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Biology Resources

151,446 results

Cells (Plant and Animal Cells) with Digital Science Activities

Created by
Jennifer Findley
Do you need some easy-to-use and prep resources for teaching plant and animal cells? Or just need a few activities to supplement your existing curriculum for teaching cells? This resource is just what you need!The easy-to-use cells resource includes an engaging plant and animal cells passage, printable activities, digital activities and an assessment!NOTE: This resource now has Google Slides™ versions of several of the activities and a Google Forms assessment, making it ideal for digital science

Human Body Systems Project & Lift-the-Flap Model w/ Human Body Reading Passages

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This unit has always been one of my very FAVORITE units to teach! Kids love to learn about the amazing, surprising, and sometimes downright icky things that happen in their bodies, and this life-size model has the hands-on component to make their learning engaging, meaningful, and memorable.This resource includes leveled reading passages for each organ and “lift-the-flap” pieces that provide a place for kids to record information directly on their models. Your kids will take learning beyond th

Adaptations Science Stations | Animal and Plant Structures and Functions

Ready for quick prep adaptations science centers for plant and animal structures and functions? These centers focus on identifying and comparing structures and functions.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about the structures of giraffes, Madagascar geckos, agave, and earthworms. Answer questions.Create It: Use information provided to design a camel that would be ad

Ecosystems and Food Webs Science Stations

Get ready to facilitate learning with informative, easy prep centers! Ecosystems and Food Webs Science Stations includes 9 stations all about food webs and ecosystem interactions.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class! 9 StationsRead It: Read about food webs and abiotic and biotic components of a koala’s ecosystem. Answer questions.Create It: Use a table with information to construct a food we

Animal Adaptations Centers | Science Weekly Five Stations

Animal Adaptations Science Weekly Five™ Stations help students learn about the structures and functions of physical adaptations in animals.Updated for 2022. Stations are improved, an answer key was added, and everything you need is included in one easy PDF. Look out for more updated units!5 Quick and Simple Centers1. Read: How Do Animals’ Bodies Help Them Survive?2. Explore: Sorting adaptations of penguins, camels, and pythons3. Organize: Clownfish structures and functions4. Extend: Design an an

Ocean - Ocean Animal Research Unit - Ocean Journal and Crafts

Splash into learning with this Ocean animal unit! This 115 page unit includes fact pages for ocean animals, full color images of ocean animals, blackline masters for interactive crafts, and an adorable scuba kid craft. This unit will be great and engaging for kindergarten, first, and second grade students.These ocean animals are included in this unit:StarfishSea turtlesDolphinsWhalesOctopusSeahorseSharksOrca WhalesJellyfishStingraysCrabsAnimal Crafts:Starfish flipbook, Sea turtle craft, dolphin

Human Body Systems Research Project Printable and Digital BUNDLE

Upper elementary students learn about the systems of the human body and its functions in this fun, low prep printable and digital Google Slides™ research booklet. Students create an encyclopedia of information related to the Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Muscular, and Skeletal Systems. This Human Body Systems project is perfect for science notebooks, too!Included in Human Body Systems Research Project Bundle:✔ Printable AND digital Google Slides™ file student research booklet for

Biology Chat First Day of School Ice Breaker Lab Station Activity

The first day of school should be fun, not boring! This science lab ice breaker activity will help your students learn about their classmates, while serving as a diagnostic tool for the instructor. Do you want to be the fun teacher, or the one who reads the class syllabus out loud on the first day of school?What are the benefits of this activity?Group work is an important part of what we do in a science class. Each student will need a lab partner, and there will be many times in the classroom

Human Body Body Systems Unit - Reading Passages, Activities, Task Cards, Posters

Created by
Melissa Mazur
Is your science textbook outdated and lacking? Make learning about the human body and the body systems engaging! This unit contains reading passages with comprehension questions, activities, science labs, task cards, and vocabulary reference posters that you can use to enhance your unit on the human body.These reading passages with comprehension questions are the perfect way to quickly check for understanding while providing the students with background information on each topic. It is also the

CELLS CSI Investigation - Examining Plant and Animal Cells

Created by
*TOP SELLING ITEM* In this lesson, students will be given a mystery to solve, based on their knowledge of cells. To solve the mystery, they need to know the major differences between plant and animal cells. Students apply their knowledge to a "real-life" scenario in which they must classify cells as plant or animal. Students will record their conclusions in a forensic lab report similar to one that could be used in court. This is an excellent activity for the end of a unit on plant and animal ce

Food Chains Science Unit Lessons, Activities, and Crafts for Kindergarten

Engage your class in an exciting hands-on science unit on food chains for NINE different animal habitats! Perfect for science centers in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classrooms and packed full of engaging science activities.Students will learn about food chains in the Arctic, Antarctic, Desert, Mountain, Savanna, Forest, Freshwater, Ocean, and Rainforest habitats. This pack is great for homeschoolers, kindergarten curriculum, and first grade curriculum. Want more?Buy our ENDLESS K

Animal Habitats

Created by
Primary Punch
This mini-unit is fun and engaging, it will get your students up and moving around while learning about animal habitats! It was created for 2nd graders to study ten animal habitats (desert, arctic tundra, rainforest, mountains, grasslands, forest, freshwater, saltwater, cave and savannah). It is aligned to the NC State science essential standards for 2nd grade. It is designed in a similar manner to my Animal Kingdoms pack. Check out the preview!Page 1: Title PagePage 2: Product DescriptionPage 3

What Do Plants and Animals Need? {Aligns with NGSS K-LS1-1}

Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how: -On the TpT homepage, click on “MY TpT” (top right) -Click on “MY PURCHASES” -look for my product, if you see the words “NEWLY REVISED RE-DOWNLOAD” this means I have a newer, better version.. There i

Food Webs Centers | Science Weekly Five Stations

Food Webs Science Weekly Five™ Stations help introduce students to simple food webs and vocabulary.Updated for 2022. Stations are improved, an answer key was added, and everything you need is included in one easy PDF. Look out for more updated units!5 Quick and Simple Centers1. Read: How Do Organisms Get Energy?2. Explore: Use a table to make a food web3. Organize: Interpret a food web to classify organisms4. Extend: Read about honey bees and explain the possible effects of a decreased populatio

Ecosystems Interactive Notebook Pages - Print or Digital INB

Created by
Kesler Science
The Ecosystems Interactive Notebook Bundle is essential for teachers who want to provide their students with an interactive experience when teaching Ecosystems concepts.  Both print and digital versions are included in this purchase.  These Ecosystems activities are a fantastic resource for a traditional classroom setting, a 1:1 environment, or students who are distance learning. What Topics Are Included? Biotic and Abiotic FactorsBiodiversityBiomesCarbon CycleClassificationEnergy PyramidsFood W

Science Bell Ringer Journal for the Entire School Year: Middle & High School

Science bell ringer journal for the entire school year including 275 journal prompts for middle and high school students. This product provides teachers with an entire school year of science-themed journal prompts in an organized and focused way. The journal is organized by month with 25 entries per section. Students will strengthen their reading, science, writing and critical thinking skills with these unique, higher level thinking bell ringers. This product is created by Mrs Brosseau's Bind

A Zoo Day 7-Hour Complete Sub Plans Thematic Unit for Grades 5-6 Common Core

Created by
Lovin Lit
A Zoo Day 7-Hour Complete Sub Plans Thematic Unit for Grades 5-6 Common CoreFor Grades 5-6. This packet includes everything you need for a complete interdisciplinary interactive unit on zoo animals. I created this unit to leave with a sub for 5th-6th graders to complete in a day. The students work through the packet, completing activities for reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. Then, they will turn everything they've done into a lapbook. These plans work well to leave with a sub

Animal Research Project and Report {Easy Research Booklet & distance learning}

Make animal research easy with this simple, student driven unit! This product includes:Full unit plan for 3 weeks of instructionStudent animal selection cards"Everything I know about..." page to document what students know before starting the research"Everything I learned about..." page to compile research at the end of the projectTwo full page research report options to document learningAnimal Research booklet in full and half page options booklet pages include: habitat, geographic region with

Science Interactive Notebook - Human Body Systems

Engage your students with 35 Interactive Notebook activities for all of your human body unit needs. Our interactive notebook flippers will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about the major systems of the human body. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or as small group activities. The possibilities are endless!WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:• 190+ pages (35 activities) of NON-EDITABLE activities in PDF format including d

Animal Classification Flip Book & Passages | Posters, Animal Classification Sort

Use this flip book with passages, posters, and sorting mats to teach your students about the characteristics of six different animal classifications: birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and insects. 12 pages of informational passages about animal classifications are included. Pictures are provided for each characteristic of every animal class. Students write the characteristics and provide examples of each type of animal. The corresponding classification posters provide full color illust

Ecosystems Interactive Notebook - Worksheets Food Chain Producers and Consumers

Created by
Ecosystems and Ecology Unit for Interactive Science Notebook! {NOW DIGITAL & PAPER INCLUDED}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Earth Science (Entire) Curriculum.This product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized earth science interactive notebook. This resource is aligned with Ecosystems Interactive PowerPoint a

Science Interactive Notebook Paper + Digital - Cells

Engage your students with over 30 Cells Organelles and Processes Interactive Notebook activities for all of your cell unit needs. Our interactive notebook cut and paste flippers and online digital slides activities will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about cell organelles and cell processes. Use these activities as stand-alone lessons or as a supplement to our Cells Unit Bundle. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or

Monster Genetics (Traits, heredity, punnett squares, dominant, recessive)

Created by
Introducing and reviewing genetics (dominant/recessive traits) in your classroom? This activity pack is perfect for upper elementary and middle school! This Create-A-Monster Lab is engaging and fun while focusing on genetics and heredity in the classroom. Each student plays "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine which genes they inherit from their parents then their monster displays the dominant or recessive traits accordingly. My students thoroughly enjoyed this short lab to reinforce the vocab

Human Body Systems Bundle {Intermediate}

Keep students engaged with the multiple intelligences. Choose from a wide variety of activities to scaffold your students with these 504 PAGES TO MAKE THE HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS STICK!! ♥♥♥ {Barely containing my excitement here} Bundling all six products will save you 20%! Each {originally mini-unit} has been revised {2016} to FULL UNITS as part of this human body "Make it! Move it!" bundle. As always, they are created for maximum student engagement using the multiple intelligences. Please have a l
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