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Water Cycle Wind Sock Craftivity {A Weather Craft}
Water Cycle Craft -- This is a unique way to display and teach your students about the water cycle. Students will create a water cycle wind sock (just add streamers) or a water cycle lantern during your next weather science lesson. There are additional labels you can add that include the terms con

Also included in: Water Cycle Sequencing Craft Bundle


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Habitat of Animals Pop-up Craft Activities - 7 Diorama Animal Habitats to Make
Your students will design 7 animal habitat diorama scenes. Learning about biomes and animal diversity for the Next Generation Science Standards? Then let them illustrate/draw their very own habitat scenes for: arctic, forest, savanna, ocean, desert, pond,and rain forest. Follow My Store: Hear a

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The Rock Cycle Reader's Theater
A fun way to act out the rock cycle! This reader's theater contains 20 speaking parts that explain the process that a rock goes through in the rock cycle. Students will not only be able to define sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks but they will also learn science vocabulary such as weatheri

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Marvelous Me!  Paper Bag Human Body Project
Make a human body from a paper bag! This pack has the directions and patterns that you need to make interactive body parts. What a fun way to learn about our amazing bodies!

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Earth's Rotation and Revolution Reader's Theater
This script allows students to perform and act out the rotation and revolution of Earth. The reader's theater explains the day and night cycle, the difference between rotate and revolve, and the causes of the seasons. Some ideas are to have your students form small groups to perform for other stud

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The Water Cycle Reader's Theater
This reader's theater allows students to act out and perform the water cycle! Includes 14 speaking parts with vocabulary words such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, groundwater, and runoff. Some ideas are to have your students form small groups to perform for other studen

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Parts of a Flower CRAFT
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Help students learn and review the parts of a flower through this flower craft. It includes all of the flower parts that can either be printed on cardstock for each student or cut out and used as a template for students to trace on construction paper. A color version is inclu

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Spring Activities {Frog Butterfly and Chicken Life Cycle Wind Socks}
Spring Activities Craft -- This spring craft is a unique way to display and teach your students about the chicken life cycle, butterfly life cycle, and frog life cycle and their habitats including the countryside, the farm, and the pond. Tie in the wind for the wind sock and you have a great scienc

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Life Cycle Of A Frog: "Flip The Face" Craft
The “Flip The Frog’s Face” Life Cycle craftivity, is a quick, easy and fun “print & go” lesson, that will help reinforce the life cycle of a frog. Simply run the head and body patterns off on light green construction paper. Children trim and add some pizzazz with crayons. As an incentive, if I

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EDITABLE STEM Labels with Real Photographs
Organize your STEM, STEAM, blocks, or science center with these free labels! And yes the labels have real photographs. Don’t see a label for something you have in your center? No worries! I included an editable file so you can create your own too! Go check out more STEM I Can Build! ►►►Save over 20

Also included in: STEM I Can Build Cards, Books, and Anchor Charts BUNDLE


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Backyard Birds Lets Make a Field Guide FOR YOUNG CHILDREN
Children will love following the step-by-step diagrams that show how to draw the birds that they can see in their own backyards! Children will learn that the food birds eat is related to their beak shape by participating in a fun science activity using common tools and food items. The step-by-step d

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Moon Art: "Moon Phases Booklet & Moon Cookie Sculpture"
Moon Art: “Moon Phases Booklet” and “Moon Cookie Project” Lesson Students create their own accordion style booklet featuring the phases of the moon with facts. They also create an edible “Phases of the Moon” cookie project. You will receive a lesson including handouts for students to use to compl

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What Happens in the Winter? For Young Children
In this packet, children create a book that depicts what happens to animals and people in the winter. A simple explanation for how winter comes to Earth is given as well as for the terms MIGRATE, HIBERNATE, and ADAPTATION. A full color book with real life pictures is included that can be laminated,

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Animal Adaptations Reader's Theater
This reader's theater provides a fun way to dive into animal adaptations! The story analyzes the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations and how these help animals to survive. Many animal examples are provided as well as an explanation of inherited traits and learned behaviors. Stud

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Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Reader's Theater and Debate
This product includes several activities to help your students gain understanding about the different between renewable and nonrenewable resources. The reader's theater is a fun way to bring science, reading, and drama together. Students will learn the difference between renewable and nonrenewable

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Science Reader's Theater Bundle
This bundle includes SEVEN science based reader's theaters to connect reading, science, and drama! Included readings are "The Cause of Autumn," "Animal Adaptations," "Energy Pyramids and Food Chains," "The Water Cycle," "The Rock Cycle," "Earth's Rotation and Revolution," and "Renewable vs Nonrenewa

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Maker Stations for Makerspaces BUNDLE {K-5th Grade} - Distance Learning
This bundle includes 40 differentiated Maker Stations for Maker Spaces with both a K-1st Grade version and 2nd-5th Grade version.Maker Stations provide targeted design thinking and space-saving solutions for elementary classrooms and media centers. They allow for a creative Makerspace atmosphere, em


Energy Pyramid and Food Chain Reader's Theater
This reader's theater provides a fun way to dive into food chains and energy pyramids! The story analyzes how energy is passed from one organism to the next and how a break in the food chain affects an entire ecosystem. Science vocabulary defined and discussed in this reader's theater include produc

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Earth Day STEAM One Plastic Bag Upcycled Bracelet READ ALOUD STEAM™ Activity
Integrate STEAM in your classroom and teach students about recycling!Learn about recycling, reducing, and reusing! Students design and build their very own Upcycled Plastic Bag Bracelet! After making their bracelets, students use the STEAM process to think of another way plastic bags can be repurpos

Also included in: April Earth Day READ ALOUD STEM™ Activities and Challenges BUNDLE


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Snow Water Cycle Lantern Craftivity {A Weather Craft for the Snow Cycle}
Snow Cycle Craft -- This is a unique way to display and teach your students about the snow water cycle. Students will create a snow cycle lantern or wind sock (just add streamers) during your next weather science lesson. This presents your typical water cycle using snow as frozen precipitation and

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Polar Animals - Let's Make a Book
Do polar bears and penguins live together? Do reindeer live at the North Pole? These questions are answered in this fun child-created book about the Polar Regions. Students use their beginning map skills to locate the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. Easy to follow directions are included for how to cu

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What are Stars? STEM mini-unit
This mini-unit is only 3-5 days long! It has projectable lessons on both stars and constellations. Included are day-by-day teacher directions, center set-ups, directions, and lab sheets, and a small culminating STEM project on constellations. All that 2nd graders need to know about stars is included

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Frog Life Cycle {Wind Sock Life Cycle Craftivity}
Frog Life Cycle -- This spring craft is a unique way to display and teach your students about the frog life cycle and their habitat at the pond. Tie in the wind for the wind sock and you have a great science activity for spring. Students will create a wind socks (just add streamers) or a life cycle

Also included in: Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Craft Bundle


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NGSS Physical Science: "Sound Wave Cove" STEM Unit |1-PS4-1,-4
Explore Sound Wave Cove and discover the science behind sound using this three-week unit!Three weeks’ worth of lesson plans are aligned to the first-grade Next Generation Science Standards for sound waves and are appropriate for K-3.DEMOView demo (with intro screens only) here.♫ Lesson One: Making S

Also included in: NGSS Grade 1 Bundle: All 5 STEM Units


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