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Oceans. Seas. Ocean Labs, Activities, Worksheets and Research.Here is must have package for your unit on Ocean ecosystems. A wide variety of labs and activities with varying ability levels is included. Students will be engaged and motivated as they learn about the composition of our oceans, the

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Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines: An Inquiry-Based Exploration
This is an inquiry-based learning activity used to teach students of the properties of the slopes of parallel lines and the slopes of perpendicular lines. This activity is best used before going too in-depth with the algebraic properties of parallel and perpendicular lines as it allows students to d

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Hands On Math Activities and Projects
This book contains all the materials you need to engage your students in six different hands-on labs/projects. Students gain real-world experience with unit rate, percent off, mean, median, mode, range, area, perimeter, integers and more. You'll watch your students come alive as they work through

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Unit Conversions and Dimensional Analysis
A lot of the time, it's difficult to incorporate hands-on activities into math classes. This lab provides a great way for middle school students to apply their knowledge of unit conversions to a real-world application: house square footage and floor plans. First, students will find the dimensions of

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The Normal Distribution - Made Easy
This activity requires students to flip a coin 100 times, exchange data with other students, and create a frequency table based on the results. Students should be able to recognize the structure of a normal distribution curve and explain how the associated statistics � mean, median,

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The Metric System
This is a 30 slide Power Point show presenting content and visual representation related to the origin and use of the metric system. Pictures, maps and examples illustrate the explanations to capture students’ attention while the teacher facilitates the lesson. The teacher can pace the slides as he

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Measuring in centimeters Assessment for 2nd-8th grade
This product contains two activity and recording sheets to measure students' knowledge of measuring in centimeters using a ruler and calculating additional amounts needed. Also included is a rubric to score their performance and instructions This is a great tool for wrapping up a math or science u

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There is No Such Thing as Subtraction
Intended Audience: All grades can use this activity in one form or another! It is a way to scaffold mathematical thinking using manipulatives. It can be used as an introduction to subtraction in the lower grades or an intervention for struggling learners in the later grades. The attached documen

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Bingo de potencias y raíces.
Actividad para cerrar la sesión de clase con una pequeña actividad lúdica

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Paper Airplane Percent of Change Formula Activity
In this activity, students will construct their own paper airplane. From there, they will complete two flying trials to then calculate the percent of change. This activity is a fun and engaging way to teach the students about percent of change.

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showing 1-10 of 10 results

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