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4 pages dedicated to the cell theory available as both traditional paper as well as digital paperless. Students learn about Hooke, Schwann, Schleiden and Virchow and how their scientific discoveries lead to the cell theory.Students fill in tables, diagrams, and answer analysis questions. Common core
More than just sub plans. Many teachers buy these as sub plans but end up using them for increasing student engagement, science literacy, homework and supplemental material. Save over 30% on this bundle of science reading and emergency sub plans. Now increased to 20 unique secondary science sub plan
DNA RNA Reading and Coloring Activity is a combined packet on DNA and RNA. Students read about DNA and RNA and answer 20 questions. The coloring instructions are mixed within the reading, referring to each structure as it goes along.*Also includes digital version hosted on Google Slides. The packet
This unit is packed with activities and lessons that teach students what a scientist is. Great introduction to Science or reinforcements in general! Most districts require Science notebooks and if they do not, let me tell you, these notebooks are a must! The way the information is stored and sorted
Completely EDITABLE PowerPoint presentation on a variety of science tools, including: -microscope -hand lens/magnifying box -pan balance -graduated cylinders -measuring cups/spoons -thermometer -stopwatch/clock -measuring tape/ruler *****************************************************************
This freebie sample gives you a glimpse at the full unit. Here's a little background... Interactive notebooks are widely used in classroom. If you were to walk in mine today, you would see interactive notebooks for reading, math, and science. The purpose behind these notebooks is to keep students
This is a Power Point presentations discussing the basic differences between inherited traits and learned behaviors. It includes a slide defining each one and an activity asking students to look at different characteristics and sort them into columns on notebook paper. This activity could be done
Sub Plan L: Big Foot and the Scientific MethodThis is a useful tool to help encourage scientific literacy in reading, graphing, and making connections to the scientific world. This is a fun and interesting science sub plan that explores Big Foot- and why he's so hard to study with limited evidence.
This inquiry skills unit will be a great addition to any Science curriculum! It includes several activities that students can use their inquiry skills, anchor charts, and an interactive emergent reader. Students will be comparing, estimating, measuring, sorting, classifying and more! Included is: -
Watch your students develop into young scientists right before your eyes! Delight as they develop key inquiry skills through their interactive journal. You will have a slideshow (pdf) on the Smart Board while your students follow along in their personal Inquiry Skills Journal. They will learn tha
This Science Interactive Notebook is GREAT for introducing Science for the upper grades. This Interactive Notebook covers all beginning Science topics and includes 7 lessons: 1. What is Science? 2. Science Tools 3. Fields of Science 4. Observations and Inferences 5. Recording Data 6. Experiment 1-
In this fun Science Lesson your students will learn about what sinks and floats by using mini candy bars. Included in this packet you will receive: - recording sheets - prediction sheets - conclusion (what I learned) sheet - headings for a Science Fair board (if you choose to use this for your schoo
This is a foldable/cut & paste activity that can be used as an introduction to learning about states of matter or as a study tool for your students. Warm Up: BrainPop, Jr. - States of Matter or Changing States of Matter Materials: - Construction Paper - Scissors - Glue - Pencil/Marker Instru
Lapbooks are a fun way to enhance student learning about a given topic. It is a complete portfolio of information that any child can do! This lapbook is ideal for first grade to fifth grade. This lapbook includes: Parts of a Plant flipbook, Vocabulary Pocket and Cards, Life Cycle Quad Fold, Mini-B
This webquest was designed to provide students with an opportunity to use technology while learning about sound-related concepts such as characteristics of sound waves (pitch, frequency, Doppler Effect, etc) QR code and the web address is included!
More than just sub plans. Many teachers buy these as sub plans but end up using them for increasing student engagement, science literacy, homework and supplemental material. I've added another plan to this very popular resource. This product contains 4 unique secondary science sub plans ready to go
I am so excited to share this product with you. It has taken me over a month to put together because I have been using every piece in my classroom as well. This unit has gotten me through our Force and Motion fourth grade Science unit with an amazing tie in to Scientific Explanation writing using th
Each instructional worksheet has embedded directions - works great for independent/distance learning!This is a set of 5 mini-lessons/instructional worksheets that scaffold the skills of graphing and data analysis while building students’ background knowledge. Students will graph and analyze scientif
This mini-book is all about magnets! Each page is illustrated to match the fact or history behind the nature of magnets. The mini-book can be used to introduce, review, or reinforce basic facts (and a little history) on magnets. Topics covered in this mini-book include: magnetic fields, basic princi
This activity helps students to develop their critical thinking skills while reviewing the types of energy. The "square" puzzle includes 16 squares. The squares have a combination of terms, definitions, examples, and pictures of the types of energy. Students must cut out and match the side of eac
Science End of Year Review: Completely REVISED! This unit is perfect for those last few weeks of school (or to add to your sub file)! It allows your to students to review Science concepts from throughout the school year. This unit will keep your students engaged with hands-on reviews and sorting act
Be sure to check out and download my hypothesis freebie to accompany this lesson. As always, positive feedback is greatly appreciated. This hypothesis packet is an excellent scientific method support lesson and includes practice pages in full size and interactive notebook size, foldable notes and ac
A short, sweet, and to the point mini-lesson on HABITATS. This mini-lesson focuses on four key vocabulary words: -HABITAT -NICHE -POPULATION -COMMUNITY Included in this Zip File: -10 Slide Interactive PowerPoint Presentation -10 Identical PDF files of PowerPoint -2 Page WordSearch (PDF) w/ answer
Students often struggle with metric conversions. I use this document to print numbers for students to use in order to bring the math used during conversions to life. Kinesthetic learners respond well to this approach and the numbers are all in different fonts, which makes it more fun. Basically,

showing 1-24 of 795 results

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