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Design a Dream Bedroom: Open Ended Performance Task Math Project (Grades 3-5)
Students get to step into the shoes of a designer in this open ended performance task. After years of begging student's parents are finally letting them design and remodel their bedroom. What is in the problem? There are 6 in-depth problems within this gigantic problem (each step is it's own pro

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Open Ended Word Problem: Complex, Multi-Step Challenge (Grade 3-5)
*UPDATE: Problem now has metric addendum for those of you outside of the U.S.* (Big thanks to Brenda Blake!) In Doggy Dilemma, students are finally allowed to get a dog! They can choose from three dogs and then must create a dog pen for the backyard. They will calculate the area and perimeter as w

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Simple and Compound Interest Activities Bundle (5 Mazes and 1 Set of Task Cards)
With this bundle you get my 6 simple and compound interest activities. You get 5 mazes and 1 set of task cards. I like to use this activity in the following manner : Mazes as warm ups Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Task card activity to tie it all together on Friday.Here are the 6 items


Percent of Change Task Cards with Tips Discount Markup and Sales Tax - EDITABLE
These 24 task cards are a great reinforcement for calculating the percent of change, discounts, markups, tips, and sales tax. Get your students moving with a game of SCOOT - task cards are more fun than worksheets! Great practice! This set now includes an EDITABLE TASK CARD page!A second IDENTICAL s

Also included in: Middle School Math Bundle of Hands-On Activities


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3rd Grade Common Core Aligned Math Test Prep Packet with Answer Key
3rd Grade Common Core Aligned Math Test Prep Short Answer & Extended Response Word Problems.***Perfect for #RemoteLearning / #DistanceLearning or #Homeschooling***✔️Are you a Google Classroom Teacher? You ma be interested in the Google Classroom version of this product! Our Most Frequently Rated

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math Test Prep and Enrichment Multi Pack


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Open Ended Problem Bundle: Grades 3-5 (20% Savings)
Open ended problems (or performance tasks) are a great way to get students to think deeply, and to use the Standards for Mathematical Practice. You can purchase all three separate, or save by purchasing all three together. Open Ended Word Problems Set 1 Open Ended Word Problems (My best seller!)

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Sleepover Madness: Open Ended Performance Task Math Project (Grades 3-5)
Students plan an epic sleepover in this open ended performance task! What is in the problem? There are 11 in-depth problems within this gigantic problem (each step is it's own problem) walking the student through what they need to do. The problems integrate math, reading and writing. It is chal

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Decimals, Fractions, Percents Conversions Smartboard Math Lesson
This 33 - page math smartboard decimal lesson reviews the tenths and hundredths column and how to write them as a decimal, fraction, and Percent. Students must come to the board and click on the correct answer. If they are correct it links to a page that congratulates them. Made by Scott O'Too

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Clue Type QR code Solving Equations Activity - Great unit or STAAR Review
Are you looking for a new way for your students to review solving equations? This game is the answer. It is modeled after the board game CLUE. This file includes all you need for a fun filled day of solving equations; 13 problem posters to be placed around the room , a logic worksheet to document

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Unit Rate Scavenger Hunt Activity - Great unit or STAAR Review
This file includes all you need for a fun filled day of calculating unit rates; 14 problem posters, a "word scramble" self check worksheet, and solution key. The activity is designed to have students work in groups and OUT OF THEIR SEATS! There are 14 poster that will be placed around the room. O

Also included in: Unit Rate Scavenger Hunt BUNDLE (QR and Non QR) Great Unit or STAAR Rev


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Graphs and Data Group Activity - Great end of unit or STAAR Review
This file includes all you need for a fun filled day of interpreting graphs and data; 9 sheets of matching cards (4 sections per sheet), work packet, and solution key. The activity is designed to have students work in groups and OUT OF THEIR SEATS! There are 9 graph matching cards that will be div

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Math Probability pre-post assessments (ITBS style)
This file is a pre and post assessment that I made for our targeted skills in the 40 days of focus leading up to our standardized test (ITBS). Each assessment is two pages, six questions. I use them to check for understanding and if the class scores are an average less than 80%, reteach the topic

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Math Mysteries Constant Rate of Change
This is a fun way of practicing constant rate of change. Students can work together or independently to solve the problems . They can move about the room. My students really enjoy these. You can change the names if you wish. The students enjoy seeing their teachers and favorite celebrities being sil

Also included in: C.R.O.C. Bundle


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Math Word Problems on the iPad: Annotate and Explain Using Educreations App
iPad Word Problems - Solve and Explain with the free app Educreations on the iPad. Encourage students to solve and explain word problems by integrating this free iPad® mobile digital device app into math! Students will use the app to solve ANY word problem using the P.A.U.S.E. strategy to read the P

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4th Grade MAFS Study Guide- Multiplicative Comparisons/Problem Solving
4th Grade MAFS Study Guide is a tool to review the Mathematics Florida Standards as a Test Prep. The study guide uses examples from the FSA Test Item Specification. This study guide covers MAFS.4.OA.1.1; MAFS.4.OA.1.2; MAFS.4.OA.1.3; MAFS.4.OA.1.a. It is a 5 days review that includes problems with m

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2 Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping Worksheets, Subtract 2 Digit With Regroup
This is a collection of our double digit subtraction worksheets, which includes seventeen different types of practice sheets to help your students learn to subtract numbers.> Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers With Regrouping > Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers Without Regrouping Just pick and print the ri

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3rd Grade Test Prep (30 days of Test Prep )
It's that time again! It's time to review, review, review, and get students ready for the big test. This Powerpoint includes 30 days of test prep that will help your students be ready for the big test! It includes practice in place value, fractions, geometry, comparing numbers, mutliplication, di

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Functions Review Activity
This is a review activity for a Functions Unit that covers the following topics: functions or notfinding function values from a function or a graph in function notationidentifying the domain and range of discrete and continuous graphs, a mapping, a table and a real-world situation. The student visit

Also included in: Algebra 1 Activities Bundle


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5.4G, 5.4H Area, Perimeter & Volume, Oh My!
TEKS 5.4G and5.4H teach children to differentiate between and calculate perimeter, area, and volume. This kit offers both scaffolded and rigorous practice items to help students master these standards.Kit includes advice on differentiation for these concepts, ideas for "whole child teaching," 48 ta

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8th Grade Math Review
This is a comprehensive math packet for 8th graders based on common core standards. This will be a great tool to use as a review, for test preparation, or as an informal assessment. It is also designed so that each skill can be cut to use individually for math centers or minute math activities -- th

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MATH Practice Tests for ILEARN Grade 4 by Kay Davidson
Indiana ILEARN Math Practice Tests have been written in standardized (ILEARN-PARRC) format. Forty-four test items cover 28 of Indiana’s 36 Blueprint standards for Grade 4, which have been identified in this revised edition. IF YOU PURCHASED THIS PRIOR TO 2019, THE TEST ITEMS HAVE NOT CHANGED!! You

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STAAR Prep Math Task Cards Financial Literacy - Grade 6
These have been UPDATED to reflect the new TEKS! This is a set of 32 task cards to review Reporting Category 2 with your students before the STAAR test. The cards cover the following TEKS (4 questions per TEK): Personal financial literacy. The student applies mathematical process standards to deve

Also included in: STAAR Prep Math Task Card BUNDLE - Grade 6


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6th Grade Math Review
New and improved! This math packet includes skills covered in 6th grade and is based on 6th grade academic standards for the state of Minnesota as well as common core standards. This packet will be very useful for math centers, as a tool to study for state comprehensive assessments, and as a revie

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Probability Task Card Set - Great unit, STAAR or distance learning activity
This set of task cards provides all you need for a full hour of fun. The activity is designed to have students work in groups and OUT OF THEIR SEATS! It contains 10 picture cards, and a question card with 4 questions for a total of 40 probability problems, a coordinating answer worksheet, and a sol

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