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Open Ended Word Problem: Complex, Multi-Step Challenge (Grade 3-5)
*UPDATE: Problem now has metric addendum for those of you outside of the U.S.* (Big thanks to Brenda Blake!) In Doggy Dilemma, students are finally allowed to get a dog! They can choose from three dogs and then must create a dog pen for the backyard. They will calculate the area and perimeter as w

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Hands On Map Skills: Cross Curricular Project to Teach Map Skills (Grades 2-4)
Tired of using worksheets to teach map skills? I used worksheets for years but something didn't feel right. I knew my students weren't learning map skills deeply when I was teaching this way. That was when the Hands on Map Skills project was born! This is a social studies project that has cross-cu

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Middle School Real World Math Project, Distance Learning
Real World Math Project, Middle School, End of Year Project. ** Now includes option to use with Google slides for distance learning **Are you looking for a math project that will engage your students?This unit of work has been designed to allow middle school students to use their math skills in real

Also included in: Real World Math Mini Projects Growing Bundle! Distance Learning


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Tiny House STEM - Floor Plan Design
Tiny House Floor Plan and Budget STEM Challenge- The Tiny House Movement has people building small houses. The demand for Tiny Living homes is big! Have your students design a livable floor plan for a Tiny Home. They must stick to a budget and meet certain requirements. Learning has never been

Also included in: STEM Activities and Challenges - STEM Bundle for the Year


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STEM Kid Engineering and Construction -- Hoop and Launcher Game GATE
Kid-built in a few hours . . . this 7 inch tall basketball hoop can be assembled and re-assembled. We’re not going to toss a ball to make baskets with this project. Oh, no . . . we are making a little catapult to launch marshmallows at the hoop! Oh, yes! Sweet! Use this building project as a ch

Also included in: 30 Hours of STEAM ADVENTURES Bundle - 8 3-6 Hour Units Upper Elementary GATE


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STEM Kid Engineering for GATE -- FERRIS WHEELS plus Primary Sources
In this GATE engineering journey, students will each construct a very cool Ferris wheel prototype as a final product. Along the way, they will examine primary source images, read primary source history, and integrate math, engineering, and economics in a learning process which incorporates best pra

Also included in: STEAM Class Bundle - Engineering Focus - 115+ Hours 374 Pages GATE


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STEAM Kid Engineering -- The Playable Golf Course Design Unit for GATE
In this unit, students will build a contraption to hit a small, wooden golf ball through a scaled version of a golf course which they and their classmates have designed. They’ll make a trundle wheel for measuring and marking the course, write down their scores on a scorecard, design putters, and le

Also included in: STEAM Class Bundle - Engineering Focus - 115+ Hours 374 Pages GATE


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Friday Math Collection -- 116 Pages of Interactive Math Lessons
You'll never have to plan a Friday of math . . . This is the complete Friday Math Collection of highly interactive, cross-curricular, creative math applications for your advanced 4th grade through 7th grade. Rich in critical thinking, problem-solving, and complexity--you get 116 pages and six them

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On Stage! Holiday Concert Planning Performance Task (Grades 3-5)
By some miracle, the student solving this problem has become the music program director! They are charged with planning the entire holiday program for the classroom. They will need to determine the number of tickets needed, what food and drink to serve, how to set up the risers, tables and chairs,

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STEAM -- Snap n' Shoot Marshmallow Soccer Game
Kid-built in a few hours . . . this goalie, net and goal, and cool marshmallow “snapper” is a complete kid-built soccer game. We don’t have to use our imagination here! Our snapper really shoots the marshmallow ball, and our goalies really defend. Use this building project as a challenging indepe

Also included in: 35+ Hours of STEAM Adventures PART 2 Bundle - Elementary and GATE 3-6 Hrs Each


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Friday Math - Penny Tile Flooring for Upper Elementary and GATE
Another Friday Math lesson for hands-on learning across several Common Core Standards . . . at least 22 standards from 2nd to 6th grade: multiplication, division, decimals, area, geometry arrays, expressing ratios, public speaking and listening, and more! In this lesson, students apply math skil

Also included in: 30 Hours of STEAM ADVENTURES Bundle - 8 3-6 Hour Units Upper Elementary GATE


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Presidential Birthday Statisticians: Math Performance Task (Grades 3-5)
In this math project your student has been commissioned to be a statistician for a very important government official. A special day is coming where our country will be honoring our past (and present) presidents. The person looking to hire them would like some interesting data, facts and findings a

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Financial Literacy Reading Passages | Personal Finance | Making Money Grow
Would you like to give your students a jump start on becoming financially independent? Do you teach Personal Finance or Financial Literacy in your class? This fun financial planning packet gives students a clear picture into the beginning world of Financial Intelligence. Share with students that the

Also included in: Financial Literacy | Informational Text | Game Guide Bundle


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Friday Math - Balloon Message Mystery for Upper Elementary GATE
Best practices in Common Core Standards, gifted education and 21st Century Learning Skills . . . This cross-curricular applied math activity addresses the Common Core Standards in a fun way for everyone. Balloon Mystery Messages is applied math, engineering and design, writing, geography, research

Also included in: STEAM Class BUNDLE - Math Focus - 75+ Hours, 395 Pages Hands-on GATE


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GATE + STEAM -- "The Studio" Unit for Upper Elementary
Applied math, engineering, design, 3D art, economics, and creativity . . . Imagine building your own small studio in your backyard and decorating it to suit your personality. Would you have a carpeted library complete with a desk and laptop where you couldn’t be bothered by brothers, sisters, or p

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Real World Math Student Fun Day! Business and Economics, Australian Curriculum
Real World Math - Student Fun Day! Business and Economics, Australian Curriculum Are you looking for a fun way to teach your students about about financial literacy and real world math? Have your class run a 'Fun Day' set up similar to mini fete or fair. Students create and run a simple stall to

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Lego Math Challenges
These five math challenges engage students using Lego bricks to build towers, models, and solve problems. Challenges address a variety of upper elementary and middle school math skills including: - adding fractions with unlike denominators - finding equivalent fractions - finding a fraction of a wh

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Performance Based Math Task Operations in Base Ten
This is a performance based math task aligned with the Common Core for grades1-5. In this task, children are given "budget" of $40.00 to spend at the grocery store. They are given specific criteria to follow. It is so much fun to watch as they problem solve and grabble their way through tis task!

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Problem Solving || Addition Subtraction Balancing Equations || Distance Learning
Early Finishers & Gifted Addition & Subtraction Task Cards - These early finishers and gifted task cards will engage your students in problem solving at the application level. Lots of fun yet challenging!Balancing equations is a difficult concept for most students. Besides being perfect to c

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Trundle Wheels -- Free!  Hands-on Applied Math and Map Skills
Trundle wheels are a simplified version of a surveyor’s wheel. In this basic student edition of the trundle wheel, students roll their own version of trundle wheels across all sorts of things. They work especially well to measure curved surfaces or for applying a map’s scale of miles on highways.

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Summer Olympics Math Project with QR Codes
My students love learning about the Olympics! This project combines that interest, research and a Math focus. Students will select a sport/event to research. They will use QR codes and fill out a graphic organizer. The will create problems and a presentation for their peers. Finally they can re

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BASEBALL MATH COLLECTION -- Interactive, Creative, Hands-on
Get all thre Friday Math Baseball-themed lessons at 33% off individual purchase prices--67 pages in all.These applied math lessons are hands-on, interactive, cross-curricular, and rich in critical thinking skills and complexity. They'll be a big challenge for your advanced 4th grade group and appro

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Solving single-step and multi-step equations has never been easier thanks to this song that explains how to solve equations. Increase student engagement and retention with this video that provides multiple examples for students to solve. All of our teacher-created music videos are standards aligned

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Simulation Station-Payday Budgeting-Economics Activity
Simulation Station-Payday gives students real-world experiences as they receive their first paycheck! The students have the task of prioritizing the bills that are due, writing checks to the companies, balancing the checkbook, all while saving some money for other expenses. They will gasp as the rea

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