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Recorder Fingering Charts- Three Different Printout Options!
This is one of my first files, and it has recently received a giant makeover. New pages added, and a vivid, NEW LOOK!Paper pattern is called "crumpled paper." All pitch colors correspond with boomwhacker colors.Download the Sample file to see an HD version of all three printout options included with

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Christmas Around the World for Young Children
In this packet, students create a book that depicts Christmas customs from around the world. The countries included are the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. There are several Christmas customs celebrated in these countries and I

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Orff Instrument Posters: Labels, Set-Ups, and Rules
These posters are an educational way to brighten up your Orff instrumentarium! All posters are formatted to fit an 8.5 x 11 size or a quarter sized page and can be printed in vibrant colors or a simple black and white. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW by clicking the green preview button above, to see mo

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Elementary Art Word Wall Cards (With and Without Definitions)
Help your students recognize and learn art vocabulary while also showing your administration how you incorporate literacy in the art room!Use these cards to build a giant art word wall or place them next to your posted essential questions and/or learning targets to show your students (and administra

Also included in: Elementary Art Decor Bundle (Art Posters)


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Movement Cards & Word Wall
This colorful set includes stunning visuals and vocabulary to help add creative movement and dance to your classroom. Create your own movement word wall or use the image cards to inspire your students and get them out of their seats! This set includes:Over 90 term only cards for creative movement i

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Musical Element Word Bubbles
This product was made to help students use correct terminology while discussing music in and out of the classroom. On each poster, you will find not only musical terms, but non-musical terms that will help spark several other adjectives to describe the music they are hearing. Use them to distribute

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Elements of Art Interactive Page
Reinforce the meaning of the Elements of Art while having students do this "hands on" activity. Students will cut and glue the "flip flap" page into their sketchbook or notebook, and then glue the definitions under each word. You will also get the Elements of Art definition cards. The definition c

Also included in: Elements of Art & Principles of Design BUNDLE


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Famous Artists Poster Set
Get your students' attention with these Colorful Famous Artists Posters. Each poster is 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Each poster includes a cartoon image of the artist, a photograph of the artist, a tidbit about the artist, and a work of art by the artist. Just Print and Go! Artists in this set include:Vincen

Also included in: Famous Artists BUNDLE


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Music Room Decor Kit {Watercolor Theme}
Music Room Decor Kit - Watercolor Theme (bundle) - Music adds color to our world. Encourage your students to paint their musical masterpiece with this calming, yet colorful watercolor classroom set for your music room.*Click on the preview to see more images from this set. May take a while to downlo

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Oviparous Animals - Let's Make a Book using Paper Cutting Skills
In this packet, students learn that animals that lay eggs are called oviparous. Students follow step by step directions and paper cutting techniques to create a book that depicts an oviparous animal on each page as well as their eggs. There are several animals in each animal group, of course. I have

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50 shades of color classroom display posters
Add a little 50 shades of color to your walls with these adorable ombre pencils showcasing fun color names like chartreuse, apricot, and ultramarine! These are perfect for your little writers to reference when writing! this file contains the colors in 5 shades each: reds oranges yellows greens ligh

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Classroom Art Supply Labels (Blank Template Included)
Get your classroom ready for the new school year with these beautiful supply labels! This package includes 200 labels that are approximately 3.5"x2.25" (labels can be scaled down or up by changing the scale in print settings). Labels feature the name of the supply and a visual (which is GREAT for yo

Also included in: Elementary Art Decor Bundle (Art Posters)


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Instrument Labels {Chevron}
36 Adorable chevron labels for the elementary music classroom. These labels will help your students learn (and remember!) the names of your classroom instruments and help them remember where they go.You can put these labels on the instruments, bins, cabinets, or even use them to make a little instru

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Word Wall {Choral Singing}
This PDF contains 12 word wall cards for the choral or vocal music room. Just print, cut in half, laminate and display to build key vocabulary for choral singing. Follow me for updates on new products, sales and freebies! Please let me know if there are any additional words you would like me to ad

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Jazz Lesson, Cookie Jar - Elementary Music
** Back to School** Great Way to learn Names!! Everything you need to get your kids scatting and improvising in your Elementary Music Classroom! Using the very popular game "Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar", I have created detailed and sequential lesson plans to introduce Jazz improvis

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Music Posters of Music Room Rules
Music Room Decor Set 1 Decorate your music classroom with these FIVE beautifully presented POSTERS to help remind students of class rules in a positive and visual way.There is one poster/page for each letter in the word MUSIC and one rule per letter.M - make good choicesU - use equipment properlyS -

Also included in: Music Posters Decor BUNDLE Set 1


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I Can Statements for K-5 Elementary Music Classroom
Music I Can Statements BUNDLE: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade ObjectivesOne of my all-time best sellers! This product includes Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Music I Can Statements.This set of "I Can Music Statements" includes over 100 "I Can" statements for music educators of grades K-

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Elements of Art Posters
Mini posters that represent the Elements of Art. This product includes posters with Elements (line, form, shape, space, color, value, and texture), definitions, and art terms commonly used with each element. If you like this check out my other products below: Editable Principles of Art Posters Art

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Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement - Citrus Shine Theme
60 different locomotor and nonlocomotor movement words to inspire, instruct, and reference! These easy to print cards are perfect for a movement word wall in the music room, gym, or dance studio. Use the words to inspire kids and give them a springboard as they create new dances and movement piece

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Rhythm Word Wall
This colorful freebie makes a great "rhythm word wall" or anchor chart for the elementary music classroom. The download includes 18 rhythms and/or rhythm patterns.

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PDF (8.74 MB)

Music Word Wall Bundle
This zip file contains the following PDFs : Music Word Wall: contains over 200 word wall cards for the music room. Just print, cut in half, laminate and display to build key music vocabulary. List of words in ABC order included for ease of finding cards. ----- Word Wall {Movement and Folk Dancin

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Musical Word Wall With Meanings
This set of musical word wall words have the meaning printed on the cards in a smaller font. Some are very creative like crescendo and decrescendo which get larger and smaller in letter size. There are 41 words in this basic set. You can surely add to it. I have two other sets that have more words

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Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting & Dreamtime Story
This Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting and Dreamtime Story BUNDLE contains 14 fun and simple activities for Kindergarten/Grade 1 students to incorporate literacy, math and cultural studies with art and drama. This bundle combines 2 packs together: Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting: Art, ELA, Math

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Farm Animals {Flashcards, Word Wall, Vocal Exploration, and Student Pages}
Save 50% for the first 24 hours! Farm Animal flashcards, word wall cards, vocal explorations and student pages are perfect for use in the music room or general classroom. I specifically created this set to go along with some of my farm songs such as "Had a Little Rooster", "Old MacDonald" and more

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