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Escape room lesson plans are ideal for reviewing key skills in your curriculum. They can be used to review or for test prep as state assessments approach. An escape room activity in the classroom instantly hooks your students! Engagement is key, so let's set the stage to engage our learners!This esc
Looking for a FUN, ENGAGING, and INTERACTIVE packet to supplement your study of the American Revolution? Well, look no further - this print-and-go packet includes 35 foldables with student directions and complete suggested answer keys. Make your lesson planning a breeze with this interactive product
This a comprehensive overview of the events that led up to the American Revolution, beginning with the French & Indian War and ending just after the Battle of Bunker Hill when King George III issued a proclamation of rebellion. With 6 categories and 7 questions per category, your students are s
Covering all the curriculum requirements for the entire year; this set of 7 lapbooks make your social studies program a breeze.Each lapbook comes with:-Full colour Teacher Version-Binder cover and spine for each lapbook to keep you organized-Full Colour Student Version-Greyscale Student Version-Summ
This a comprehensive overview of the New England Colonies. With 6 categories and 7 questions per category, your students are sure to hit everything they need to know about the New England Colonies. The colonies covered include Massachusetts Bay (including some of the earlier Plymouth Colony), New Ha
This 40-question test will assess your student’s knowledge of the Unit on New Imperialism in your secondary World History class. Questions include matching and multiple-choice. Key is included. A jeopardy review game is also included. The test questions are based on the following California state s
This contains all of my American Revolution goodies I use throughout my unit in my fourth grade classroom! This is my favorite unit of the year, so I try to bring the causes alive as I am teaching this unit! This could be adjusted to fit the needs of third grade or a higher grade classroom. Includ
This is the morning work I created for my class to complete throughout our American Revolution unit. In the beginning, they will utilize their resources to research the answers. As we progress through the unit, students could complete this on their own as a review. This could be used as a preteachin
Looking for a FUN & ENGAGING review game to supplement your study of the American Revolution? Well, this whole class review game ("I Have...Who Has?") is the just-right thing for you! Teacher Directions: Shuffle the cards and pass one out to each student. *Note: this game was formatted for a cl
Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies and Early Slavery Review and Test Prep 16 task cards over the Middle Colonies 1 – Middle Colonies recording sheet 16 task cards over the Southern Colonies 1 – Southern Colonies recording sheet 16 task cards over Early Colonial Slavery 1- Early Slavery recordi
Industrial Revolution Unit Test / Exam / Assessment provides a variety of 60 multiple choice, matching and true/false questions. Also Included are 2 extended essay response questions.This product is also sold as part of the Industrial Revolution Activity Bundle AND the Industrial Revolution Unit Bun
This invention activity assesses student knowledge on inventors like James Watt and Eli Whitney, inventions like bicycles and steamboats and the results of these innovations through 22 questions. I used crossword puzzles as as either test prep or as assessment. Stay in touch and follow me on Faceboo
Quiz Questions come from the mini biographies. See my other 8 biography quizzes for Thurgood Marshall, Mary McLeod Bethune, Lyndon B. Johnson, etc ;)
American Revolution Revolutionary War Cake Walk Review Game. This Revolutionary War review game is sure to be a hit with your class! Students will be moving around the room to music and will have to stop on a number and answer a question about the American Revolution. Included in the resource is: -
This crossword puzzle covers the causes World War One as well as developments and peace through 27 questions covering a lot of material from the race for colonies, assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, trench warfare, self-determination, League of Nations and more.Use this handout as as a review,
This document gives a timeline biography of King Henry VIII and his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I.
This booklet contains 71 pages of questions, mind maps, timelines and tables for your students to complete. It is designed to aid your students' understanding of a complex series of events in England. The Wars of the Roses saw a civil war between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists in late Medieval En
Garantizados para aumentar las puntuaciones de comprensión, lectura, escritura y prueba! Este paquete cubre el valor de un semestre de información es bien vale la pena el costoEl paquete incluye toda la información esencial desde el primer semestre del 10º grado Mundial (World) plan de estudios de H
This American Revolution Revolutionary War Quiz is perfect for your classroom. There are questions about key vocabulary, famous people, important events and there are even a few short answer questions that make students use evidence they have learned to support their answers. Included with this res
Este paquete incluye todas las palabras de vocabulario y conceptos esenciales de mayor pensamiento desde el primer semestre del Estado de Nueva York 10 ° grado Mundial (World) Historia currículo. Está 100% alineado-Regentes.Es una de 10 páginas organizador gráfico con efectos visuales, gráficos, map
This handout covers the relationship between Colonial America with Great Britain through 20 questions on people including people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and concepts like mercantilism and enlightenment as well as factors such as trade, slavery and immigration. Some of the terms
This handout covers the American War of Independence from Great Britain with 25 questions that tests students’ knowledge on people including Adams, Cornwallis, Jefferson and Lafayette to events like the Stamp Act, Declaration of Independence and the Boston Massacre.This activity can be used for test
A map of the UK with 16 different regions, cities, landforms and bodies of water to label.
This 5-question, multiple-choice assessment can be used as a Ticket Out the Door or as a short Formative. There are questions of varying Lexile levels.

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