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Montessori Story of the Universe Powerpoint. Montessori Materials teach children fundamental skills in a unique and exciting hands-on, discovery based way. This is the story of the Coming of the Universe according to Scientific Theory. It is designed for Montessori Teachers. The universe started wi
Get your kids' engaged with STEM! Read the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff to students and allow them to find the problem. That's the challenge! Pass out materials (there is a suggested list for each grades K-4th), show/read challenge(s) and the expectations, start a timer (I use www.online-sto
You and your kids are going to have a blast with these science activity sheets! This printables are perfect to use at home or in the classroom to review a recent science lesson and experiment. I am so excited to offer you my amazing Montessori Science Bundle. I use REAL images. I hope you enjoy thes
In this game kids should match cards with fruts and vegetables to the proper colors.
Thank you for your interest in the Montessori Color Boxes 1 & 2 material! This material is a printable version of Color Boxes 1 & 2, both standard Montessori Sensorial materials. The children lay the color tablets on the rug or table in random order and then match them. It is a great opportu
Dr. Maria Montessori discovered during her research of little children that they were very naturally curious about real life. Children love taking in information about the world around them. They do not need all kinds of make believe, magical, or cartoon like things to keep them entertained. Real
How can you teach kindergarteners and First Graders to tell whether or not an object is living or non-living? This Common Core-aligned freebee offers a lesson plan to do just that. Plus, ideas on how to extend the lesson and further students' learning. Printable MRS. NERG and MRS. FERG anchor char
Taste & Teeth Activity! 1. Print and cut: Print out pages on pink paper(gums/tongue) and white paper(teeth) and cut. 2. Laminate (Suggested Step): I suggest laminating a version for years of use! 3. Attach: Use sticky tack, tape, velcrow or your choice of adhesive for the teeth and tongue.
This is a set of three part cards used to teach students the basic principals of photosynthesis. There are cards for the following topics: photosynthesis, sunlight, chlorophyll, water, and carbon dioxide. Each topic is illustrated with a word card, a picture card, a control card (word and picture) a
A set of 12 three part cards that can be used to teach the basic principals of magnetism. The set includes a picture card, word card, and description card for the following concepts: magnet, atom, Van Allen Belts, magnetic force, magnetite, magnetic field lines, magnetosphere, magnetic pole, compass
Needs & Characteristics of Living Things: Montessori inspired biology, zoology or botany tool. These 5 part cards help students learn the processes or characteristics of life using the MRS GREN Mneomic to find what makes something a living thing. Help students learn what makes an animal or plan
Students sort animals by which vertebrate family they belong to: mammals, fish, birds, amphibians or reptiles. Montessori Inspired.Includes- heading cards- 5 x pictures for each vertebrate type- Answer cardsHave you seen this:MRS GREN 5 part cardsPhotosynthesis 3 part cards and charts
Montessori cards (nomenclature, terminology, three part cards). High quality photos for teach the following weather related topics:- Real weather - photos of different types- Weather Map symbols like on forecast maps- Types of clouds- Instruments for measuring weather- Seasons- Sea state through th
Thank you for your interest in the Montessori Color Box 3 material! This material is a printable version of Color Box 3, a standard Montessori Sensorial material. The children grade the colors from darkest to lightest (or vice versa). This printable material is perfect for home schooling families
What exactly is meant by "biodiversity" and "invasive species"? Children will hear these words, but may not have a clear concept of their meaning. This Ecology 101 study introduces children to 22 key ecology concepts that are part of our everyday language. The terms are explained in simple, clear la
This is the bilingual version of the Montessori inspired life cycle of a penguin. In this version, the text of the printables is written in Spanish and English. This pack is made using only real photos. It is perfect to introduce science to preschoolers. The pack has 15 pages including: - Life cy
This set of three part cards should be used to teach students about the seven Scientific Process Skills. Skills included are: Observation, Classification, Estimation, Measurement, Prediction, Inferring, and Communication. This set contains a control card (word and picture), word card, picture card,
Montessori 3-Part cards of fruits and vegetables. Corresponds with the Safari Ltd® Fruit and Vegetable Toob® Figurines .Help your student learn the names of important fruits and vegetables and includes cards on oranges, bananas, apples, pears, carrots, broccoli, corn, and artichokes. Also look fo
Animal pack contains:Animals in Art:10 Control cards10 Picture Cards10 Label CardsThe World's Most Endangered Animals9 Control cards9 Picture Cards9 Label CardsAnimal Senses10 Control cards with description 10 Picture Cards10 Label CardsI also invite you to check out ANIMALS OF THE CONTINENTS PRINTA
The set features a great activity for very young learners. Ideal to teach color recognition. Suitable for kids 2-4 years old. *************************************************************************************************************This file contains: 1 page with the Fish Tank 1 page with 8 fishT
Students sort pictures of animals, plants and fungi under a heading card. Montessori Inspired.There are no words in this item apart from the heading cards.Includes- heading cards- 8 x pictures for fungi, animals and plants - Answer cardsHave you seen this:MRS GREN 5 part cardsVertebrate SortingPho
This set of three part cards should be used to teach students electricity's basic concepts. Topics included are: electricity, charge, current, insulator, conductor, circuit, battery, and static electricity. This set contains a control card (word and picture), word card, picture card, and information
Thank you for your interest in the Plants and Animals Stock Photos set! Use these 30 photos to create materials for your classroom or for commercial purposes without credit or attribution.  There are 15 plant and 15 animal photos.The photos have been cropped to a 5x7 aspect ratio for a uniform appea
Learn about the food web from primary consumers to carnivores using this material. Allow students to create their own food chain using arrow showing how the energy is passed from the sun to producers and organisms.

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