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Companion sheet containing lyrics to "The Scientific Method Rap" by Ellie Rubenstein and Dana Lawrence Gillis, ready to print for students and performers. Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD of "The Scientific Method Rap" audio track, and watch/play The Scientific Method Rap music video for your stude
This Five Senses Bundle was on the TPT Blog, and now is in the TPT Newsletter! It is a really fun, out-of-the box unit on the Five Senses for your children It is great for Distance Learning because we've included a Five Senses song, hands on experiments, real photos to sort, puppets , and more. You
This catchy music video offers a humorous mnemonic to remember the names and order of the planets of the solar system. My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Uncooked Nachos! (but what happened to poor Pluto!) LYRICS: Well, I know there are 8 planets, But which comes first and last?  I need a little
CLICK HERE to see my LATEST FREE VIDEO! Check out this song on the states of matter! Use it in the elementary grades or even at the middle school level to give your students a few different ways to look at the states of matter. "Boil a liquid, and it's a gas. Freeze a liquid, and it's a solid real
Common Core Concepts covered in Matter include: solid, liquid, gas, mass, matter, texture, weight, size, shape, properties, expand, condense, temperature, length, width, height, volume This is the full length VIDEO version of Matter. Check out my other rap videos at commoncorerap.com All Rights R
How can you get kids to memorize the three main states of matter? With this Grammarheads song, that's how! Use this music video to help them remember the states of matter, along with examples of each. Use music in the classroom and spice up the kids' education. Rock Your Science! CLICK HERE to
This lyric sheet can be sung to the tune of "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen and is a fun way to help teach your students all about the scientific method! The lyrics cover all important steps of the scientific method and has an entire songs' worth of facts- over 3 minutes! Included in the lyrics
Easy Learning brings to you a song about the solar system. This selection is about the Earth's sun. Students will learn about the attributes of the sun in simple language with a catchy tune that is under a minute long. Lyrics: The sun is a star Made of plasma and gas In the center of the solar syst
This is a self playing movie file of a powerpoint and science song entitled "Mineral Man" about Friedrich Mohs and his Hardness Scale for Minerals. Just try not to groove to this infectious electronic beat and lyrics full of sciencey goodness!
Use this great flip chart to reinforce the different parts of the cell. Each part has a rythem or song that helps the students understand what that part does. Also includes an interactive quiz at the end of the flipchart that has reward sounds when students get the answer right! My students LOVE doi
CLICK HERE to see my LATEST FREE VIDEO! Here it is! After multiple requests, The Grammarheads presents The Scientific Method! I went with six steps, although I know there is a debate on how many there actually are. 1. Ask a question. 2. Research. 3. Create hypothesis. 4. Conduct experiment
Poetry improves fluency. Poems help students remember and gain a deeper understanding of subjects. This "Scientific Process" poem can be used as a straight read, or it can be a call-and-echo cadence. (Think of the call-and-response of military running formations...) Use it during reading to reinf
This fun music video introduces the 5 senses with a catchy, sing along tune. Encourages both science and literacy skills. Helps students match their senses to the appropriate body parts (eyes-sight, ears-hear, nose-smell, tongue-taste, skin-touch) Don't forget to challenge your students to keep u
This lesson is designed to teach students the relationship between sounds and their sources. It uses a song about sounds to teach the concept. This lesson is scripted and includes song que cards, sound que cards, and song lyrics. This is a fun lessons that students enjoy and it aids students in thei
This song teaches about the skin and sense of touch. (this is a pretty mellow one) What things are hot and cold? Rough or smooth? Hard or soft? Encourage students to continue to make lists starting with the images in the video. Duration: 2:37
Included is both the fully recorded mp3 audio file and a lyrics printout so you can sing it with your students in class. Kids will learn about levers, wheels & axles, wedges, inclined planes, screws, and pulleys. It is to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat, but the music style is peppy and a bit
Chants are an exciting and effective teaching strategy. This Nature of Science pack contains five chants about topics such as the scientific method and safety. Why chants? Chants are embedded with science vocabulary and concepts, crucial to lesson content. They use music and rhythm, devices that hel
A fun song I wrote to help introduce the concept and tools of basic measurement. Runtime: 3:05 This video will play on all Mac, PC, and mobile devices. Lyrics: My new ruler, it’s bright blue, It measures me, and it measures you, Measures length, and width and height, My super ruler is all right!
Air + Water + Sunlight = food for plants through photosynthesis! This song will help you introduce that concept to your students and give them insight to why plants and humans are so important to each other. And it does it in a rockin’ way! Click here to subscribe to our music video channel! Click
Click here to subscribe to our music video channel! Here is a song about electricity that is perfect for upper elementary school kids. Use it as an activating strategy, summary to your unit, or just play it during recess for fun! Rock Your Science! For only $2.00 more, be sure to check out the E
The Grammarheads have compiled their version of the Scientific Method. It includes the following SIX steps: 1. Ask a question 2. Conduct research 3. Form a hypothesis 4. Conduct and experiment 5. Analyze results 6. Share results Searching the internet can result in many different versio
Teach about the sense of smell and the nose with this catchy 5-senses sing-along. Challenge students to come up with a list of other smells they think are good and bad! Duration: 2:51
Use this catchy song to teach about the sense of taste.
This is a PowerPoint of SCIENCE LYRICS to the tune of Taylor Swift " NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER"...explaining why theories will never be laws. Your students will remember this information because they remember this song! Well worth the money to have students remember these key terms!

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