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Bring science alive with this Living and Non-Living Things PowerPoint! It includes ALL REAL PICTURES and is a great way to generate classroom discussions about this topic with your students!This PowerPoint includes several opportunities for students to apply what they have learned about living and n
This interactive Food Chains PowerPoint includes all real pictures of animals that the kids love looking at! It features opportunities for students to apply what they are learning through questions and interactive food chain activities that allow students to put pictures of animals in the correct or
Your students will "ROAR" with excitement when they watch this Animal Characteristics PowerPoint! This life science PowerPoint covers all the different and unique parts that animals have and why they have them. Each slide includes ALL REAL PICTURES of animals.The questions that are included can prom
Energize your students with this interactive Forms of Energy PowerPoint using all real pictures! Your students will learn all about Heat, Light and Sound energy and how we use them. It includes several opportunities for students to apply what they are learning through questions and slides matching o
Biome Interactive PowerPoint & Interactive Google Slides! ***UPDATE: Now includes Interactive Google Slides for Google Classroom and Distance Learning!This resource is part of the Earth Science (Entire) Curriculum.***Watch this quick PREVIEW VIDEO to see the PowerPoint in action!This teaching re
The life cycle of the Monarch butterfly is a miracle in nature. This product is a Power Point presentation of photographs and explanations of each stage of the Monarch butterfly.The metamorphosis is depicted from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to adult butterfly through colorful photographs. Please ch
Science Websites: List of Top Online Videos, Games & Interactive Sites {FREE} This FREE pdf includes hyperlinks to our favorite interactive sites, videos, games, and more for use within your science classroom. Please consider checking out our Life Science products sold in our store: - Life Sc
One of my best selling items just got better! Better animations! Clearer text.During this tutorial, students will click their way through animations, review questions, and various diagrams to illustrate/animate the cell cycle and mitosis in a unique and easy to follow manner.Students will begin with
This worksheet goes along with the season one, episode eight from the new "Magic School Bus Rides Again" series on Netflix. The episode is called "Three In One" and focuses on the MSB moving through the water cycle as liquid water, an ice cube, and water vapor (steam). The worksheet is broken down i
This worksheet goes along with the video from thew new "Magic School Bus Rides Again" series on Netflix. The episode is called "Space Mission: Selfie" and features Keesha, who is working on her application for space camp and wants a great picture. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is preparing for a s
An interactive science game where students identify whether an animal is using mimicry or camouflage to hide. Materials needed: 2 index cards for each student and a projector.
I am very excited to introduce my Structures and Materials unit. I have worked hard to create a unit that is primarily inquiry based as I understand that students learn more from doing. Included in this unit you will find a list of suggested read aloud books as well as a set of 10 lessons. Accomp
* My e-mail address is smayo82@gmail.com Please e-mail me when you download one of my songs so I can e-mail you the version without vocals and lyrics! I write songs for different classroom themes and lessons. If you'd like an original, please send me a message including the topic, what you'd like t
One of my best selling items, has just gotten better! I've updated this tutorial to include more visuals, a better graph experience, and smoother transitions. This tutorial is a great way to review/learn the basic concept of the scientific method in ANY SCIENCE CLASS. This is NOT your typical main i
This is a PowerPoint presentation about the six kingdoms of life. It includes: Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals. Each category includes basic notes and colorful, current pictures. The last two slides are graphic organizers that you can print and have the students use
Okay, imagine the Cookie Monster singing his 'One of these things is not like the other,' song. Kids quiet down immediately. You don't even have to say a word... just point at the screen. You can dance to the music. Hands will pop into the air. Resist. Don't call on a student until the song en
This PowerPoint presentation goes through the topics of lightning, static electricity, conductors, insulators, closed and open circuits, how electricity gets to a home, electrical safety, and the future of electricity. There are links to informational sites to further the discussion on topics. This
This bundle of resources is intended as a supporting resource for PLTW teachers who teach Design & Modeling. This does not replace any PLTW curriculum, nor are any assets taken from PLTW curriculum. This is not meant to be a curriculum or exhaustive, but is simply a variety of products I have cr
During this tutorial, students will read and navigate their way through animations, review questions, and various diagrams to learn the basic patterns of genetic inheritance as discovered by Gregor Mendel in a unique and easy to follow manner. This is NOT a simple PowerPoint presentation where stude
This webquest I use as a way to either introduce or review the parts of eukaryotic cells vs. prokaryotic cells with my biology classes. It is a good overview of the cell and the may different organelles within (nucleus, ribosomes, Golgi aparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, etc...). Students will visit
Dillard Science created this scientific method powerpoint. This power point lesson goes through each step of the scietific method. Each step is defined and real-life examples are given. Attention getting graphics and animations are used to get the student's attention and keep it! The eye pleasin
All students will eventually need to learn the typical organelles of eukaryotic cells as they progress through their education. The various webquests and online animations that are online for free are ok, but not great. For that reason I was determined to create an interactive tutorial that takes vi
Stop wasting your time using search engines to find pictures of levers to show your students! ---------------------------------------------------- As I was trying to teach my own 8th grade students about levers I came across the same problem again, and again. Search engine “image” results yielded lo
This PowerPoint presentation can be pulled up on interactive white boards such as the "SMART Board" and/or "Promethean Board". Students can take turns coming to the board and moving the items on the screen to the correct category by "sorting" it. When students sort the items into the correct cate

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