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Math Interactive Notebook Journal
Are you using interactive math notebooks or interactive journals in your classroom? You really should be! This 165-page resource contains everything you need to start interactive notebooks in your classroom. This resource contains 38 different math journal activities - with each one containing an

Also included in: Math Interactive Notebook Bundle


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3rd Grade Math | Guided Math Workshop BUNDLE
A complete lesson plan unit packed with hands-on activities, expectations and routines, and a variety of strategies for 3rd grade math concepts. Perfect for teachers looking to save time and money without sacrificing quality instruction.⭐By purchasing this 3rd Grade Math - Guided Math Workshop Entir


Hands On Map Skills: Cross Curricular Project to Teach Map Skills (Grades 2-4)
Tired of using worksheets to teach map skills? I used worksheets for years but something didn't feel right. I knew my students weren't learning map skills deeply when I was teaching this way. That was when the Hands on Map Skills project was born! This is a social studies project that has cross-cu

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Open Ended Problem Bundle: Grades 3-5 (20% Savings)
Open ended problems (or performance tasks) are a great way to get students to think deeply, and to use the Standards for Mathematical Practice. You can purchase all three separate, or save by purchasing all three together. Open Ended Word Problems Set 1 Open Ended Word Problems (My best seller!)

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What Will I be When I Grow Up?  Unit for Exploring Personal Finances and Careers
What Will I Be When I Grow Up? Preparing Students Preparing students for their future careers can be a challenge since we now know that many of the students today will be working in careers that aren’t even invented yet. I don’t consider myself all that old but still, any career that includes the I

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Immigration Simulation!  A Month-Long Integrated Cooperative Project for Gr. 3-6
Immigration is an amazing subject to study and students LOVE this project! The scope of this classroom-tested, fabulous integrated immigration simulation covers myriad curriculum areas, and is terrific fun for students to collaboratively complete! Additionally, they apply concepts introduced durin

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STEM Kid Engineering for GATE -- FERRIS WHEELS plus Primary Sources
In this GATE engineering journey, students will each construct a very cool Ferris wheel prototype as a final product. Along the way, they will examine primary source images, read primary source history, and integrate math, engineering, and economics in a learning process which incorporates best pra

Also included in: STEAM Class Bundle - Engineering Focus - 115+ Hours 374 Pages GATE


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Percent Unit
Great for Distance Learning! We have included individual PDFs of the guided notes, practice sheets, and activities in this unit to be used digitally. You can load PDFs onto Google Classroom, but you can also change PDFs to editable Google Slides. This allows your students to put their answers on a G

Also included in: 7th Grade Math Units Bundle Common Core Math


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Measuring Angles Distance Learning Geometry 7th Grade Math Review Task Cards
Printable Task Cards: You will receive 120 measuring angles task cards for your students to practice finding the missing adjacent, vertical, complementary and supplementary angles. Please see the new more flexible TERMS OF USE during this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, click HERE.DISTANCE LEARNING W


Hundreds Chart Activities Celebration
Your class will love this hundred's chart pack. You will too! They will become more familiar with the hundreds chart and be able to use it to add, subtract, skip count and more! There is a mystery picture included as one of the activities. Students can complete these activities together, as you

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Go Math Second Grade: Chapter 11 Supplement - Money
Looking to supplement your Go Math program? This is a great to supplement Go Math Chapter 11 for Second Grade! This unit covers Money. It provides plenty of skill practice along with word problems to apply the concept. I have included extra practice pages to review coins and counting money. This uni

Also included in: Go Math Second Grade Supplements for the ENTIRE YEAR Bundle


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Go Math Second Grade: Chapter 20 Supplement - Financial Literacy
Looking to supplement your Go Math program for second grade? This is a great supplement for Go Math Chapter 20 “Financial Literacy.” Please note that different editions have some of the units ordered differently and some concepts may vary slightly. This unit can be used for reinforcement and serve a

Also included in: Go Math Second Grade Supplements for the ENTIRE YEAR Bundle


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Real Life Math: Menus, Grocery, Clothing, Sporting Goods Shopping
Real Life Math contains four teaching Units. Menus, Grocery Shopping, Online Clothing Shopping, and Online Sporting Goods Shopping. I teach Life Skills as part of my academic curriculum. My students often transition from high school into an independent living setting. As I teach throughout the y

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Project Based Learning: Math - Middle School - Cereal Box Project
This is a 6 week comprehensive Project Based Learning Unit that focuses on students redesigning the traditional Cereal Box. Students will work through the Engineering Design Process as well as learn the background mathematical concepts to create a newer version of a Cereal Container that decreases t

Also included in: 6th Grade Math Geometry Bundle - 8+ Week Unit (CCSS Aligned) plus PBL


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Time on a Number Line
Higher Level Thinking Time on a number line within the hour is great for centers, small groups, independent or whole group work. Also great review for Math Test Prep Pages consist of Basic plotting times on a number line Word Problems finding the END time on a number line Word Problems finding the

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PDF (402.26 KB)

Titanic Math Measurement Converting Metric Units, Customary Units, and Time
Work on conversion and understanding measurement units and time while learning about the Titanic! Bundle includes 9 activities covering understanding both sets of units, converting mass/weight, converting length, converting liquid volume, and elapsed time. All information covered is related to the

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No Prep Money Unit 2nd Grade {CCSS}
This unit has 15 days worth of teaching, practicing, creating, working with, assessing, writing about, identifying, adding & subtracting money! This unit is geared to 2nd grade. These are the plans I used in my 2nd grade class room that had GREAT results! Check out the standards below. Each Da

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PDF (27.89 MB)

7th Grade Math - Probability and Statistics Bundle
This unit covers all of the 7th Grade Common Core Math Standards associated with Probability. This COMPREHENSIVE bundle has 13 Lessons with 429 Pages. ABSOLUTELY NO PREP REQUIRED, just download and start teaching in minutes. This unit is part of our 7th Grade Year Long Curriculum. INCLUDED WITH EA


Common Core 6th Grade Math Standards- Printable Labels
These 2" X 4" labels take each Common Core 6th Grade Math standards and organizes it so they can be used in lesson plans, on folders, in your teachers book, or any way you can imagine to make sure each standard is covered and help keep everything organized. If you want to print these labels, you

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PDF (130.62 KB)

Quadrilaterals - Unit 8:  The Family of Quadrilaterals Complete Unit Bundle
Quadrilaterals Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms Complete Unit Bundle This is a bundle of my entire unit on Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms. It includes PDF versions all of the individual notes, assignments, reviews, notecards, posters and the Polygon investigation that I used to launch the un

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Transformations - Geometry Unit 6: Transformations Unit Bundle
Transformations - Transformations Complete Unit Bundle This is a bundle of my unit on Transformations. It includes PDF versions of all of the individual notes, assignments, graphic organizers and the vocabulary assignment that I used to launch the unit. All files are in PDF format. You can

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Rational and Irrational Numbers Bundle
Rational and Irrational Numbers Bundle This bundle includes six products for teaching rational and irrational numbers (the real number system) at a reduced price. Included are: • Rational Numbers PowerPoint Lesson. A 20 page PowerPoint lesson that includes vocabulary, examples of writing t

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Two-Way Frequency Tables BUNDLE: 5 days - no prep!
This 5 day bundle introduces two way frequency tables, joint and marginal relative frequency, as well as conditional relative frequency. Guided notes, practice problems, and a project is included. The notes are scaffolded and the practice problems help students to solidify the concepts. Stations and

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PDF (615.21 KB)

Problem Solving- I've been Cursed! Math Cursed
Do you want a fun way to teach problem solving to your students? This 2 to 3 day unit plan will give you a fun and educational way to get your students to apply their problem solving knowledge. This unit is modeled after the hilarious book by Scieszka and Lane - "Math Curse". It can be taught as a

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