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Famous Mathematicians Project with Options
This is a good end of the year project. Students pick a mathematician of the same ethnicity/gender to complete a biographical project. This project has multiple ways to present. I am uploading it in Word format so that you may modify to best suit your needs.

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MS-PS2-2: Newton's 2nd Law Math Problems w/Math Triangle
These physics problems are great for warm ups, homework or classwork. Use My Prezis to front load them or as closure to the lesson in the form of a lecture. They go along great with any kind of physics labs or activities that are related to Newton’s Laws of Motion.Please feel free to give me feedbac

Also included in: Integrated NGSS Forces & Energy Bundle MS-PS2-1 & 2 MS-PS3 4 & 5 PS2.A PS2.B


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Foundations of Algebra Bundle, Guided Notes, Prezi and Keys
This is a bundle set of guided notebook pages for the interactive math notebook on the Foundations of Algebra The PREZI is meant to be interactive so that you can write on it. (White Board or Mobi style) Topics Covered in these Guided Notes (Sections Sold Separately in my Store): • Variables and

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Order of Operations Guided Notes and Prezi!
This Order of Operations guided notes page follows along with a free Prezi Presentation:

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Fibonacci Sequence Prezi
Prezi about the Fibonacci Sequence- Talks about ways that it is seen in nature, Leonardo of Pisa and his bunny problem, Binet's Formula, and the recursive rule.

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Scheduling Prezi- Discrete Math
Prezi on Scheduling that discusses processors, tasks, processing times, precedence relations, optimal schedule, Diagraphs, Precedence relations, and scheduling using a priority list.

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Prezi: Finding Unknown Factors
This prezi reviews how the students can use the number line and bar models to find unknown factors when multiplying. The prezi assist the students in learning the process of using an array of objects and the multiplication chart to find the unknown factor when multiplying. The prezi follows the Go M

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Fractions: Adding & Subtraction Lessons with Assessments
Adding and Subtracting Fractions is a Common Core aligned unit for adding and subtracting various fractions. Included is 2 five day Prezis with homework worksheets. The Prezis include step by step process in order to arrive at the correct answer. There are three assessments with answer key. Asses

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Prime Factorization Prezi
Prime Factorization is a Common Core aligned lessons tha has step-by-step process on factorzing numbers. The lesson shows when breaking numbers down how to properly cirlce the prime numbers and continue working on composite numbers until that are changed into prime. There are a few questions that

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NGSS Speed, Time, Distance, Acceleration and Graphing Worksheets
Speed, Distance, Time, Acceleration and Graphing Problems Use My Prezis to front load the lesson or as closure to the lesson. Try out my speed problems as great practice for your students as well. My students do this assignment first and then we move on to the

Also included in: NGSS Graphing Bundle Cross Cutting Concepts Science & Engineering Practices


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Differentiated (RAGE) Multiplying a polynomial by a monomial
A Red Amber Green Extension differentiated activity on multiplying a polynomial by a monomial. Students always start at RED and work their way through. Answers are provided too separately. This link should provide an idea as the quality of this resource:

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Two-Step Equations Prezi
A visual representation of how to solve two-step equations

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**THIS IS THE COMPLETE SET OF MATH POSTERS, fifteen posters in total. At $20, it's a 50% savings over buying them individually!**This Anchor Chart set covers a wide variety of topics for the general math classroom. All of my math anchor charts are intentionally clean and "frills"-free, so that stude

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Nonlinear Inequality Application Project
This application project has students using their knowledge of nonlinear inequalities to answer questions about earning a profit. They are able to create their own business, decide what they want to sell, and use that information to create a presentation that demonstrates their understanding of ineq

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