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These are high quality borders for your classroom or store products! These fun borders are original (created by my wife!) and offer a variety options. ****Please Note: This clipart set is also included in a money saving Science Clipart Mega-Bundle! Click HERE to check it out! This border set include
Create a great earth science / geology resource with this 29 piece Rock Cycle clip art set. Includes a Rock Cycle diagram, and multiple sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. This clipart pack includes 14 color and 15 blackline / grayscale PNG versions of the same illustrations. These are high
These are 25 dinosaurs (with a choice of colored or non-colored). They are drawn to scale with each other, so you can compare the sizes of the creatures. Students will be able to see, for example, that Velociraptor is pretty tiny, compared to its Hollywood counterparts. A Utahraptor, on the other ha
Matter clip artset features 70 items:► 35 clip arts in color.► 35 clip arts in black & white.Brick (Solid)Experiment (Gas)Gas (Molecules)Helium (Gas)Ice (Solid)Kid1 (Solid)Kid2 (Gas)Kid3 (Liquid)Kid4 (Gas)Kid5 (Plasma)Liquid (Molecules)Melting Popsicle (Solid-Liquid)Milk (Liquid)Neon Lights (Pla
This is high quality clipart for your classroom or store products! These fun illustrations are original (created by my wife!) and offer a variety options. ****Please Note: This clipart set is also included in a money saving Science Clipart Mega-Bundle! Click HERE to check it out! Each character is i
This large 61 piece Atmospheric Conditions clip art set includes labeled and unlabeled diagrams for a cold front, warm front, stationary front, occluded front, hurricane, thunderstorm, and tornado. Barometer, hygrometer, thermometer, and anemometer + front symbols (cold, warm, stalled, & occlude
This set includes colored and line art graphics for: lever (1sr,2nd and 3rd class), screw, wedge, wheel-and-axle, pulley, inclined plane/ramp, slides, axes, see-saws, nut, pliers. Real-World Examples of Simple Machines: - Wheelbarrow in the down position (for lever) - Flag Pole with pulley (
Create a great biology resource with this 22 piece Trophic Pyramid clip art set - includes primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers. The set includes 11 PNG color illustrations. and 11 PNG blackline illustrations. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transpa
Decorate your room to reflect the shifts in NGSS with concepts that will be used throughout the year! Get three resources that align to the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts (CCC) and Science and Engineering Practices (SEP), and save when you buy the bundle!! This resource includes the following individual
This 109 piece Earth Science Bundle features:● Volcanoes set - (cinder cone, strato, shield, and fissure)● The Rock Cycle set - (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary)● Layers of the Earth set - (Inner core, outer core, mantle & crust)● Stratigraphy set - Rock strata graphics, some with and
Get your hands on this unique set of Science themed borders! There are 16 images in total in 4 different styles. Product includes: • Molecules • Flasks • Test tubes • Science mix and physics These are quality 300dpi png files and they come in both transparent and white filled to make them more ver
This set includes: Roller Coaster with the cart in three different places on the picture:bottom about to start moving, very top, and going down. Bicycle on different places on a hill:bottom, top, going down. Water bottle falling from a table in three different places: About to fall, falling, on
This is a set of images connected with the Cricket Life Cycle The images included in this set are: adult crickets, cricket eggs, cricket face, cricket nymph, cricket sign, cricket cycle sign, egg laid on soil, Life sign, arrow. This set contains all of the images shown. 28 images (14 color and
Create a great earth science resource with this 18 piece geology clip art set. Included are basic layers of the earth diagrams (inner core, outer core, mantle, crust), a side view diagram (asthenosphere, lithosphere, continental crust, oceanic crust), and a diagram showing convergent and divergent b
It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it! Dig in to these 29 illustrations and create a great geoscience resource with this set of composting and soil related graphics. Includes loam, sand, silt, and clay, a compost cycle, and soil horizons illustration. The set includes 13 PNG color illustrati
This set includes an enlarged image of an Animal Cell and a Plant cell (where you can see the organelles) Labeled and with blank labels. Also includes each organelle colored and line art. Included are the following (everything colored and line art): ● Animal Cell ● Animal Cell with empty labels
Butterfly Metamorphosis Clip Art set includes 16 pieces (8 color and 8 black line). Includes the cycle from eggs to larva to chrysalis to butterfly. The set includes 8 PNG color illustrations, and 8 PNG black line versions. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background graphics. No
Please note: this set contains clip art illustrations only, not worksheets. Rock Strata! This 32 piece Stratigraphy clip art set features 8 different graphics in plain version and test use version with an individual letter (A,B, C ...etc.) placed on each rock layer. Great for demonstrating the law
This 50 piece summer sunflower clip art freebie features both clip art and photos. The set contains graphics of a sunflower life cycle, individual life stages, a seed packet, a dried flower bird feeder, seeds on a baking sheet, sunflowers in a vase and a pollinator bee. All of the 16 sunflower pho
This 26 piece photosynthesis and leaf diagram clip art set includes labeled and unlabeled versions of a chloroplast, chloroplast diagram, leaf diagram, photosynthesis diagram, thylakoid diagram. The set includes 13 PNG color illustrations, and 13 PNG blackline versions of the same illustration
Science class clip art free download from DarraKadisha. Science text and lab tubes. Color plus black and white version. This freebie has been featured on TpT newsletter. DON'T FORGET to rate! YOUR RATING and COMMENT is highly appreciated. Get more science theme cliparts here Link-Science Lab Clip
This 88 piece Cell Bundle features:● Build a Cell set - animal and plant cell + cell organelles ● Mitosis set - 8 phases from interphase to cytokinesis● Microscopic Life set - 8 microscopic organisms ● Photosynthesis set - Chloroplast diagram, photosynthesis diagram, and leaf internal diagram
Create a great oceanography resource with this 40 piece set featuring a diagram of five ocean zones (epipelagic, mesopelagic, bathypelagic, abyssopelagic, and hadalpelagic). Also included are various ocean creatures from each of the zones. The set includes 20 PNG color illustrations, and 20 PNG bl
This 31 piece set features a double helix DNA, DNA testing kit, base pairs, RNA, a chromosome, Gregor Mendel, Mendel and his pea plants, a punnett square, and physical traits (different eye colors). The set includes 13 PNG color illustrations, and 18 PNG blackline/grayscale versions of the same

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