording the information about th

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Fears and Phobias
Fourteen phobias and a short description of each one. Thirteen would have been so unlucky! I made this product to use on Halloween with my class. I plan to do a cake walk with these, but could also see using them as task cards, playing go-fish, on the entrance wall of a haunted house, and so much mo

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