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This introduction to engineering includes an editable PowerPoint with notes as well as 3 engineering activities. Students will be introduced to Engineering and the Engineering Design Process. They will then have 3 opportunities to engage in the process. Easily accessible materials makes this very
Watching tadpoles turn into frogs is a simple, fun way to learn about life cycles and observe frogs up close, and learn about Science! I created this Frog Lifecycle Notebook so kids could: - Visualize the frog cycle - Learn more about frogs - Write down weekly observation, note where in their lifec
This weather booklet is a great introduction and study guide for a weather unit. It includes the weather predicting instruments rain gauge, hygrometer, barometer, wind vane, anemometer, and thermometer. It also includes diagrams of cloud types and the water cycle.
A fun and hands-on way to introduce your students to the wonderful world of science. Includes lessons on the scientific method, variables, and two of most important skills in science, observation and communication. Each of the 4 lesson plans have several hands-on activities using simple inexpensive
This engaging unit focuses on the function and structure of plants and plant parts. Activities include:Activity 1: Sprouting Seeds Students will sprout a seed in a Ziploc bag with cotton balls. They will observe and record the growth. Activity 2: It All Starts With A Seed Students will examine
The terms/topics covered in this PowerPoint include: craters, maria, crust, mantle, core, lunar phases, waxing, waning, New Moon, Full Moon, gibbous, crescent, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, umbra, penumbra, and tides. This includes four COMPLETE, STAND-ALONE mini-lessons on the Moon. The opening s
I LOVE this lab! My students LOVE this lab! When I am introducing the scientific method, few labs are easier to complete than this one and the materials couldn't be easier to prepare. This investigation helps students to understand how the independent and dependent variables affect the distance t
This is a stunning and low-budget project to teach students the basics of electronics and circuit design.I have developed three paper circuit cards with hand-drawn funky designs that include a scaffolding approach so that students will be able to create their own circuit designs from scratch at the
This “Periodic Table of Elements” in a PDF format, contains 58 pages. (Please Note: There is also a PowerPoint format available, the PowerPoint format contains exactly the same information as shown in this PDF presentation. The two formats have been made available to cater for different format prefe
This PPT, created by Reid Frederickson, describes the evolution of money around the world to the form we use today in the United States. It starts with the earliest form of exchange: bartering. It then shows the progression, from using various commodities, such as cowrie shells in China, tally stic
Get your students fully engaged as they travel on a journey to examine fossil evidence, discover how relative dating and radiometric dating work, compare homologous and vestigial structures, embryological evidence, analyze DNA evidence, research antibiotic resistance with a webquest, and even comple
This powerpoint clearly lays out the metric system using examples and visuals so that students can conceptualize how it works. There are 16 slides including a summary.
This is a fun assignment that helps students learn more about a particular element. Students choose an element to research (or you can "choose" for them), then they fill out the "adoption forms" that provide information about the element! This product can be completed in class or at home. All the
The purpose of this activity is to allow students to think critically to answer an EXTREMELY fun question. In this case, does Diet Coke really provide the best mentos/soda eruption? The students will need to use the scientific method to determine a way to answer that question. They will also need
Animated Powerpoint to explain Science Fair Projects to your students and/or families. It's done in an easy-to-understand format. Take the stress out of science fair with this presentation.
A determined pup plays with the scientific method to get the results he wants – a game of fetch. 5-page illustrated story / 5 student activity pages This illustrated story will help students enjoy, infer, and identify key elements of scientific research along with the characteristics of a successf
This is a 5 part mini unit looking at life cycles of living things. The lessons cover how people grow, the life cycle of a butterfly, the life cycle of a frog, the life cycle of a plant and the life cycle of a chicken. The file includes both lesson sequencing, as well as templates for print and use
This 20-page Scientific Investigation Mini Lesson Packet includes many pages of scientific investigation reading pages, "how to" pages, review worksheets, an experiment, and a quiz. There are answer keys included at the end of this packet. Good for Grades 5-7. Students will learn all about the sc
Ingeniosity: Magnets and Motors is published in a magazine format and designed to support teachers, homeschool parents and parents in several ways. Its design allows it to be either a short unit, an enrichment or extension packet, or a source of general information and hands-on activities. The issu
This is a SMARTboard I used to teach 6th grade science units on simple machines. The focus of the the lessons is what simple machines are and how they help us to do work. I taught these lessons over a 4-5 day period. I designed the interactive SMARTboard presentation to be used with a science noteb
Cartesian Divers are a great hands-on way to discover density. Students will explore the divers and then complete an engineering design challenge. Detailed teacher directions and student pages included. Start collecting those 2-liter bottles for a fun, memorable experience.This download contains
This product contains 6 lab investigations for electricity and 1 final project. Each lesson introduces a concept and outlines a lab to provide the students with experiential learning to support the understanding of the concept. Each lesson contains a concept poster, background knowledge for the tea
Included: 5 lesson plans (complete with: objective, standards, materials, bell ringer, hook, lesson procedure, conclusion, extension, STEM categories, and reflection area), 3 smartnotebook files to use with given lessons, 5 worksheets that correspond to the lesson plans, fun videos, and activites, p
FREE Partial preview of - Ingeniosity: Light Energy is published in a magazine format and designed to support teachers, homeschool parents and parents in several ways. Its design allows it to be either a short unit, an enrichment or extension packet, or a source of general information and hands-on

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