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Are you looking for a project that will assess your students' knowledge on the scientific method? This project can do just that. Students will create a comic strip that includes a frame for each of the steps of the scientific method. They will create an illustration and caption that helps to expl
This project guide is the perfect starter kit for teaching all about Sound! Your class will be making instruments out of recycled materials to learn about how pitch and volume is made. This kit includes: • Letter home to the parents requesting used materials to gather for your projects. • A plannin
This science rubric follows the Scientific Method and covers six areas: Question, Prediction, Materials, Plan, Data Collection and Display, and Conclusion. It is set up so that you can easily grade your students' science investigations. It is based on a four point grading system: 3 = Exemplary 2
This is PBL inspired by the Disney movie Up. It is an integrated Math and Science experience that works to answer the question "How many latex balloons does it take to lift a house?" The lesson consist of three major part -Concept Map -Open Inquiry Lab -Final Poster In the Lesson I have included
This is a 2 page Science Test all about Light: Reflection, Opaque, Transparent, Translucent. PDF and Word Doc. included! (Editable and non-editable) ***************************************************************************** Customer Tips:How to get TPT credit to use on future purchases:
Science Research Paper Rubric Use this rubric for easy and fair grading of science research papers. This can be used for science fairs or in the classroom. Key terms: science, research, science fair, lab, current events, note taking, printable, middle school, high school, worksheet, outline, rep
14 page packet Editable Word Document Page 1 - Project Agreement Cover Sheet (parent & student signature) Page 2 - Science Fair Timeline Page 3 - Question & Hypothesis Form (with clarification that it is not a demonstration or a model) Page 4 - Materials List (with examples of good/specific
This lesson, and high level thinking and creative activity was created for elementary school students and is great practice to help students understand the concept of what a scientist is, who can be a scientist, what scientists look like and some of the stereotypes that have come to define scientist
These are upper elementary common core science projects that can be adapted for lower elementary. This file includes projects for; Interactions of Living Things, Light, Classification of Living Things, States of Matter, pH Levels in Soil, Forces, and Traveling Through the Solar System.
This rubric can be used to assess an inquiry experiment lab write up using the claim, evidence, reasoning format. It includes learning targets for the write up that align with rubric categories:1. I can select a claim based on my experiences. 2. I can find and record evidence to support my claim.
This rubric is perfect for labs created for NGSS. It assesses student work, participation and presentation.
This includes 3 different versions of a very straightforward and simple to follow lab rubric for grading labs on a holistic scale. It includes versions for an experimental lab, an observation/demonstration of a principle lab, and a generalized lab rubric. This can be attached to the back of an int
“Six Kingdoms of Life Poster Project” is guidelines for poster design displaying the classification of 6 kingdoms of living things: animals, plants, fungi, protists, eubacteria, and archaebacteria. Give students an opportunity to convey researched information in a creative yet accessible and underst
Make your Middle School Science Labs more efficient and organized! In the past I have struggled to hold my middle school students accountable during lab group activities. This year I am instituting jobs that apply in all labs as well as this rubric that the "director" will complete after each lab.
5th grade NGSSS Science Rubric. Student Rubric for Benchmark SC.5.N.1.1 - The Nature of Science, Designing and carrying out a complete scientific experiment. Rubric includes 4 levels: 1. Intervention, 2. Instructional, 3. Independent, 4. Master. It also includes the complete wording of the Benchm
Stations de Science pour la Lumière en français pour élèves d'écoles francophones ou en immersion. Science activity for students learning about light. These stations are all in French and are light stations and experiments that can be evaluated as a summative or formative mark. This package includ
Get your kids' engaged with STEM! Read the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill to students and allow them to find the problem. That's the challenge! Pass out materials (there is a suggested list for each grades K-4th), show/read challenge and the expectations, start a time (I use www.online-stopwatch.com
You can use this rubric to grade scientific writing for a variety of projects.
A lot of the time I use this for anything students turn in for their science journal. I find it to be very clear and I always pass this out at the beginning of each quarter so the students know what they expectation are before the quarter begins.
This two page document includes a Marzano based scale for Science. It focuses on the scientific method, experiments, investigations, variables, repeated trials, and opinions vs observations. The first page is a scale for teacher use, created using Marzano's best practices. The second page is a stude
This is an excellent rubric I use with my students when they are writing up an experiment using the scientific method. There is a column in which students can self-score their own paper, a second column for a peer to score their paper and a third column for the teacher to score their paper. This r
This lab provides students to determine which independent variable; length of string, mass of bob, or height of arc will determine the length of the pendulum's period. This lab is more complicated and I use it after they have analyzed labs with one and two variables. I also teach this lab toward the
Great for performance indicator at end of safety unit. Tied to teks.
A big challenge in classrooms is providing challenging and creative options for students who finish regular assignments quickly. One option, as long as the regular assignments are completed with quality, is to offer choices of extensions. Each choice extends learning for scientific inquiry-related

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