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The Next Generation Science Standards are out and they are wonderful! However, these new standards are definitely different from what our First Grade Science Standards looked like before. SO, I thought, why not create some cute “I Can…” statements for the new standards! This will not only be a guide
This set includes colored and line art graphics for: lever (1sr,2nd and 3rd class), screw, wedge, wheel-and-axle, pulley, inclined plane/ramp, slides, axes, see-saws, nut, pliers. Real-World Examples of Simple Machines: - Wheelbarrow in the down position (for lever) - Flag Pole with pulley (
This PDF contains our informal characteristics of life edited script that corresponds to our free Amoeba Sisters Characteristics of Life video available on YouTube, and it serves as a tool for students to annotate on in order to connect to the material. The video script for students has been slightl
Engage your students with this Energy Around the Room Circuit Activity. This activity contains 20 questions and answers. Circuits are great for review and rotations to get your students up and moving! This resource now comes with a Google Slides version and Google Form for distance learning!-----
This set includes an enlarged image of an Animal Cell and a Plant cell (where you can see the organelles) Labeled and with blank labels. Also includes each organelle colored and line art. Included are the following (everything colored and line art): ● Animal Cell ● Animal Cell with empty labels
This foldable features the most commonly used process skills: observe, classify, measure, infer, communicate and predict. The front cover has each process skill. Open the flap to reveal the definition. As a teacher you have several options on how to use this foldable. You can run copies wit
Learning and applying the Scientific Method is the anchor for science notebooking as well as developing a higher level of thinking. Topics covered in this unit are: science safety, tools, identifying the steps of the Scientific Method, making and writing about observations, asking questions for inv
Changing km to m has just gotten much easier. A hands-on science manipulative that aid in the conversion of metric units. The set includes: -the metric scale -a number box - numbers for more tactile interaction -arrows -decimal points -practice conversion problems -key If your goal is to ensure
This set includes line art and colored graphics for: ~ an electromagnet ~ magnetite (lodestone) - natural magnetic rock (Only colored) ~ iron, nickel, cobalt (Only colored) ~ compass ~ Northern Lights (magnetic field near N. Pole) - aurora borealis ~ Southern Lights (magnetic field near S. Pole) -
Have fun and incorporate technology into your lessons by downloading this Third Grade Science Review PowerPoint. *Once again, this is a REVIEW--your students should already have a basic understanding of these concepts before showing. It was originally created as a review for a benchmark test but I
This 12 page picture book explains the basic differences between living and nonliving things. Living things eat, breathe, grow and sometimes move. Easy to print and use in your classroom.Please see my living & nonliving class activities here http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Living-or-
Science Formula Chart - Around the Room Circuit. Engage your students with this Around the Room Formula Chart Circuit Activity. This activity contains 20 questions and answers focusing on calculating Speed, Force, Density, and Work. Circuits are great for review and rotations to get your students
This is a Power Point presentation that introduces students to the differences between solids, liquids, and gases. Here, students will learn definitions, see the molecular placements, and see examples of each type of matter. Students will also have a chance to look at pictures (40 total) and deter
Each student can journal in their mini book as you do a class project together. Or, they can do on their own if they are older.
Free DNA Extraction Cheek Cells or Strawberries is a fun activity to do and it only takes about 15 minutes! You can do it on a half day, as a fun "freebie" lab, or as a demonstration. Procedure is short and there are NO analysis questions with this mini lab. Gives students a chance to do something f
Students can practice the following science inquiry skills: infer, classify, sequence, and compare. Each one of the centers provides an activity for the children to complete, as well as a question for them to answer in their science notebook. Furthermore, the students also have an extension activity
This set includes line art and colored graphics for: atoms molecules bond orbit negative positive proton neutron electron BE AWARE!! This set is included in the Middle School Science Clip art Bundle. Before you purchase this set you may want to check this bundle and save more than $20: Middle Schoo
Display these posters in your classroom when teaching the scientific method.
*Video is needed for completion of this product*Please make sure you have access to this video prior to making your purchase*This worksheet can be used to accompany the Bill Nye video STORMS (Season 5, Episode 16).The worksheet has a series of questions that help students stay focused on various sci
These foldables have been designed to help students understand what states and properties of matter are and to identify common examples of the different states of matter in their everyday lives! In this file you will find five versions of the foldable. Version 1 (page 4-5) provides a diagram of w
Great Bundle that includes six great scientific articles that are interesting to students. Each article comes with text dependent questions the students will answer after reading the article. These articles are thought provoking and can be used at the start of a lesson. Great way to lower your st
This PowerPoint covers all of the basic facts about matter (including properties, measurement, matter, solids, liquids, gases, how matter changes, etc.) in a fun & interesting format for beginning elementary students. It includes vocabulary words and definitions and review questions! *The Powe
Informational text on cancer and the cell cycle. This cancer worksheet covers what makes cancer cells unique and cancer's relationship to the cell cycle. Informational text with follow up questions.This is a great addition to your unit on the cell cycle in high school biology. Students either hav
Do your students need help designing their science fair board? This template was created for students to independently create labels for 3ft. X 4ft. display board. Students can change the font, color, and border. Teachers can also use the template for bulletin boards. It makes finishing the proj

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