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The Four Governments of Ancient Greece
In this lessons students will learn about the four governments of ancient Greece (monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, democracy). Students will read a text about each type of government, and will then record the findings (who had the power, the positives and negatives, etc.), on a graphic organizer.

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Philosophers of Ancient Greece - Socrates, Plato, Sophocles, Aristotle
Students will be introduced to the four main philosophers of ancient Greece (Sophocles, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle). Students will critically examine two notable quotations from each philosopher, asking what they felt the message of each idea meant. Next, students will write and share whether the

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The Mughal Empire in Ancient India - Jahar and Babur
Students will be able to analyze two emperors in ancient India who ruled under the Mughal Empire and compare and contrast them with each other. The students will also look at this reading and videos to determine why and how the Mughals took over India.

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Introduction to Judaism
Students are introduced to the first monotheistic religion by looking at early Jewish history. Students then do an activity using the 10 Commandments to determine how Jewish beliefs impact their lifestyle. Students are given a skeleton outline of a formal paragraph that they must fill in with their

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Moses (Musa) in Islam
In this lesson students will be able to identify how Moses was important to the religion of Islam by reading a story of him in Islam. Students will read "Musa (Moses) follows a Wise Man". After reading, students will answer questions that are modeled after the ELA state exam, with a concentration on

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