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I am so excited about this editable science bulletin board! I plan to hang various pieces in my room (or on an anchor chart) for my students to reference all year long!Download includes:*3 Different board titles: 1) What is a scientist? 2) Mad About Science! 3) Imagine. Invent. Inspire. *Mini Title:
3 page of basic banking. I use this for my special education students in high school. Each page explains parts of banking and simple banking questions.
This is a product perfect for sorting by physical property and discussing how you can sort by different attributes! This product uses read images from the Rochester, NY Farmers Market, that I took! It aligns to the common core:K.P.2 Understand how objects are described based on their physical prop
The Metric System Centers activity is designed for students to transition through stations in groups to learn and explore the metric system. Each station is setup in a way that does not require the students to move through them in a specific order. This product is great for teachers using intera
This package offers OPPOSITES PRINTABLE DIFFERENTIATED BOOKS. There are 3 books included in this package. ********************************************************************************* Please be advised that the books in this package can be found in the resource shown below: OPPOSITES DIRECT
This bundle includes place value worksheets and puzzles for students to practice tens and ones.****You may also like Place Value Boom Cards.****Packet 1: This packet has 35 place value worksheets for 2 digit numbers.Hundred chart - 1Fill in the hundred chart - 1Make a group of 10 and write the numbe
This file is packed with subtraction DAILY fluency practices, quizzes and flash cards! •Editable class checklist to keep track of where your students are.•0-5 and 0-10 Student progress monitoring for mastered facts. (students color the math fact circle they have mastered)•4 vertical and 4 horizontal
This Comparing & Sorting Preschool Math Unit includes everything you need to teach sorting differentiation skills to your preschooler. It gives you the lesson plans and the centers, as well as smaller daily math activities to keep your students learning. This unit is perfect for teaching presc
This simple science experiment includes a 3 page story for young kids about Archimedes and the golden crown with follow-up questions and a science experiment about comparing volumes of oddly-shaped objects through water displacement. This could be used with students from preschool through high sch
This product is intended to be used with a classroom balance. A balance is a scale that you can use by putting something you would like to measure on one side, and then using items on the other side to “balance” the scale. For example, if I want to know how many pennies heavy a box of crayons is,
Over 200+ Kiwi Kids are now using these mats in schools across NZ to take charge of their learning! Now also used world-wide! Student agency in action! Each mat covers place value, number knowledge, basic facts, fractions and of course the appropriate strategies for addition, subtraction,multiplica
A Kindergarten Science & Math Measuring Unit. Approximately two weeks long. Based off the book "Measuring Penny," by Loreen Leedy. Student interest friendly, interactive and hands-on activities that are center friendly. Students will learn about measuring length, height, and weight by using n
I created this worksheet as a review for students entering my science classes after a long summer of taking selfies. It also helps me assess their incoming knowledge and determine if they need more practice. Students are asked to analyze and interpret data for 7 graphs (line, bar and pie). I hav
A Periodic Table of the Elements scavenger hunt puzzle all about elements and Morse code! Using Morse code, students will decipher the names of some mystery elements.Just one in a series of student centered, fun, and engaging scavenger hunt puzzles designed to introduce and familiarize students wit
Students sort every day objects by their attributes with these easy to use sorting mats. Each sorting mat has a pair of opposite words like shiny and dull or big and small. With sorting mats, students compare objects by looking at different properties. (properties of matter) This is a great science
Product Description: The product, Penny Water Drop Lab , is a quick and fun experiment students can do in science. The lab is easy without expensive materials or huge prep. All that is needed is a penny, water dropper, and napkins or paper towels… oh and a little water.  The Penny Water Dro
This resource includes six different stations that each utilize candy canes in some way. These activities are perfect for the days leading up to Winter break or the Christmas holiday. You can even use them for a fun theme day. Ask students to wear red and white to school, play holiday music, and hav
This is a measurement activity that requires measuring arm span and height. It is a great activity to do as a science experiment following the scientific process.I have included the outline and the procedure for this on the following pages. I have also included a recording sheet for the results. I h
Students can sort or categorize real life items according to their shape or color. If you copy this in black and white, the student will have to use higher order thinking to categorize the items.Visit https://trendycheetah.com/ to learn about the Trendy Teacher T-Shirt of the Month Club! Every tea
This product contains the following activities for First Grade Math. All activities use printable counting cards which you will post around the room. These are great activities to get students moving during math! Graphing Printable Anazyling My Data Printable Comparing Numbers Single-Digit Printab
I created this worksheet as a review for students entering my science classes after a long summer of taking selfies. It also helps me assess their incoming knowledge and determine if they need more practice. Students are asked to properly graph two different data sets: Length of celebrity marriages
Learn the parts of a bee in a math center activity. Count the antenna, stingers, legs, body sections, wings, and eyes on a bee and then use a clothespin to mark the correct number. Great addition to a bee preschool theme! Don't forget to check out the rest of the activities in my bees bundle!*Please
These rulers provide a simple but powerful example for your measurement lessons! This file is fully made with PowerPoint basic objects, so you can rotate and scale each ruler individually, and you can change the colors to match your school colors, local college colors, OR your favorite PowerPoint t
I use this as a review (for students) and an assessment (for me) to gauge student understanding of basic concepts in graphing. This worksheet asks students to analyze and interpret line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts (7 in total). I have uploaded this in a .docx format so you can modify and dif

showing 1-24 of 123 results

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