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In this STEM project students will: Research online an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh (Technology) Build a pyramid for the Pharaoh (Engineering) Measure the volume and surface area of the pyramid (Math) Mummify a doll to better understand the mummification process (Science) Build a Sarcophagus for your P
This package includes a detailed outline of what is expected in a complete Ancient Civilizations report and presentation - whether it is meant to be the "big" project during the final term of Social Studies class or merely a month-long individual project. Given the choice of China, Rome, Greece,
This is a rubric/directions for a summative project on the ancient Hebrews. Perfect for project based learning, students demonstrate what they have learned through the creation of a newspaper about the time period of the ancient Hebrews. This is an editable word document so you can adjust it for y
Use QR codes to research three ancient civilizations: Maya, Aztec, Inca. QR codes are linked to kid-friendly websites. Follow the guiding questions and rubric to locate information and create a product to present. Directions for the following products are included: brochure, PowerPoint, Prezi, sc
This is a fun, multi-faceted project designed for middle school students who are learning about Ancient Greece. This project includes two written research reports and up to five crafts that demonstrate knowledge of the Greeks and their contributions to western civilization.
Engaging and ready-to-go project that provides excellent support to the history, writing, and literacy curriculum to engage students and motivate students for learning. Students can write a 7 paragraph research report or the graphic organizer can be used in place of the report for differentiated in
This project was created as a project based learning assessment for 6th Grade NC Middle School Students. All of the standards hit are defined in the rubric, as well as all of the ELA Common Core Standards that have been addressed. Students will have to design and build their own pyramid and create a
Ancient and Modern Day World History are both included now!Administrators always say to put the tracking in the students hands, make sure you are keeping data, and never offer ways to help you do these! Well, that's where I come in! I sat down with the test specs, essential standards, and standard b
Students will create a cover for an issue of National Geographic using words and pictures that highlight a topic from Ancient India (list of topics included). The cover must include all parts included in the rubric. Students will conduct research on a topic selected. The cover page must be formatted
Students are assigned to make a children's book describing a world religion. This file includes inclusive rubric and instruction sheet.
Thanks for shopping at the Traveling Teacher Online store! I hope this product will be useful to you in the classroom.Notes on the Product• The activity is meant to be used at the end of a unit on Ancient Egypt. It is designed to give the students choice in a concluding project after studying many d
This package includes three creative projects for a mythology unit and rubrics for each. -Create character cards for gods/goddesses/creatures in myths -Create three book covers based on a myth aimed at different age groups -Create a comic strip to retell a myth Examples are for Greek, Norse, and In
This is a great project to finish your unit on Mesopotamia with. Students work in groups to create The Ancient Times, a newspaper that will discuss information learned in the unit. Activities are highly differentiated and include: -News Articles with open ended headlines (for strong writers) -Com
Middle School Students love to create and what better way to understand the way civilizations and societies through time have been structured, than by creating one yourself! This project will take about 6 hours in class or 3 in class and 4-6 hours as homework. Use this as a formative or summative
This is the complete set of guidelines for your students to put on an Ancient Egyptian Living Wax Museum. This includes; directions for each step of the process, list of Ancient Egyptian Characters to choose from, Grading Rubric with dates due for each part of the process, and questions students mus
An imaginative and creative thematic unit combining Social Studies, Greek Mythology, ELA Argumentative / Persuasive Writing and Art. Students first research several of the primary gods and goddesses of the Greek Pantheon and are asked to represent one of those deities in writing an argumentative /
If you're like me, you LOVE using interactive notebooks with your students! They're a fantastic way to actively involve students in the learning process. But...if you're like me, you also want your interactive notebooks to be organized! Students should be able to access information quickly and accur
This is an assessment task for students to demonstrate the adaptations of early humans from 3 million years ago to 10,000 years ago. Timeline will show a progression of behavioral adaptations for survival.See my Surviving the Stone Age Survival Guide Projecthttps://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Produc
I created this project for my sixth graders. They had to write a book comparing and contrasting Mesopotamia and America. This includes the rubric, the group task sheet, graphic organizers, and a sample book that I wrote. It makes learning social studies fun!
In Social Studies students made time capsules to represent their research on the Aztec, Incan, and Mayan Empires. Rubric was given to students prior to research. After two days of research students had three 45-minute sessions to complete the project. I set up stations around the room where st
Get two rubrics to use in your classroom today! Ready to use with teacher comment space as well as an area to identify next steps for the student. Global History Lessons-To-Go making every day in your classroom easier.
This project has students answer one of three essential questions pertaining to the arrival of natives in Latin America, ancient civilizations (Olmec, Aztec, Inca, and Maya), and the arrival of the Europeans. They will demonstrate their understanding by creating a mind map. A sample mind map is in
This unit includes all the supplementals for the DBQ curriculum for 6th grade. It includes: graphic organizers for the hook and documents a cloze activity vocab flash cards vocab worksheets Final Writing Storyboard Final Writing Rubric
In this project, students will be creating their own historical artifacts following their unit on early civilizations. Students will use their historical artifacts to tell a story about the civilization that the artifact originated from. It is a two part project including instructions for the creati

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