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There are 15 slides in this PowerPoint which include information on the following: Forces/Gravity Gravity Examples Examples of Opposing Gravity Fun Facts/Review There are also animations on each slide, so you can walk through the PowerPoint one line at a time. Check out the preview for a look at it
This product is a PowerPoint that covers the basics of the structure of an atom. It covers atoms as the building blocks of matter, protons, neutrons, electrons and their location within the atom, a brief explanation of electric charges, and the charges of the subatomic particles, and finally the con
This is a 41 slide PowerPoint presentation introducing the metric system (SI units) and unit conversions. Practice problems are included (as are answers to problems [via animations]). This is appropriate for grades 6-11. Can be easily adapted to suit your classroom needs. Includes: What is a s
Thanks for checking out my ✨FREE PRODUCT!✨ This product will give you an idea of my general style. I like to use graphics, student-friendly language, and graphic organizers to help my own students learn key concepts. --------------------------------------------- If you enjoy this product, you will L
Topic: The Properties of Water That Make Life on Earth Possible32-slide PowerPoint with Notes for Teacher and StudentThis PowerPoint and accompanying notes is for a high school Biology class. An understanding of water and its properties is essential to the student as they begin their study of biolo
VolcanoesThis 18 slide PowerPoint presentation and 4 pages of fill-in-the-blank student note sheets were created for a middle school earth science classroom. Volcanoes are introduced: how they form, where we find them, types of magma (and why), and types of volcanoes. An explanation on how we get
72 page textbook covering Zoology from an evolutionary perspective. Includes 8 chapters exploring the following: You can buy each chapter individually, or save big when you buy them all together. Chapter 1: Classification Chapter 2: Evolution Chapter 3: Invertebrates Chapter 4: Chordates and Fish
This Teacher PowerPoint is designed to introduce middle school students to chemical and physical properties and changes. --------------------------------------- This product is also part of a 170-minute bundle! Check it out to get even more for your money! --------------------------------------- Con
This slide set entitled “Atoms: An Introduction to Atoms”, contains 31 PowerPoint slides with teaching notes on each slide (in the notes section). A separate free 25 page PDF handout, free quiz, and teachers answers to the quiz are also available for this presentation. The presentation covers a b
Plants, Plants, and More Plants is a comprehensive SmartBoard Notebook presentation of the second grade science text covering plants. The presentation includes plant vocabulary, similarities and differences, parts, life cycle breakdown, and how plants are used. It also includes a plant lab assignmen
Free! Enjoy this short PowerPoint presentation on the "Characteristics of Life." The PowerPoint consists of 11 slides that are bright, colorful, and contain some pretty cool pictures. Use this in grades 4 and higher as an introduction to any life science unit. It is a great first day of school a
This PowerPoint was designed to help my students with their mastery of the experimental design questions found in Objective 1: Nature of Science on the TAKS test in Texas. If your students are struggling with their understanding of experimental design, this lesson can help bring them some clarity.
Students will love identifying these criminal jack o' lanterns! Included in this package is a Word document that has 11 unidentified pumpkins, a dichotomous key, a student worksheet, and a PowerPoint presentation that provides the correct identities! You have to check this out! :) plant classific
Many students know that chemical reactions take place around them, but they do not understand what a reactant is, or how to read a simple chemical equation. This PowerPoint is primarily designed to teach students in grades 6-8 about the basics of chemical reactions, but it could also be used at the
Appropriate for a 6th-10th grade physical science class, this 16 slide PowerPoint covers motion, relative motion, distance vs. displacement, average speed vs. instantaneous speed and speed vs. velocity. This PowerPoint is FULL of discussion questions to engage your students and hold their attention
Looking for a presentation to introduce the scientific method and get your kids excited for their year in your science class? This PowerPoint presentation is 27 slides and includes student notes. The presentation includes:-What is science?-The Scientific Method Specific steps Scientific Me
This PowerPoint allows teachers to step students through the major concepts surrounding the usage of scientific notation. Students learn when to use positive and negative exponents, which exponent to use, how to place numbers in scientific notation in a graphing calculator and how to multiply and d
This PowerPoint is designed to teach middle school students about the three types of rocks. The information covered goes into depth and will give students more information than what they learned in elementary school. Included in your purchase is an 82-Slide PowerPoint, full of colorful illustration
A complete, start-to-finish chemistry unit bundled together for you! Included in this purchase: ✨3-week calendar for instruction delivery ✨Physical and Chemical Properties Complete Lesson Plan  ✨Introduction to Chemical Reactions Complete Lesson Plan  ✨Variables and Reaction Rates Complete Lesson Pl
The eternal battle of mitosis vs. meiosis comprehension becomes a whole lot easier. In this Mitosis vs. Meiosis animation, the individual stages of mitosis and meiosis are presented together so students can see the subtle differences between each. This is NOT a typical PowerPoint with main idea bull
This is a ready-to-go product! All you need is just 5 minutes to look through the product and print the student graphic organizer and you'll be ready to present a 45-minute lesson. ---------------------------------------------------- ✋✋✋STOP!!! Before you purchase this product, consider buying my CO
This is a 38 slide PowerPoint presentation that introduces students to cells. It is completely editable and comes with a separate student version for fill-in. Topics covered include: Cell Theory (Hooke, Leeuwenhoek, Schwann, Schleiden, Virchow); Eukaryotes;Organelles;Difference between Plant and Ani
I use this PowerPoint as bell work (bell ringer) in my 6th grade science classroom. Each day, the students are given a different question, i.e. slide 1 on Monday and slide 2 on Tuesday. They write down both the question and answer in their science notebooks. This bell work covers the following conte
This resource provides a PPT introduction to both Wegener's theory of continental drift and Hess's seafloor spreading. PPT is 10 slides long, equipt with both background information, pictures, and animations. Two versions of notes included: One with blanks, and one with blanks filled in. Words are u

showing 1-24 of 467 results

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