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Can be used with distance learning! These multiplication fact booklets can be used to help students understand the concept of multiplication, as well as memorize multiplication facts. There are eleven total booklets (2 facts-12 facts) that are each eight pages long. At the end of each booklet, there
*** BEST SELLER***Help your students understand how to apply the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY OF MULTIPLICATION. This resource is perfect for students who are struggling to understand and remember the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY. It begins with concrete (manipulatives) activities, progresses to the representatio
These math centers are engaging activities that encourage math talk. Students explain how they sort their cards and build strong math concepts as they create cards of their own.What is Included?- 81 sorts that review third grade math standards. - Math Sorts Binder - Pages that list all math sorts,
These second grade math assessments are great pre- and post-assessments to truly assess your students on the rigor of the Common Core Math Standards. They are organized, easy to implement, and have teaching notes that break the standards down into easy to understand language.------------------------
Printable Middle School File Folder Math Games - Math Teachers, Look No Further!42 printable math games for upper elementary and middles school students, easy-to-setup for any math class, when laminated these can be made into math board games for middle school that can be used over and over again.**
Digital and Copy Ready Multiplication Activities! Newly edited to include a digital version for Distance Learning! This update is designed to work with Google™ Slides, Google™ Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Seesaw.Multiplication Facts just got a lot more interesting! Grab this CLASS FAVORITE for
Louie the Leprechaun is giving students 7 math riddles, and if they can solve them, they will receive the pot of gold! Also check out the ULTIMATE St. Patrick's Day Bundle by clicking here!Students will complete 6 multi-step St. Patrick's Day themed word problems (multi-operation) that will surely k
Bring math vocabulary to life with this HUGE collection of word wall cards and interactive notebook inserts for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math. The big text and illustrated examples help students recall, explain, and use domain-specific math vocabulary. The color-coding adds context and
This is an awesome tool/organizer to help your students who are just learning or are struggling with their multiplication facts. It contains two pages that are taped together after printing. The student follows the arrow on a number . They count the smaller numbers (multiples) as they move along th
Math About Me (US and AUS/UK versions) This is a brilliant activity that is open-ended and can challenge even your brightest students! This product is part of a huge money saving back to school bundle! CLICK HERE TO SEE! Students come up with 8 different number sentences/equations that match each
Robby the Robot is having a big Valentine's Day party, and he needs your help to make sure things run smoothly! He needs to buy cups, plates, drinks, and so much more...he just needs your help with the math! Students will complete 6 multi-step Valentine's Day themed word problems (multi-operation) t
This lesson pack focuses on the Associative Property of Multiplication. Pack Includes: Associative Property Poster Interactive PowerPoint on the Associative Property Notes for the teacher Associative Property with Pasta Parentheses activity instructions Associative Property with Pasta Parentheses
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up math class!CSI: Elementary is a collection of nine different algebraically inspired mathematical puzzles with a little intern
Addition and Multiplication Properties Bundle: This bundle of activities focuses on the following math properties:- Commutative Property of Addition- Associative Property of Addition- Identity Property of Addition- Commutative Property of Multiplication- Associative Property of Multiplication- Ident
Let's be honest - it's hard to get kids excited about practicing their multiplication and division facts. If your students need to work on their facts, but flash cards aren't cutting it, then "Text Message Math" is for you! Included in this pack are 5 fun pages of math practice. Each page has a "my
***THIS PACK INCLUDES ANSWER KEYS***This 4th grade product is classroom tested and works great for morning work, spiral review work, homework, as an assessment, as enrichment work for 3rd grade teachers, as beginning of the year review work for 5th grade teachers and more!! All math problems contain
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for the distributive property? Well look no further as Distributive Property of Multiplication Game Puzzles, for CCSS 3.OA.5, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 3rd grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorporate into you
Over 55 Word Problems using Strip Diagrams as pictorial models for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Perfect for 4th grade but easily adapted for 3rd and 5th grade.Concepts include:*TEKS 4.5A * tape diagrams* model drawing * partitive division * quotative division * missin
Want a fun, easy way to review the Common Core Math Skills? This is for you! This resource contains 13 ready to use, self-checking math center games for the Operations and Algebraic Thinking Common Core Standards for 3rd Grade. Click here to see the bundle of all my 3rd Grade Roll and Answer Math Ce
Digital & printable formats included. Word problems designed to help third grade students exercise 2 step or multi step math problem solving, reasoning, critical thinking, and precise math modeling skills for the following topics:Rounding & place value word problemsAddition & subtraction
This product contains 20 task cards that will challenge them to think about profit. 16 of the 20 task cards are word problem formatted to prepare your students for STAAR. The questions are formatted in a variety of ways to keep your students thinking and challenged. This product is geared for 4th
Young learners often struggle with equations and inequalities. Help your students understand that the equal sign separates two sides with equal values. These centers will develop number sense, conceptual understanding of abstract math concepts, and reinforce grade-level computation skills. Make su
Multiplication Properties PowerPoint: This 66-slide PowerPoint focuses on the following math properties:- Commutative Property of Multiplication- Associative Property of Multiplication- Identity Property of Multiplication- Distributive Property- Zero Property of MultiplicationIt includes the followi
FIND my FREE Candy Land Game Board Here! Candy Land Game BoardI t's finally here after a TON of requests! This Candy Land Missing Addend Addition game to 20 will help your students learn with a familiar game board. I have a huge to do list of math games. Stay tuned and check out my other games her

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