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UPDATED 11/2015 This was one of my first products and finally received a much needed makeover! Interested in making edits? Now you can with Science Fair Project Planner - EDITABLE version! This science fair project planner is designed for group science fair projects. In the past my students strugg
Start the school year off right with this FREE first chapter of The Earth Science Interactive Notebook series: Intro to Earth Science. ************************************************************************* NOTE: This chapter is part of the The Complete Earth Science Interactive Notebook ***
Static Electricity powerpoint lesson, two experiment outlines and a cut and paste worksheet. Static Electricity has links to engaging relevant videos on You Tube to assist ideas; plus visuals and text to explain the concept of static electricity and charges. Check out Renewable and Non-Renewable
Introduce the scientific method with this simple one-page worksheet with the 6 steps for students to fill in the blanks. It also includes pictures to help them understand the steps and an answer key is provided. I also sell other Scientific Method products: Scientific Method – One Pager Experieme
Polished study guide with editable copy that comes in both print version and paperless! Designed to help organize and flow information so your students can study for their assessment in a well-thought out manner. This includes both traditional paper and digital paperless hosted on Google Slides.Thi
Scientific method notes pages for students. Scaffolded notes numbered with the steps of the scientific method with details and graphics. Teacher answer guide to what information should be filled in is included.
Do your students' science fair research papers end up looking like a jumbled mess? This form will help! Each page of the research paper is described in detail and with an image of what it should look like. Your students' final product will impress science fair judges if they follow this format. Sc
This 8 page reading packet teaches the stages of the cell cycle and mitosis. Interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and the basics of cancer. The packet is filled with visuals to better aid comprehension and also comes with a student worksheet for students to complete as they read alo
This is a lab template that is great for students 6th through 12th grade for all science investigations. The template guides students in making a lab report that is professional and accurate with the appropriate items in the appropriate sections. I have my 7th graders use this template and while it
The “Just Drop It” lab is designed to support the Virginia science SOL’s (standards of learning), but can be utilized with any science curriculum in conjunction with discussions about potential and kinetic energy. The lab has background information about potential and kinetic energy along with a “La
A condensed version of the notes students will when learning about Light and Sound during a Science Unit on energy. Students will write to fill in the information as they learn about Light in their lessons. Included is: Student Notes Sheets on Light: The Visible Light Spectrum, The Way Light Moves
This bundle includes something for every Science unit! Foldable Included: Types of Clouds Parts of a Plant Food Chain Vocabulary Thriving, Endangered, Extinct Types of an Ecosystems States of Matter Types of Rocks Although they are designed for use in an interactive notebook, the foldable can also
Cell Project Rubric with Pictures! This folder includes the following: 1. A rubric for the project - pdf. 2. A rubric for the project - editable 3. 2 pictures of completed projects This is the rubric! It does NOT contain any completed "physical" projects. If you are looking for 2 science project
This is an excellent resource covering the 6 steps of the scientific method. The PowerPoint goes exactly with the guided notes and does an excellent job detailing each step. The 6 Steps that we teach are: Question Research Hypothesize Experiment Analyze Conclude This lecture style PPT and Notes
The Magic School Bus Gets PlantedSeason 4 Episode 10Here's your simple and complete companion pack for The Magic School Bus Gets Charged! Use this to keep your students engaged before, during, and after watching the video. Activities included:- comprehension questions - answer key included- crosswo
Introduce your students to shadow length and direction changes with this colorful power point! Included are note-taking guides and a note-taking key. Also use my "Shadow Task Cards" from my TpT store to implement this lesson. The NGSS Standard aligned with this powerpoint: 5-ESS1-2 Earth's Place
 This 1-page graphic organizer will help students visually understand the difference between a physical property, chemical property, physical change, and chemical change. ------------------------------------------- ✋✋✋STOP!!! Before you buy this product, consider purchasing my Physical and Chemical
Science Fusion Unit focus walls are designed to highlight the Big Idea and Essential Questions. These Unit Focus Walls will help both student and teacher. No longer do you have to look through each lesson to find the Essential Question or try to find out which Vocabulary Words go with each unit!
Teach your young science students the basic parts of a chemical equation. This product shows students that chemical reactions begin with reactants, end with products, and must always be balanced. Use this item as a handout, a review sheet, or a full size class room poster. When you purchase this f
You can use this generic science experiment template with any science experiment for any grade level. It uses some of the basic steps of the Scientific Method including hypothesis and conclusion. There is also a place provided for students to illustrate the experiment.
These pages provide students with a place to record their question, hypothesis, control, variables, process, data, and conclusion. After these pages are filled out, they can be placed on the display boards for the science fair!
These 15 point guided notes cover vocabulary about sound such as vibrations, sound waves, vacuum, energy, sonar, pitch, decibels and more. Students can easily follow along on their notes and fill in the vocabulary as it is covered and introduced. Check out my Sounds Assessment by CLICKING HERE Mist
Step-by-step organizer for students to use when completing Science Fair projects. Staying organized can reduce anxiety of long-term projects. Additionally, the teacher can check on students periodically to be sure they are on track. Includes: -Instructions for students, including helpful reminder
Build strong Science Skills by guiding primary students through the Scientific Method. This easy to use reproducible breaks down the scientific method into easy to manage, child-friendly language. Students love filling out the scientific method sheet as part of their lab and using the same process

showing 1-24 of 161 results

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