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Before you purchase, you might consider this foldable is also sold in the whole unit Changes to the Earth BUNDLE sold for just $7! click here for the Changes to the Earth BUNDLE This is a great way to introduce Changes to the Earth from wind, water, and ice. Weathering, erosion, and deposition a
Are you looking for a way to closely examine each text structure in a way that engages your students to critically analyze the text itself? Students will examine each text structure to discover its elements by using the INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK PAGE included in this product. They will then use the GRA
This 27-page pdf file contains a cute plant observation log for primary age students and much more. The log includes: Cover page Page for recording daily observation in words and pictures Page for recording observation in pictures only (6 observations) Parts of a plant page (flower, leaves, and
This foldable is also sold in the Sun, Earth, Moon BUNDLE for just $7. Watch the movie included in this file for folding directions! This is a foldable to introduce the differences and similarities of the sun, earth, and moon. It also teaches a neat way to remember the order of the planets. Have s
Spice up your notebook with graphic organizers and notes pages! Includes instructions, answer keys and pages for rounding, reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers, as well as a place value chart. Covers thousands to billions. *JULY 2014: This product received a facelift, more differentiati
Before purchasing you might consider that this foldable is also included in the Force and Motion whole unit BUNDLE with 3 foldables, lab, warm-up, 32 task cards, demo sheet and more for just $7 I use this to introduce the main concepts for force and motion. I fill out a blank one with them on the o
*AUGUST 2014: MAJOR UPDATE with more differentiation, more activities and pages, more interactivity and more photo examples.* DECIMAL PLACE VALUE BUNDLE ALSO INCLUDES THESE TWO PRODUCTS: Decimal Addition and Subtraction Notebook Page Comparing and Ordering Decimals Notebook Page Spice up your mat
This unit includes all you need to teach common core standard 3.MD.2. Students will measure and estimate liquid volume and masses of objects using grams(g), kilograms(kg), and liters(l).~Gram Lesson: A guided note-taker foldable to identify 1 gram, 10 grams and 100 grams. Great for math notebooks!!
Use these cute scaffolds to help students develop the skills necessary to write complex sentences and answer the who, what , where, why, and how.
This awesome Weather & Water Cycle Unit Bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about weather and the water cycle! Includes:- Water Cycle PowerPoint & Notes Set- Weather and Climate PowerPoint & Notes Set- Weather Crossword Puzzle Activity- Water Cycle Crossword Puzzle
1. Presentation (17 slides): This file contains the presentation in both PDF and PPT format. To view the PDF file as a presentation, select "view" and then click "full screen mode." 2. Guided Notes: These fill-in-the-blank notes go along with the presentation. Topics Include: *Classifying plants
Prime Factorization Interactive Notebook Pages CCS: 6.NS.4 and 6.EE.1The digital version of this product can be found here. Included in this product: *Prime and Composite Definition Foldables (2 per page and 1 per page)* Prime and Composite Number Sort and Number tokens *Powers Notebook Page (2 per
This awesome Biomes, Ecosystems, Food Chains, and Food Webs Unit Bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about biomes, ecosystems, food chains and food webs!Includes:- Ecosystems PowerPoint and Notes Set- Food Chains and Food Webs PowerPoint and Notes Set- Adaptations and Extincti
North America Interactive Notebook Bundle Social Studies 3rd Grade This is a complete set of interactive notebooks with assessments for North American geography and cultures, economics, and government and civics. The interactivities are created to support students' reading skills. The guiding ques
This is a foldable for teaching, reviewing, or assessing different forms of energy. Great for reinforcing vocabulary and concepts. This is perfect for interactive Science notebooks! **The forms of energy INCLUDED are: mechanical, electrical, solar, thermal, chemical, and sound energy.** Answer key
This is a perfect addition to your electricity unit! Use this bulletin board and student activity sheets to help reinforce student learning.Included in the download is a 41 piece, full-colored bulletin board set (+ student activity sheets for each section of the bulletin board). Parts of a circuit:
Everything you need to teach your Solar System & Space units! Over 24 products included in this bundle! SAVE 50% by buying the bundle! Check out the preview to get a detailed look at what is included!Included in this bundle:- Phases of the Moon Internet Scavenger Hunt WebQuest Activity- Phases
What You Get: ~Note Taker- for defining and giving examples of shades of meaning words ~Teacher Key for Notetaker ~Sorting Activity (words, sorting mat, and directions)- Students cut the words apart. (They are arranged from weakest to strongest by definition before being cut.) Next, find 7 group
Looking for an easy and engaging way for students to record what they've learned about electrical circuits? This double-sided flip book is a handy way to review types of circuits as part of your electricity unit.Depending on your students, you might complete this as a class or have students work on
This PowerPoint and note set includes the most important topics of the Industrial Revolution. How the Industrial Revolution began, Eli Whitney, Lowell Mills, Farm Life, Changes in Transportation, Steamboats and Canals, and Railroads are all covered in the PowerPoint. Includes: - 14 slide PowerPoin
About this ProductThis differentiated unit is composed of interactive notebook lessons organized into chapters. Each chapter includes:• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)• At least one INB activity (key included)• A 4-5 ques
This internet scavenger hunt directs students to the website: Students will use the website about the Trail of Tears to answer questions provided on the worksheets.Includes:- 2 page internet scavenger hunt- answer key
This amazing Colonial America bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about Colonial America!Includes:-New England Colonies PowerPoint and Note Set-Middle Colonies PowerPoint and Note Set-Southern Colonies PowerPoint and Note Set-Colonial Vocabulary PowerPoint and Note Set-Colonia
Use this Interactive Notebook as you teach LIGHT, students will recognize that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object or travels from one medium to another, and that light can be reflected, refracted, or absorbed. Included: Title Essential Questions K-W-L chart Vocabulary flip

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