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Have your students ever visited London? Would you like to organize a virtual visit? Then this unit was designed for you and your students!Your London Calling Unit in detail:This is a set of 30 worksheets about the famous capital city of the United Kingdom, London. This original unit is available in
This dynamic Industrial Revolution lesson is an excellent hands-on activity in which students create "building blocks" on the beginning of industrialization and why it began in Great Britain. There are several options for how you might want to use the resources as well. First, there is an engaging P
About This Product: Lesson on The First Fleet – The Journey.Includes:⭐ A research activity looking at the life in England which led to the First Fleet voyage.⭐ A cloze passage to further help students understand the enormity of the voyage.⭐ The journey itself and a look at what provisions were packe
This English Civil War lesson includes a PowerPoint, video, and guided notes on the period of English history after the death of Queen Elizabeth I through the reign of William and Mary. The PowerPoint (and included Google Slides option) feature simple, visually engaging slides on each ruler and thei
Help your students learn more about life in Victorian England with these two engaging learning stations activities. Included are both print and digital versions to support distance learning. Your students will learn about life in Victorian London and about Victorian Workhouses.This stations activity
A complete study of the United States and World War II includes Japanese Internment Camps and treatment of foreign-born Americans. These three World War II activity stations plus identity cards and loyalty questionnaire bring this experience to light for students. Student directions, informational
"Serfs up"! Medieval Times — everything from knights and castles to Crusades and feudal feasts. About this Resource: Students will delight as they examine the many aspects of the Middle Ages including significant events, the roles of the people, and the different cultures. The unit starts off wit
American Revolution Webquest (War of Independence 1775-1783)The website is great for students in grades 4-9, click here to view the website.Students will gain basic knowledge about the following American Revolution topics by completing an internet-based worksheet:Taxation without representation13 Co
4 World War II Code and Code Breaking activities engages students in the importance of codes in World War 2. Students learn about World War II when they: - practice morse code- decipher secret codes- send V-Mail- communicate using code. Included in this resource: - Suggested different uses for act
The Important Battles of the American Revolution Webquest uses a great website that allows students to get a better understanding of ten major battles during the American Revolution. The webquest also covers battle tactics, generals, and the goals of the major campaigns during the Revolutionary War.
American Revolution 13 Colonies bundle of activities. This is a 42 page activity packet and answer key to help teach your students about the 13 American colonies and the Revolutionary War. Students will be looking at aspects of the 13 Colonies such as: economy, government, culture, geography, famous
Revolutionary War Vocabulary Basketball Game Activity. This is a fun vocabulary review game about the Road to the Revolutionary War that your students will love! This is a 4-page document that is meant to make learning vocabulary words more enjoyable for your students. This packet includes detailed
This lesson provides a fun educational gallery walk for students to learn about the various methods of protest utilized by the colonists. Each station depicts a different type of protest, including, boycotting, a spinning bee, a boycott of merchants, a tarring and feathering and an effigy hanging.
Spying in the American Revolution Webquest Students will gain knowledge about the importance of spying in winning the American Revolution by completing an internet-based worksheet. Spying in the American Revolution Webquest uses a great website that allows student to learn how George Washington was
This interactive America Revolution Revolutionary War Spy simulation activity will find your students playing the role of Patriot spies during the Revolutionary War. Students will try to decipher codes and be able to deliver a message safely. Students will work in groups and will roll a die as they
Students will gain basic knowledge about Shakespeare by completing an internet-based worksheet. The Shakespeare Webquest uses a great website created by the BBC. The website allows students to explore the key events of Shakespeare’s life in a very kid friendly website.IMPORTANT: Please check this BB
Students engage in reading and activities about living on the Home front in the United States during World War II. In these 6 station activities, students plan victory gardens, explore ration cards, play with puzzles, and discover the art of radio plays. Included in this ready-to-use resources-
Imperialism in India - Sepoy Rebellion (Reading, Questions, Research) - This 5 page resource centers on the Sepoy Rebellion during the time of imperialism in India. The resource includes a one page reading on the causes, events and outcome of the Sepoy Rebellion and its significance during the peri
This is a zipped folder with an editable Word / PowerPoint version and a PDF version of each file: - a lesson plan about ordering B.C. and A.D. dates and events from the Roman Empire - an activity on ordering B.C. and A.D. dates and events from the Roman Empire Alternatively you can buy this produ
The Globe Theatre Presentation: The Globe Theatre, known for its association with William Shakespeare, is the most famous theatre in the world! Transport your students back in time to Renaissance England to give them a tour of this literary landmark.=================================================
** This resource is also part of a BUNDLE at a discounted price here. ** In this Episode, your students will follow the events surrounding the writing of the Declaration of Independence. A Quiz Set to go along with the PBS Video Series - Liberty's Kids. This set includes 2 levels of quizzes in 2 gr
In this lesson students will learn about the Battle of Yorktown, the last major battle of the American Revolution and the eventual surrender of Cornwallis to Washington. Throughout the lesson there is a writing prompt, graphics, illustrations, graphic organizers, maps, readings and comprehension que
Let's visit Dublin ! Take your students on a learning journey or let them explore the city by themselves with these group work activities.This is a full lesson.Your students will learn about:♣ the geography♣ the history and more precisely about the Great Potato Famine♣ famous Dubliners♣ the Dublin
This stand alone lesson teaches children about chronology and historical events. Children start by ordering a set of cards with dates on then learning what the terms BC and AD stand for. They can then have a go at re-ordering their cards with their newfound knowledge and then complete and activity s

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