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This is a set of activities to help students learn to determine elapsed time.Each task card has a short word problem that requires students to determine how much time has elapsed or the start/stop time based on the length of time that has passed. Includes time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, a
This packet contains a wide range of hands-on materials, games, and worksheets to work on coin value. Knowing the value of money is an essential life skill that needs to be developed in early childhood. Students with disabilities benefit from hands on materials and the use of visuals to learn these
This packet contains a wide range of visual and engaging math activities to work on basic, foundational skills. These activities are structured, repetitive, and visual which will help students with autism access these math tasks. These activities work on counting, number identification, more/less,
Looking to implement Math Workshop in your classroom?You can plan and manage your math centers effectively with this easy-to-use rotation chart! This visual will help your kiddos understand exactly where they should be going and what activity they should be completing at each center. Here's What's I
Money Counting Coins: : Integrated With Word Work! Cross-Curricular Resource... Money Activities✅ Editable! You can type in your own words. Your students can practice money coin counting skills while they learn the spelling of words. This can be used to reinforce sight vocabulary as well.Common Core
Practice multi-digit addition and subtraction 2-step word problems in this completely DIGITAL adventure story using Google Forms.Students will solve problems, make choices, and earn “prizes.” Their choices will affect the outcome of the story as they make various decisions for their Pirate characte
This resource offers various ways to help your students classify and sort polygons including triangles and quadrilaterals. Several resources are interactive charts students can include in their Math Notebook/Journal as a tool. This enables students to have anchor charts at their fingertips. The s
Place Value Jeopardy style game show! Excellent practice for your 1st and 2nd Grade students. With 25 practice problems, in a game show setting, your students will get lots of review. I am SO proud of this game!! I love how it turned out!This download INCLUDES a copy for Google Classroom! Great f
Send these fun PRINT & GO math enrichment worksheets home in distance learning packets to challenge advanced 2nd and 3rd grade students! These engaging math challenges and brainteasers are a perfect addition to your at home learning math plans for high flying students. With answer keys included
This packet contains a wide range of hands-on materials, games, and worksheets to work on telling time. Telling time is an essential life skill that needs to be developed in early childhood. Students with disabilities benefit from hands on materials and the use of visuals to learn these skills! Th
Engage 4th grade students with this fun, interactive equivalent fraction game. In this write and wipe powerpoint game, students determine the equivalent for the fraction provided. Students are given the numerator of the fraction and have to find the denominator to make the fractions equivalent. Ther
127 pages of activities to learn about the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Easy to print and implement immediately! Included... -Olympic KWL -2 word searches (and answer keys) -Olympic medal graphing using tallies activity -Rio de Janeiro map and fill in the blank -Flag comparison (US and
Engage students with this fun, interactive pictograph game. Students will answer questions about two pictographs. Questions include most/least favorites, totals for each group, and comparing groups. There are 2 graphs in this game, each with 10 questions, giving you a total of 20 questions. You just
This foldable is a great way to teach Order of Operations This download includes: Order of Operations Foldable - Black and white student copy - Red ink KEY and colored KEY - Three versions (PEMDAS, GEMDAS, and PBMDAS) - PowerPoint to show how to fill in the blanks - Folding Movie a
These Area and Perimeter Word Problems Task Cards give students critical practice working with real world scenarios to build mastery. These multi-step area and perimeter word problems task cards challenge students to recognize area and perimeter in real world settings! Students also need to transfer
Students get to step into the shoes of a designer in this open ended performance task. After years of begging student's parents are finally letting them design and remodel their bedroom. What is in the problem? There are 6 in-depth problems within this gigantic problem (each step is it's own pro
Make math fun and engaging with these hands-on math sorts - even when working on basic skills! This packet has 4 types of sorts: counting, big/little, coins, and number identification. Students sort pieces that count up to a certain number, sort big items and small items, sort different images of th
Love project based learning? Look no further for a multi-digit multiplication project with real-world application to engage your students! With this activity, students will have to practice using multi-digit multiplication to plan a camping trip for their classmates. It's engaging, meaningful, and n
Here are 16 fun measurement cards to use with your students. Each card requires students to make an estimate before measuring. Students will need a ruler to complete these cards. A yardstick and tape measure would also be helpful. Students can work in standard and/or metric measurements. A student a
Wonderful math problem-solving strategy! This little trick helps students get through those lengthy word problems.C- Circle the numbersU- Underline the questionB- Box the keywordsE- Eliminate information not neededS- Solve by showing your work ** Three different styles are provided+ Interactive Note
5 worksheets of money word problems. There are 2 types of worksheets. The first set of worksheets are basic addition and subtraction word problems. The second set is a short story of kids finding money and student must figure out how much they have based on the number of coins and bills the kids f
This packet contains a wide range of hands-on materials, games, and worksheets to work on the concept of measurement. Learning about measurement tools is a functional math and science concept that can be applied to situations in everyday life! This resource is jam packed and contains a wide range
You will enjoy how easy it is to print and pass out this 3rd Grade Go Math 1.2 Rounding to the Nearest Ten or Hundred Color By Number Resource. One of my ** BEST SELLERS ** and it is also a $1.00 Dollar Deal. This Rounding to the Nearest Ten or Hundred includes 2 student pages for introducing or rev
Click here for the DIGITAL VERSION! This math mystery is a fun way for 3rd graders to solve word problems in a unique way. Kids start reading at the beginning of the book, solve the problems, and go where the book tells them to go! A wrong answer will send them to a 'stopper' that will tell them to

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