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Gumball Math
Gumball Math is a series of math tests designed for primary students to reinforce basic addition and subtraction fact mastery.

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Order of Operations - Build It Up!
This set of BUILD IT UP! focuses on having students practicing Order of Operations (with Exponents) using our interactive Build It Up! mat and problem strips.Build It Up! (formerly sold as Order Up!) is an interactive learning resource that requires students to order their problems on the page based

Also included in: Math Bundle #1 Order Up! (10 Sets)


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Math Games: RTI and centers for K and 1: Addition and Making Sums
Math Games for RTI, small groups and centers. These games make the practice and repetition of math skills fun and storage is a snap! ***************************************************************************** Just place the cards in a plastic container such as Crystal Light or frosting and snap o

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Guiding Firsties: Need for Speed Addition and Subtraction Fluency Practice
Math Fact Fluency supplemental unit. This is a supplemental unit that is not included in the Guiding Firsties Math Bundle. Over 575 pages designed to increase your students’ math fluency. Build your students addition and subtraction fluency to 20 with this fun packet! Meets common core standard:

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Touch Math Addition and Subtraction MEGA BUNDLE
This bundle contains my 6 best selling touch math addition and subtraction products. In this bundle you will receive: single digit addition, single digit subtraction, double digit addition, double digit subtraction, triple digit addition, and triple digit subtraction. This set contains over 50 stu


Counting Money Worksheets (Counting Coins) - Distance Learning
Counting Coins: This packet includes US money worksheets and activities for your students to learn about money using coins (Q, N, D, and P) to 100 cents. There are 55 worksheets and 4 colored as well as black and white posters for penny, nickel, dime and quarter. Please check the preview!You may als

Also included in: Counting Money Worksheets (Counting Coins) and Task Cards BUNDLE


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Math Fact Fluency Tickets: Addition & Subtraction BUNDLE
Looking for a fun and easy way to assess math fact fluency? This bundle is just what you are looking for! Fluency Tickets are a great way to organize and assess math fact mastery in your classroom. With separate tickets for each fact group, 0-9, you can differentiate your fluency assignments and a

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Multiplication Facts BUNDLE
This 67 page Multiplication Facts Toolbox contains a number of resources that will help your students better understand, and as a result memorize, their times tables!I am a strong believer in teaching strategies to students for learning their times tables. If students have strategies that work and

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Math Fact Addition Fluency Tickets
Looking for a fun and easy way to assess math fact fluency? This packet is just what you are looking for! Fluency Tickets are a great way to organize and assess math fact mastery in your classroom. With separate tickets for each fact group, 0-9, you can differentiate your fluency assignments and a

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2nd Grade Math Spiral Review is used as homework, morning work, bellringers, activities for guided math workshop and no prep math centers. These second grade math worksheets make test prep simple since ongoing spiral review builds proficiency in all grade level math skills. This resource will includ


Addition Strategies Unit from Teacher's Clubhouse
The Addition Strategies Unit includes practice pages, display signs, craftivities, assessments, and more resources to help with teaching addition strategies. (Includes 18 resources below) 1) Addition Strategies Signs: A set of addition strategy signs to display. (Includes signs for 9 addition strat

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Order of Operations Set 2 {No Exponents} - Order Up!
Order of Operations Set 2 {No Exponents} - Order Up! Welcome to a great new resource that will allow your students to practice KEY skills in a self-checking, self-paced way. Check out the FREE PREVIEW to see what is included and for more information on how it works! This SECOND set of ORDER UP!

Also included in: Math Bundle #3 Order Up! (10 Sets)


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Base Ten Blocks - Work Mats and Printables
Base ten blocks are an excellent tool for teaching students the concept of addition or subtraction because they allow children to touch and manipulate something real while learning important skills in mathematics. Base ten blocks consist of cubes, flats, rods, and blocks. Cubes represent a 1000 uni

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Math Problem of the Week (For the Year!)
Using Problems of the Week (POW) is a great way to promote problem solving and critical thinking in the classroom. These 28 POW are based off of the first standard of mathematical practice from the Common Core State Standards which challenges students to “Make sense of problems and to persevere in

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Multiplication Worksheets| Multiplication Facts Distance Learning Packets
Distance Learning Packet - This Bundle of multiplication tables from 2 to 12 is designed to help students practice, learn and master multiplication facts in a fun, engaging and easy way. In order to learn times tables and develop mastery, children need to understand the concepts and should practice


3 Digit Addition and Subtraction Worksheets BUNDLE Distance Learning Packets
This packet includes 40 worksheets for students to practice 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction WITH AND WITHOUT REGROUPING. Each worksheets has 15 problems. Packets Included:3-Digit Addition and Subtraction Without Regrouping3-Digit Addition and Subtraction With RegroupingPlease check the preview.★★Ch


Three Addend Word Problems: Ideal for Back to School Second Grade Math Review
This resource features 30 Addition Word Problems with Three Addends. These activities are ideal for use in independent work packets, as journal pages, for morning work, during group instruction, and/or as homework.Each page is presented both in color and in an ink saving black and white version.A co

Also included in: 1st Grade Word Problems & Addition & Subtraction Fluency: Home Learning Packets


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Smart Cookie Math - A Program to Master Addition & Subtraction Facts to 20
Addition and Subtraction Facts Made Fun & Easy! Buy the Smart Cookie Math BUNDLE and save!Did you know "There's an APP for that?" Check out the Smart Cookie Math App in the iTunesd Store!Each child will have their own cookie jar to fill one cookie at a time by successfully completing 30 problems

Also included in: Smart Cookie Math Bundle!


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Number Sense with Number Lines!  Deepening Place Value Understanding to 1,000
Why use number lines when teaching place value? A solid understanding of number sense and place value are absolutely critical as we move our students forward in their mathematical thinking. One area that is often overlooked is the building of understanding of how numbers relate to each other and h

Also included in: Number Sense with Number Lines! Grade 3-5 BUNDLE


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2 Digit Addition With Regrouping-Distance Learning
The set has 36 pages of animal-themed worksheets, 24 black and white task cards and answer keys for your students to practice 2-digit addition WITH regrouping. Sheets are neatly formatted. Use for morning work, independent practice, assessment, or homework.Contents:Solve and write the answer: 10 wor

Also included in: 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction Worksheets BUNDLE-Distance Learning


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Math Assessments for EVERY Third Grade Common Core Standard CCSS
Teaching the new Common Core State Standards isn't exactly easy and assessing can be an even bigger challenge! In attempts to make your life a little easier, we have deconstructed each and every third grade standard and developed original questions.This packet includes an assessment page for every

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3 Digit Addition and Subtraction WITH Regrouping Worksheets Distance Learning
This packet includes 20 worksheets for students to practice 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction WITH REGROUPING. Each worksheets has 15 problems.In order to develop mastery in 3-digit addition and subtraction, children need to understand the concepts and should practice extensively; AND, this packet of

Also included in: 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction Worksheets BUNDLE Distance Learning Packets


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Magic Math Addition & Subtraction Timed Tests & Activities for Math Fact Fluency
Mastering basic math facts is a critical component of early elementary math skills. This packet will motivate your students into using some "math magic" and mastering those math facts! Included in the ZIP file are:** An editable PowerPoint file containing the editable parent letter**PDF containing:*

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Division Scoot Game
Division Scoot is a fun, fast-paced game that will give your students the chance to practice basic division concepts. This game includes basic division facts, multiplication facts with missing factors, and true/false questions. There are 32 cards, a student answer sheet, and answer key. Use these ca

Also included in: A Bundle of Math Scoot Games


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