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Science Measurement Mini-Charts Do you need something to help your students remember how to use science measurement tools? These mini-charts will fit perfectly in science notebooks for students to reference all year long! Check out the Science Mini-Charts Bundle! Ideas for Use: » Absent Students
Matter Mini-Charts for properties of matter, mixtures, solutions, physical change, and chemical change are a versatile tool to make your job easier. Check out the Science Mini-Charts Bundle!Ideas for Use:» Absent Students: Keep a page of each set of cards on hand for absent students. While the car
Do you want to start the science year off right? Do you want to engage and interest kids in their learning with cool investigations? Do you want to give them the science skills they need to set them up for success? OF COURSE! This unit is PERFECT to kick off the year with. I love it because it eng
Forms of Energy Mini-Charts includes forms of energy, mechanical energy, sound energy, electrical energy, circuits, light energy, reflection and refraction, thermal energy, chemical energy, and energy changes.Check out the Science Mini-Charts Bundle!Ideas for Use:» Absent Students: Keep a page of ea
Force and Motion Mini-Charts topics include force, spring scales, potential and kinetic energy, gravity, friction, magnetism, speed, simple machines, and Newton's Three Laws of Motion.Check out the Science Mini-Charts Bundle!Ideas for Use:» Absent Students: Keep a page of each set of cards on hand f
This resource contains 3 separate assignments that can be used for classwork or homework. Each handout contains two columns. The left column describes a scenario in which the scientific method was used and the right column contains questions that correlate to what is being read in the left column.
Science Experiments: Do you and your students love science experiments? This pack includes everything you need to plan for 10 different science experiments. Each experiment focuses on a different science topic. Some of the topics included are light, mass/volume, density, non-newtonian fluid, acid, c
Heat Transfer (Convection, Conduction, and Radiation)You will receive:Handout with information on conduction, convection, and radiationQuestion sheet with answer keyWord Search with answer keyTwo Exit TicketsHeat Conduction LabInteresting facts (10) about heatPyramid Foldable ActivityVocabulary List
This is a nonfiction packet contain five different articles all having a common theme of Day & Night! It mentions What Makes Day and Night, Time Zones, Winter and Summer, Shadows & Time, and A.M. and P.M. These texts have been written on a fourth grade reading level and make students feel s
Natural Resources and Alternative Energy Mini-Charts topics include natural resources, renewable vs. non-renewable resources, conservation, fossil fuels, formation of coal, groundwater, biofuels, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. Check out the Scien
Heat & Energy: Comprehension Articles including questions relating to multiple texts. Since we are all in this together, I have started to make my best sellers digital. Not only will you find the PDFs for this awesome resource, but also a page of links, taking you to Google forms. Simply copy th
{ Atoms. Development of Atomic Model, Subatomic Particles, Counting Atoms, Formula Weights, Worksheets, Activities, Games }Here is a must have package for teaching all about the atom. Great for middle school science. Your students will become experts as they are introduced to the atom with this fab
This science journal is great for elementary grades! The journal follows the scientific process, and has different options for observation pages. Choose the ones that fit your experiment best! It can be printed multiple times for multiple experiments. This science journal will last you the entire ye
Students will use the Geologic Time Scale as a resource to answer the questions about earth's history. There are 13 questions, copy of a time scale, and answer key. Students will explore extinctions, periods, eras, glaciation and order of life on earth.
Do your students adeptly analyze data from science experiments? It’s quite common for students to know how to conduct experiments, observe, and gather results, but also lack the data analysis skills to make meaning from their experiments. That problem is the inspiration behind this resource.STEM /
One important part about learning science is to know what proper tools are needed to help answer scientific questions. This lab is a great introduction to the tools that everyday scientists use. This lab consists of 10 stations where students cooperatively identify how the tools are used as well a
This resource now includes the following files, all provided in pdf AND editable forms.1. My 9 page Science Fair Guide for Students and Parents: Provides directions, short cuts, and commentary on each step of the Science Fair Project. Rather than answering a bagillion questions each year, have your
{Nervous System Human Body Systems Nervous System Labs Worksheets Activities Games } This is a fabulous package to teach the Nervous system with a range of activities that will engage and motivate your middle school students about the nervous system. Students will learn through play with the fun
Use this inviting crossword puzzle to introduce and review important vocabulary words for a unit on photosynthesis. The definitions are given as the clues and students must fill in the words in the crossword grid. This makes an engaging worksheet activity for early finishers or you can use it as a
This is the directions, center cards, and record sheet for 8 Animal Adaptation Stations using simple tools for students to explore what is best for animals to use. For example, a log with rice on it, to represent bugs. Students have 3 tools (tweezers, fishnet, nutcracker/pliers). They must determine
Science Lab Safety Poster and Interactive Notebook page. If you've seen the Pinterest boards and need a page for your students' science journals please download this product. There is a poster pointing out safety goggles, protective gloves, proper attire, closed-toe shoes, etc. Then students label t
Many people think that during the winter, the earth is farther from the sun-so its colder. This reading that the seasons, rather than being caused by our distance to the sun, are caused by the angle at which the sunlight hits the earth. Includes several examples and visuals to explain this idea and
This 17-page packet, geared for Grades 3 through 5, is designed to reinforce your Science lessons on the Physical Properties of Matter. It includes: • 7 posters/study aids with charts and other visuals to explain and summarize key points about mass, matter and its properties, including how to meas
Students read about Light Year, Astronomical Units (AU) and how the Earth is moving right now. Included are some comprehension questions and basic calculations using light years and astronomical units. Great to answer some of the questions students always come up with and to help them understand the

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