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My Human Body Systems Flip Book is the perfect place for students to record information they learn about the human body. There are three flip book options to best meet your students' needs. Option 1: Each page contains a labeled diagram of a body system, along with short text about the system with blanks for students to fill in. Option 2: Each page contains an unlabeled diagram for students to complete, as well short text about the system with blanks for students to fill in. Option 3: Each pag
1st - 3rd
THIS UNIT HAS BEEN UPDATED----May 2015Now you do not need to print it doubled sided. :)This is a science foldable that can be used in different grades. Your students will be able to draw and write about their five senses in just 1 activity.This craft has been adapted for three levels (one with some writing).I have also included the Spanish version: Mis 5 sentidos. You can use it in your bilingual or immersion classroom.Save money with the >HUMAN BODY MINI BUNDLEYou can find similar activities
K - 3rd

Also included in: Human Body mini bundle

This unit has always been one of my very FAVORITE units to teach! Kids love to learn about the amazing, surprising, and sometimes downright icky things that happen in their bodies, and this life-size model has the hands-on component to make their learning engaging, meaningful, and memorable.This resource includes leveled reading passages for each organ and “lift-the-flap” pieces that provide a place for kids to record information directly on their models. Your kids will take learning beyond th
3rd - 6th
5 Stars "Good supplement material"- Katelyn B.5 Stars "Saved me a lot of time...thanks"- Michele W.5 Stars "This resource provided exactly what my students need to know on the 2nd grade level. It is attractive, gives room for them to write, and they can also color the pictures. Loved the matching page as well. Great resource."- Janet C.You have Full Permission to Digitalize, Google Drive/slides/docs/etc., Share, Modify, or use any other means to send home to your students. It’s yours- ENJOY! Ple
1st - 3rd
This is a selection of images to illustrate different parts of the body. *This set contains the images shown on the product cover. Hit the VIEW PREVIEW button to see the set close up.Right and left sides of different body parts are all included where applicable.The images contained in this set are:head/shouldershairgirl and boy bodiesblank bodyarrowsgirl and boy back vieweyebrows (blonde, light brown, dark brown, red, black, grey)eyes - right and left eyes (separate) in blue, brown, green greyli
Is your science textbook outdated and lacking? Make learning about the human body and the body systems engaging! This unit contains reading passages with comprehension questions, activities, science labs, task cards, and vocabulary reference posters that you can use to enhance your unit on the human body.These reading passages with comprehension questions are the perfect way to quickly check for understanding while providing the students with background information on each topic. It is also the
3rd - 5th

Also included in: Science Bundle

FIVE SENSES SCIENCE MATERIALSThis resource includes materials to teach your learners the five senses. You will find hands-on activities, printables, a reader for learners to complete and a poem to introduce the unit and vocabulary.____________________________________________________________________strong>THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Shared Reading | PoemRead this poem together throughout the week. Use the vocabulary cards, sight word card have your learners add the poem to their poetry notebook.T
SYSTEMS OF THE HUMAN BODYTHIS TEACHING RESOURCE INCLUDES:• a Smart Art science project• a research template for a Body Part Report• a set of Poems and Songs about the human bodyThe Smart Art activity contains directions, photos, and templates for a creative, hands-on science & art project focusing on six major systems of the human body. Samples can be viewed in the PREVIEW above.- The Nervous System- The Circulatory System- The Respiratory System- The Muscular System- The Skeletal System- Th
1st - 2nd
Engage your students with 35 Interactive Notebook activities for all of your human body unit needs. Our interactive notebook flippers will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about the major systems of the human body. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or as small group activities. The possibilities are endless!WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:• 190+ pages (35 activities) of NON-EDITABLE activities in PDF format including d
Engage your students with over 30 Cells Organelles and Processes Interactive Notebook activities for all of your cell unit needs. Our interactive notebook cut and paste flippers and online digital slides activities will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about cell organelles and cell processes. Use these activities as stand-alone lessons or as a supplement to our Cells Unit Bundle. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or
*Distance Learning* Are your kiddos learning about the human body and its systems? This 250 page Body Systems includes all you need to teach this unit to your students. Systems included are: Digestive System, Nervous System, Muscular System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Skeletal SystemIf you are looking for a DIGITAL INTERACTIVE resource to use for distance learning click these linksDIGITAL HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS BUNDLEDigital Respiratory SystemDigital Skeletal SystemDigital Circulatory S
This Human Body BUNDLE combines two of my popular human body resources: the Human Body Systems Lapbook and the bestselling Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap, Human Body Model!Please click HERE and HERE for previews, photos, and details on the two resources included, and to read their ★ 1,800+ 4-star reviews ★!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Several Common Core Standards can be addressed with these projects, including:CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.2Write infor
In this packet students create an all about me healthy body shape book. Directions are given for construction of the book through both words and illustrations. An optional idea for a fun cover is given, but the booklet can be made WITHOUT the cover. An original, full color teacher read aloud book is included that can be used as an introduction to the unit or as needed as the unit progresses. The words are written in simple terms for preK, kindergarten, first grade, and early second grade. Stude
PreK - 2nd
This product contains 6 interactive learning activities (27 pages total) focused on the specific physical adaptations of various animals. Featured animals include: camel, polar bear, cheetah, woodpecker, giraffe, and platypus. For each animal, students will read an included article about its physical adaptations, create a lift-the-flap model of the animal, and create a habitat poster in which the animal will be placed. Works great for a science unit on habitats or ecosystems, adaptations of l
3rd - 6th
Keep students engaged with the multiple intelligences. Choose from a wide variety of activities to scaffold your students with these 504 PAGES TO MAKE THE HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS STICK!! ♥♥♥ {Barely containing my excitement here} Bundling all six products will save you 20%! Each {originally mini-unit} has been revised {2016} to FULL UNITS as part of this human body "Make it! Move it!" bundle. As always, they are created for maximum student engagement using the multiple intelligences. Please have a l
4th - 6th
This frog is too frog-a-licious for you! For real though, you'll love our 3D Scienstructable dissection models which can be used as a dissection-free exploration, a pre-dissection tool, or as a summative assessment for comparative anatomy. Let's hop to it and check out this frog!WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 3-5 DAY LESSON:• 22 EDITABLE PowerPoint slides with bellwork, instructions, notes and embedded answer key to handouts• 21 NON-EDITABLE PDF handouts→ Guided reading PDF → Differentiated graphic org
Engage your students with over 24 Interactive Notebook activities for all of your genetics unit needs. Our interactive notebook flippers will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about DNA and how characteristics are inherited. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or as small group activities. The possibilities are endless!WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:• 90+ pages (24+ activities) of NON-EDITABLE activities in PDF format in
Create a life-size model of the human body with this everything-you-need project!About this Product:This project is designed to help students study the major organs of the human body. The purpose of the project is to construct a life-size model of the human body in order to learn about the organs of the human body, the location of the organs and what the function of those organs are. This Product Includes:• 14 Reading passages & questions to learn about organs in the body (key included)• A g
3rd - 8th
Engage your students with over 30 Interactive Notebook activities and digital Google Slides for all of your ecology unit needs. Our interactive notebook flippers will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about organisms interect with one another and their environment. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or as small group activities. The possibilities are endless!WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:• 135+ pages (30+ activities) o
Create a flip book of the major human body systems: Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive and Urinary. Differentiated options available with this product. Optional: Include the endocrine and male or female reproductive system to create an "advanced" male OR female human body flip book for higher-level students. An option to create a flip book with both reproductive systems is included as well. Multiple Printing Options: 1. Black and white 2. Black an
The leg bone's connected to hip bone... learn all about the major systems of the body from the integumentary system to the nervous system using our fun and engaging human body unit bundle, complete with a guiding PowerPoint, tons of activities, graphic organizers and more!WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 6-7 WEEK LONG BUNDLE:• 170+ slide fully editable PowerPoint presentation with title slides, objectives, bell work, guided notes, and animations along with 100+ NON-EDITABLE PDF pages which includes align
Are you teaching the skeletal system or human skeletons but having trouble finding kid-friendly, engaging text, activities, and diagrams? This complete 10 day unit includes everything you need to teach your upper elementary students about the skeletal system and human skeleton. Both a print and interactive digital version made for Google slides are included. Lessons cover parts of the skeletal system, functions of the skeletal system, bones, joints and connective tissues, and bone health. Stud
This human body unit has EVERYTHING you need to teach young learners about the different human body systems! All you have to do is print, prep, and teach! Detailed lesson plans include literature suggestions, hands-on activities, experiments, and crafts. Literacy and math printables inspire learning across content areas. There’s even QR codes and links to YouTube videos that fit in perfectly as well. Click on the PREVIEW to see the "My Stomach and Digestive System" part of this unit. This wil
These human body systems posters were created as a review and anchor for the following systems: The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Digestive System The Circulatory System The Respiratory System The Nervous System The Urinary System Each poster contains a brief summary of the systems function as well as an image. The set also includes mini-posters for each body system, and an additional set of the posters with key parts labeled (like heart, aorta, veins, arteries, etc.) You can check

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