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Teach, review, and reinforce these very important science skills: Graphing, Scientific Method, Analyzing data, Experimental design, and Scientific Writing. Teaching the science skills is of the utmost importance. If the skills are taught properly at the beginning of the school year, your student
This resource contains 3 separate assignments that can be used for classwork or homework. Each handout contains two columns. The left column describes a scenario in which the scientific method was used and the right column contains questions that correlate to what is being read in the left column.
This Exploring Density Worksheet was designed for middle school students who have a good understanding of density, but need more practice calculating density. More challenging than my Introduction to Density Worksheet, students have to calculate the density of 10 substances when given the mass an
This Exploring the Scientific Method worksheet was designed for middle school students learning about the scientific method. Key concepts include scientific inquiry, hypothesis, control group, experimental group, independent variable, dependent variable, scientific theory, and scientific law. Thi
Heat Transfer (Convection, Conduction, and Radiation)You will receive:Handout with information on conduction, convection, and radiationQuestion sheet with answer keyWord Search with answer keyTwo Exit TicketsHeat Conduction LabInteresting facts (10) about heatPyramid Foldable ActivityVocabulary List
This Introduction to Density Worksheet was designed for middle school students just learning about density. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to while they’re working if they need help. There are five true or false questions, and fi
This is a nonfiction packet contain five different articles all having a common theme of Day & Night! It mentions What Makes Day and Night, Time Zones, Winter and Summer, Shadows & Time, and A.M. and P.M. These texts have been written on a fourth grade reading level and make students feel s
This package contains three different dual-sided worksheets and their keys. The worksheets give students practice with identifying independent and dependent variables and writing good hypotheses. The worksheets listed below are included in this package. They can be purchased individually or discount
Heat & Energy: Comprehension Articles including questions relating to multiple texts. Since we are all in this together, I have started to make my best sellers digital. Not only will you find the PDFs for this awesome resource, but also a page of links, taking you to Google forms. Simply copy th
Month long Moon log with space for the date and the correct phase. For more Moon lessons- check out these! Moon Phases Cut and Paste Practice Moon Basics reading for annotating with review questions embedded Review Moon Phases using your Birthday! Computers needed Moon Phase Calendar Cut and Pa
Students will complete a one-page claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) writeup where they will answer the following writing prompt: "A block of ice is placed in a frying pan and heated until it reaches boiling (100 degrees Celsius). What 3 states of matter changes occur during this experiment? Justify y
This worksheet gives students practice with elements, compounds, and mixtures. There are four parts to the worksheet. The first part is identifying the types of matter using pictures of atoms. Part two is classifying types of matter in a chart based on their characteristics. Part three is distinguis
Do your students need help with carry-over of basic concepts at home? These speech therapy homework mini-books are perfect to send home to work on 6 different basic concept skills. This resource includes 7 mini-books covering 6 basic concepts.The 7 mini-books include:• Colors• Shapes• Size• Positio
Teaching the scientific method is tough for students. This particular practice sheet focuses on the beginning of the scientific method where students create testable questions from general observations. At the beginning of the practice sheet is a refresher of what is a testable question and then t
Many people think that during the winter, the earth is farther from the sun-so its colder. This reading that the seasons, rather than being caused by our distance to the sun, are caused by the angle at which the sunlight hits the earth. Includes several examples and visuals to explain this idea and
A simple quiz that checks students' understanding of the scientific method by asking them to organize the steps chronologically and apply the steps to a fun, school-related problem - lunch and what to serve! Terms like hypothesis, control, independent variable are used and highlighted. Could be us
These are easy to use and effective graphing practice sheets that also come in a differentiated form for different learners. Versatile uses including classwork or homework. Two practice sheets as follows:1) Interpreting Graphs- students analyze graphs (bar graph, line graph, pie chart, scatter plot)
This STAAR review booklet incorporates all 6th - 8th TEKS covered on the STAAR test. Content covers Newton's Laws, Chemistry, The Periodic Table of Elements, Planet Earth, Day and Night, Seasons, Force and Motion, Organisms and Environment, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Formulas, Chemical Equations,
These measuring mass exercises will give your students the practice they need to master this difficult skill. I always pair this assessment with real, hands-on practice in the classroom. I have also used it to introduce this topic with the assessment first so the students know how the process works
8 Differentiated Reading Passage Sets EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN VOCABULARY: testable, measurable, hypothesis, control group, test group, variables, procedures, data, bar graph, line graph, pie chart, results, conclusion, application Get them ready for the Science Fair. Each set includes one passage writt
This worksheet has students use the provided pictures to make a food web. It is a great introductory activity to do together or use as an independent assessment.
Free Graphing Practice Problem Worksheet. Our science students can never get enough practice on graphing skills and data analysis! I'm talking about the old-fashioned type of "pen and paper" graphing practice that students need in order to understand the relationship between independent and depend
This Food & Nutrition packet contains articles about water supply, healthy eating, eating bugs for dinner, the food pyramid, and reading nutrition labels. These texts have been written on a fourth grade reading level and make students feel successful when reading about new scientific concepts.
This unique set of assignments helps you assess your students knowledge of basic science tools. These differentiated assessments highlight the following science tools: goggles, triple beam balance, flask, beaker, graduated cylinder, test tube, hot plate, Bunsen burner, medicine dropper, lab coat, sp

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