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I created this to give students some hands-on practice with the concepts of food chains and food webs. This will make your students THINK about food relationships in an ecosystem! During this activity, students use cards to create food chains and then work to connect and overlap the food chains to
Students will experiment with balloon rockets to observe and study Newton's Third Law of Motion and the principles of rocket propulsion. Students will collect, analyze, and graph data from the launches in this STEM lab activity.
Upper Elementary students learn about the structures animals have to help them with nutrition, self-defense, reproduction, and communication. Inquiry activities include:Activity 1: My Beak is Better Than Yours: Students focus on the beak structure of birds and how this specific structure helps th
Students use PhET Sim to explore density in an inquiry based lab. Check out the sim here (flash required):https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/density-and-buoyancy/density_en.htmlThis lab first walks students through finding volume through water displacement. Then students explore densities of different
NEW and IMPROVED! I updated the previous version of this activity to make it more user friendly. This updated version should take about 1-1.5 hours to complete. I really like this activity and am quite proud to share it with the TpT community. This is a paper model activity where students will be g
In Brief: The lab proceeds as follows1. Students complete a short matching section using important genetics terms2. Students read about five different human traits (Interlacing of fingers, PTC tasting, Presence of Palmaris Longus Muscle, Hair Texture, and Color Vision)3. Students attempt to determ
This triple beam balance provides a simple but powerful example for your measurement lessons! Included are three views: The whole scale, the beams in perspective and the beams separated for easier reading. This file is fully made with PowerPoint basic objects, so you can change each beam value ind
A critical problem involving gravity is given. Students must discuss and investigate this problem according to the principals of gravity.
Access a free PhET simulation and allow students to work independently in discovering the effects of forces on objects.
This lab focuses on the colors of the visible spectrum and what colors of light are best absorbed and what color is reflected (green) by plants. It really helps students in understanding why plants ARE green and why they would not grow under green light, but do grow under red, orange, blue, and viol
This is a comprehensive Periodic Table Lab Activity Simulation for students. There are 3 documents: 1) Lab Introduction Document with Questions and setting the context to examine unknown elements from the Planet Pumpernickel 2) 9 page flash cards of unknown alien elements that have element propertie
This activity was designed to be a PBL Entry Event or Attention Grabber for a larger unit on electricity and magnetism. However, it could be used as an introduction lesson into electricity and magnetism. Station 1: Ouch! You Shocked Me! - static electricity Station 2: Can You Light It Up? - circui
Perfect for AP biology, senior biology, high school students.Students transcribe DNA into a strand of precursor mRNA, identify codons, cut out introns, and attach a 5’cap and poly-A tail. They then translate the mRNA into the final protein. Genetic code and answers included. An excellent activity
Students can pretend to be meteorologists and predict the weather in various parts of the United States by identifying the weather map symbols and recalling the associated weather.
The Velocity and Acceleration Simulation activity allows students to play a computer simulation for an interactive lab experience. The simulation utilizes a PHET simulation where students can analyze the effects of velocity or acceleration on an object as they try and guide the object through a maze
DON'T BUY THIS GAME! Get it for free by signing up for my newsletter at: https://middleschoolearthscience.github.ioRock Cycle Connect 4 Game includes a diagram of the rock cycle, a detailed lesson plan with suggested pre-game activities and a preparation checklist, tokens for each player, a familiar
Water Cycle Connect 4 includes a diagram of the water cycle, a detailed lesson plan with suggested pre-game activities and a preparation checklist, tokens for each player, a familiar looking gameboard, a visual example of gameplay and easy to follow game instructions.Field tested with sixth-graders,
First off, this is NOT a typical PowerPoint that simply lists main idea bullets. This is an interactive tutorial using engaging pictures, animations, and questions that require student input in order to proceed. This tutorial will guide students through the process of evolution by natural selection.
This bundle includes 3 awesome units to support the study of weather. These units are aligned to NGSS standards, and also include many opportunity for students to integrade language arts with reading, writing, and presenting. These units are available separately, but you will save by purchasing al
These rulers provide a simple but powerful example for your measurement lessons! This file is fully made with PowerPoint basic objects, so you can rotate and scale each ruler individually, and you can change the colors to match your school colors, local college colors, OR your favorite PowerPoint t
This is one of my favorite activities for teaching the Scientific Method! For the activity/lab, I set-up 8 stations around the room, each with: 1 - an empty oyster pail (Chinese take out container) 2 - a sealed oyster pail containing two random objects 3 - a collection of 10 objects that could be
This virtual lab utilizes the "Biology Corner" webpage and their "Using the Scientific Method" simulation. This basic virtual lab allows students to choose several variables in testing to see if soap has an effect on the size of flowers. The activity has students write a hypothesis, determine the in
This product is intended to give you and your students a hands-on opportunity to predict and observe how water can change states. This is intended to be a culminating investigation after your study of states of matter. It is also intended to be a small group activity. First, students will be given a
Genetics is at the heart of modern biology. This tutorial will guide students through the sex-linked inheritance (X-linked recessive) pattern. The tutorial begins with a review of Mendelian genetics and then proceeds into the rules and patterns of X-linked inheritance. Along the way, students will m

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