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This rap will help integrate the causes of the American Revolutionary War into a musical rap or poem for all students. Research shows that when information is presented in a different format it helps the students remember it more. This rap helped my struggling students remember dates and specific na
I used the song C.R.E.A.M (Cash rules everything around me) by Wu Tang and made it Castles Rise Everywhere Around Me. This song is all about the different social groups that took part in feudalism and the Manorial System. Here is a preview down below. Serfs grew food on land that was arable Being
This song is based off the song by the Notorious BIG which is based off LL COOL J's going back to Cali. The first verse is based on Henry and the second verse is based off of Mary Tudor. Girls always volunteer to do the part of Bloody Mary. Very rarely do I have to rap the Bloody Mary part. V
This bundle includes original song lyrics plus a Western Action/Chinese Response organizer of Western influence in China. This rap is performed to the Busta Rhymes song, "Put your hands where my eyes can see" and is all about the Opium War in China (Here is a preview) If I give you silver and tea
One of my absolute favorite projects. THE STUDENTS LOVE IT! Objective: Students learn about the events leading up to the American Revolution including the Pontiac's War (Pontiac's Rebellion), Proclamation of 1763, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre, Tea Act, Bos
If you need engaging activities, songs and hands on projects to enhance your unit this is for you! This product includes: Taxes Flip Book (study guide) Taxes Protesting Poster Activity Steps to the Revolution Activity and Classroom Posters Hanging Biography project Recipe for “Firecake” & Reci
This is a song from the film "Mary Poppins". You can use it to practise listening skills and vocabulary. It's also a good resource to trigger a debate on Women's rights.
The video has all you will need to teach a simple tuned accompaniment using a maximum of 4 notes Or even more simply the song itself ,which, as a folk song has historical references to Bonny Prince Charlie There are parts for the guitar and or ukulele and a simple harmony to extend your more able le
This song comparison activity has students compare the lyrics of 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' and 'God Save the King'!Page 1: Lyric ComparisonPage 2: Similarities and Differences T-Chart and YouTube linksThis activity can be completed online or in person.I hope you find this resource useful! :)
Travel to Scotland through song with your students in this lesson which focuses on cultural expression through traditional Scottish songs. Scots Dialect is one of the three languages spoken in Scotland. However, it is very similar to English making it accessible for teaching songs. The awesome part
After listening to the song "You'll Be Back" from the broadway musical Hamilton, students will analyze the meaning of the lyrics and gain a better understanding of the relationship between King George III and the colonists.
This is a QR Code activity like no other. It takes students to different video links that have a rap, an animated cartoon, a song parody, etc. Students will need a cell phone to do this activity. All show up on their phones, however, they might have to use their own wi-fi on their phone. You could u
*** $3.00 ***Players do not need to be able to read music in order to play this piece!Age Appropriate for:• Upper elementary• Middle School• High School• AdultMaterials Include:• Instructions for playing• Musical arrangement of the song• Individual printable sheets for each assigned Bell or Tone Chi
Lyrics for the Magna Carta Song by the BBC program Horrible Histories
BBC's Horrible Histories- Song sung by Mary Tudor Lyrics
A great poem / rap version of the complete story of Hamlet told in 14 verses (plus chorus!). It was devised by young students on a theater summer camp and was performed to a rap-style backing track. This is great for festivals and speech competitions, performance poetry sessions, or just for fun per
Want a fun way to open up dialogue with your students about Australia's convict history? "Botany Bay" is a song that outlines some of the reasons for "transportation" from the First Fleet onwards. It also introduces some literacy concepts to do with language changing over time and between places. Th
This PDF is to supplement the podcast History Detective. Case 1: Bite the Bullet, explores the story of Rani of Jhansi, Lakshmibai, the Indian Warrior Queen who fought against the British. These resources could be used a context study for a unit on Indian Independence or on British Imperialism. Acco
**** Runs off the Flash Player - Check to see if you have the updated Free Flash Player. Go to http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html to update your computer. A great way to start the English Civil War or explain how it happened. Have fun with this one! Pictures and text to the Oliver Cromwell Son

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