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American Revolution - Battles of the American RevolutionAim: Why did colonists choose sides and why were the battles of the American Revolution important?Included in this resource:• Title page • Americans Divided reading passage with Patriots vs. Loyalists definitions• Sides of the American Revoluti
The Revolutionary War is such a fun topic to teach and there are so many ways to make it engaging. In this unit you will find: 1) Several graphic organizers for King George III and George Washington, 2) A Venn Diagram with optional tags to paste. 3) 3 non-fiction passages 4) 1 texting activity
Revolutionary War Battle Project: Students research, create, act, and present! Google 1:1 Compatible! This Revolutionary War Battle Project is also part of the American Revolution Unit: The American Revolution Unit! Buy the Bundle and Save a Bundle! ------------------------ In this highly-en
American Revolution: Women and African-Americans! Giving Credit Where Credit Due! This Revolutionary War lesson on Women and African-Americans is also part of the American Revolution Unit: The American Revolution Unit! Buy the Bundle and Save a Bundle! ------------------------ In this Women an
This product is an American Revolution Battle Chart. It is two pages. One is the battle chart with pieces missing (student) and the other is complete (teacher). Product could be used as either teacher driven guided notes or as a homework assignment.Battles featured include Lexington and Concord,
Revolutionary War Breaks Out: American and British Strengths & Weaknesses!This lesson is included in the two larger bundles to save you big!Causes of the American Revolution Unit!American Revolution Unit!! Engaging and High Time on Task!Purchase either and save significantly!-----------In this l
Students will graphically organize the "road to revolution" through a cause and effect chart. This assignment can be given during or after a unit of study on the causes of the American Revolution. As students complete the chart they begin to understand the domino effect of the French and Indian War
Students compare and contrast reasons for colonization of the English settlers during early America. Students first write reasons the English settlers founded colonies for the groups: Virginians, Pilgrims, Puritans, and Quakers. Then, students write similarities of reasons among groups and finall
This resource pack explains the diversity of European languages as seen in a comparison of German, English, Russian, French, and Italian (as outlined by the Georgia Standard of Excellence -- SS6G10a). The presentation includes basic notes about each language family. There is an interactive activity,
This handout provides students with an opportunity to review (or be assessed) on the essential events that lead to colonies independence from British rule. It specifically addresses the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Townshend Act.
The purchase includes an engaging 25-slide presentation lecture that reviews the causes and effects of British Imperialism in India in the mid-1800’s and the Sepoy Mutiny. Students complete a creative lecture-notes template. Both Print & Digital (Google drive) versions included!This PowerPoint i
*** Download the George Washington Sample for Free ***Included:1 Completed Historical Stick figure filled out with answers2 Blank Historical Stick Figure3 Mass copies of the "face" of the historical person to print/cut/hand out to class (regardless of grade level, sometimes students find the histori
Condensed lesson summarizing the British colonization of the Americas from the lost colony of Roanoke to the development of the Three Colonial Regions. This product includes 24 colorful and interactive PowerPoint slides and a 2-page student-friendly infographic style notes sheet for students to fill
60 pages of Loyalist and Patriots! Facts and graphic organizers, writing, and so much more! So many GREAT ways to use this information! * Divide your class into Patriots and Loyalists. Have each group use the information included in this packet to make posters or individual reports on the people
This is a three slide powerpoint that uses an interactive map to show the economic relationships between England, the Thirteen Colonies and Africa during the 17th and 18th centuries. The PowerPoint comes complete with notes and a student note-taking map. Very interactive and interesting!
A Blooms Taxonomy unit plan for Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper. This unit includes craft and creative writing responses, graphic organisers, samples and photos of student learning, puzzles and more.
Students examine the problems and solutions that were dealt with at the Constitutional Convention just after the American Revolution. This includes a partially filled-in chart for ESL, at-risk, etc. students. There is also a key for the chart that works for both versions.
**Includes a Google version for DISTANCE LEARNING..... Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected so that only your class has access (no free public access). Thanks so much!This 9 page activity packet contains everything your students need to complete a Document Based Activi
The Fight for Democracy and the English Civil War: Class Notes, Assignments, and Key Vocabulary SUBJECT: Social Studies, British History LEVEL:Middle School, High School Are you looking for engaging resources to teach your students about Charles I, James I, and the English Civil War? This packag
As students learn about the events that led to the American Revolution, they can write their notes in this graphic organizer.
Every year that I teach figurative language and rhetorical analysis in Advanced Placement Language and Composition, I make sure to read George Orwell's narrative essay, "Shooting an Elephant." Use this digital activity with Google Classroom or print these no-prep worksheets for high school English L
Personal Note: I was observed during this lesson while teaching one of my 6th grade inclusion classes, and my AP was VERY happy! All of my students did a great job with this activity- actively engaged in the brainstorming. For some of my lower-level classes, I made sure that as soon as they were
**Includes a Google version for Distance Learning! Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no public access) Thanks!This 9 page packet contains everything your students need to complete a primary source document activity about the impact the Glorious, American and French
Middle Ages - Students are asked to compare and contrast the lives of the peasants / serfs with the lives of those who live in the Manor. Students must then complete "A Day In the Life Of..." for both a serf and a lord.A quick and easy review of the Middle Ages.Check out my other Middle Ages related

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