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This product is an American Revolution Battle Chart. It is two pages. One is the battle chart with pieces missing (student) and the other is complete (teacher). Product could be used as either teacher driven guided notes or as a homework assignment.Battles featured include Lexington and Concord,
Students will graphically organize the "road to revolution" through a cause and effect chart. This assignment can be given during or after a unit of study on the causes of the American Revolution. As students complete the chart they begin to understand the domino effect of the French and Indian War
New France Projects For All Abilities* Newly Revised - Aug 2020 - Updated wording to be more flexible, to work with whatever textbook / teaching resources you may be using. Additional resources & templates added where possible. Suitable for distance learning.A table of differentiated assignments
A series of worksheets/activities that focuses on British Imperialism in India. The Sepoy Mutiny is the focus of the first sheet and it has several graphics and questions for students to discuss as a group or for homework. It concludes with eight thought provoking questions and the teacher answer
Students read a two page excerpt of Charles Dicken's "Hard Times" to get a sense of what it was like to live and work during the Industrial Revolution. The source has difficult words defined on the side for lower level readers. For the assignment, students choose three quotes from the excerpt and
This mapping activity is over the Crusades. The Crusades Mapping Activity includes explicit instructions on how to complete the map as well as questions based on the map along with knowledge based questions on the Crusades.Students will label and color different aspects of the Crusades such as; citi
Utilizing a highly engaging website students will research the history of the Vikings and Viking life. They will also have an opportunity to creatively express what they've learned in drawings and comic strips. This can be an individual or team assignment; done in a computer lab or for homework if s
This bundle covers imperialism in many different regions around the world. Each individual listing contains more information about each product and previews. Please check out the PREVIEWS of the products to see exactly what you are getting. The ZIP file of each product (13 articles only) has a PDF
Students read and paraphrase two primary sources about British rule in India - one British and one Indian. Purpose of worksheet is to help students explore the viewpoints of the colonizer and the colonized.
Packet that contains three assignments on the social impact of the Industrial Revolution in England. The first assignment packet is a primary source activity that has students examine four problems with early industrial cities and workplaces. The second assignment is a short excerpt from Charles D
Students read two primary sources about the Sepoy Rebellion in India during the time of British rule. The purpose is for students to evaluate the sources for bias and explore the viewpoints of the colonizer and colonized.
Packet contains two assignments. The first assignment has students examine a variety of primary and secondary sources and relate it to the four reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in England (abundant natural resources, waterways for transportation and power, a large labor supply, and new i
*Now as a 2-page worksheet with additional answer key attached. I created this worksheet/ homework when teaching the unit: Child evacuees during World War 2. This can be used during, or as a follow-up to a lesson about World War 2 era posters. After having a discussion about how important informati
This product is a movie question guide for the Oscar winning movie Gandhi which is available on Amazon or YouTube (type in Gandhi 1982 and the full version should be there). I typically start the movie when Gandhi is on the train heading to South Africa. I skip the opening assassination scene beca
This product is a mapping activity for World War One. Students will label and color different aspects of World War One such as; cities, seas, assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, shade areas for the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente. This mapping activity includes 9 questions that test's students'
This homework is designed to allow students to create a small poster showing the changes Magna Carta brought to English law and government. Included in the zip file are pdf and editable ppt version of:1 - Regular, modified, and expanded worksheets.2 - Reading and instruction sheets3 - A crossword4
This is the morning work I created for my class to complete throughout our American Revolution unit. In the beginning, they will utilize their resources to research the answers. As we progress through the unit, students could complete this on their own as a review. This could be used as a preteachin
Two page reading about Stonehenge and archaeology. Includes new discoveries and theories. Two pages of questions include reading comprehension, vocabulary from context, map skills and critical thinking.
This writing assignment is designed to allow students to write a letter about the Siege of Yorktown in a fun and creative way.Students will use the following websites to gather information about the Siege of Yorktown:Yorktown National Park Servicehttp://www.nps.gov/york/historyculture/history-of-the
This group of 6 assignments and 37 visual and discussion starting bellringers will give you a good start in engaging your students in the beginning of a unit about the American Colonies. These should all be take and go assignments...little or no work by you to use. You can buy each of the assignme
This is a worksheet on the Spanish Armada attacking England and the speech Queen Elizabeth gives to rally her fellow countrymen. What you get: 1. A short one page read on the Spanish Armada and the Attack on England to include Queen Elizabeth's speech to the troops. 2. Followup questions ab
This product features three articles on the history of Stonehenge and Britain's other stone circles and henges. Reading comprehension questions follow each article. There is also a crossword puzzle that reinforces the information found in the articles. This is perfect to keep handy in your emergenc
Basic map of 13 colonies with the colonies labeled. 11 items to answer....some geography questions...some discussion questions.
This quick read goes over all of the major European alliances that occurred on the eve of World War I. It starts by explaining Otto von Bismarck's intent for making alliances in the 1870's. It covers the Three Emperor's League, the Dual Alliance, the Reinsurance Treaty, and the Triple Alliance. I

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