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Personal Financial Literacy Shark Tank Project: Create Your Own Business

This product includes: financial literacy vocabulary cards with terms and definitions, step by step packet to create a business, checklists to ensure each step is satisfied, exemplars, links to kid appropriate shark tank videos, and a grading rubric for the final presentation. Students will be asked to create a GOOD or a SERVICE and figure out what problem it solves or how it improves on a product that is already established. They will have to think about why their product is better than other

Economic Resources - Natural, Human, and Capital (SOL 2.8)

Teach your students the difference between natural, human and capital resources with these fun activities aligned to SOL 2.8. These activities give students several opportunities to identify examples of each resource.This product includes:Vocabulary anchor chartsFillable student notes - one for each kind of resource"Spot the Resource" ActivitySort the resources - cut and paste activity (great formative assessment!)How does "Spot the Resource" Work?Students study a photo and try to find examples

24 Illustrated Word Wall Posters for Persuasion, Propaganda, and Advertising

This set includes 24 colorful, illustrated word wall posters with relevant definitions and examples written in kid-friendly language. Vocabulary included: Ad Hominem Appeal to Emotion Appeal to Reason Argument by Cause and Effect Bait and Switch Bandwagon Bias Counter-Argument Exaggeration Fallacy Glittering Generalities Loaded Term Persuasion Plain Folks Propaganda Repetition Stereotype Testimonial Transfer You can get the full unit with powerpoint and maze worksheet here:

Business Organizations Gallery Walk

Let's get the students up and moving! Students will learn about sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, franchises, cooperatives, and nonprofit organizations. While the activity was built for an Economics unit, it can also be used in Business and Finance, as well! This activity is a great way for students to gain knowledge, while also getting the chance to take a break from their desk! The activity is social distancing-approved! Can't let them move around yet or your students are

BUNDLE - Business/ Accounting: Intro to Accounting Handouts & Powerpoint

Includes:- Business types (ownership)- Transactions- Account types- Financial Position (Accounting Equation)- The Balance Sheet- Simple Ledgers- T-Accounts- Debit and Credit Theory- and moreRecommended for Grade 11 Accounting - Can use some resources for Grade 10 BusinessHandouts & Powerpoint Lessons**Remember to rate products to enhance their quality. Your feedback is important!**

SMORE Ways to Be Safe Online Computer Bulletin Board

SMORE Ways to be a Safe Online -Computer Bulletin Board This camping themed bulletin board reminds students how to stay safe when working or playing online. This download features 15 things students can do to be safe online presented on a marshmallows, chocolate squares and graham crackers. Some of the tips: Don’t fall for online scams. Don’t give out your address or phone number. Use strong passwords that are hard to guess. Tell your parents if someone online says or does something that ma

BUSINESS Vocabulary Posters | Word Wall Terms | Marketing Class | Test Prep

This handy business vocabulary resource includes 96 terms! It will save you loads of time in preparing your word wall and bulletin board displays. In addition, you'll receive editable posters to customize for your classroom. Each of the 96 terms has been created in black and white for super easy printing. It's easy to make them colorful with your choice of colored paper. Print one, two, or four per page for TONS of uses!Creative Uses for Wall Words:- Term of the Day- Flash Cards- Words of the We

Business Cycle Poster Project Economics Macroeconomics + Google Slides Option

Business Cycles in the US!!!Poster Project or Google Classroom Assignment!!!ObjectiveStudents will utilize their understanding of business cycle, the various economic indicators, as well as fiscal and monetary policy to create a macroeconomic policy making and business cycle poster.Definition/BackgroundBusiness cycles are the rise and fall in production output of goods and services in an economy. The stages in the business cycle include expansion, peak, recession or contraction, depression, trou

25 Awesome Funny Useful Business Education Classroom Posters Signs Bundle

Some of these are actually pretty funny - the kids love them. Some are for general/any classroom usage. Nice visual aids that actually enforce obvious classroom rules and procedures or give helpful tips for surviving in a Business Education classroom!Bundle of posters includes:1. 7 Parts of a Business Plan Poster2. Bell Doesn’t Dismiss You Poster3. Garbage Can Basketball Poster4. I Can See Your Cell Phone Funny Sign Poster5. No Food or Drink Sign in the Lab Sign Poster6. Please Use Spell Check

Economic Goals Poster Project or Google Slides Activity Fundamental Economics

This project is designed to allow students to be creative with a high school Economics course content. The nine economic goals of freedom, security, equity, growth, efficiency, price stability, full employment, and sustainability are considered characteristics to compare the various economic systems. Each goal, achieved by itself, improves the overall well-being of society. ObjectiveStudents will create an economic goals poster for the purpose of mastering the various economic goals.Included in

Email Etiquette How to Write an Email

Help your students write proper emails! This "Email Etiquette: How to Write an Email" poster and handout walks students through the five steps of writing an effective email. There is a color copy (for poster use) and gray-scale copy (for handout use) included in your download. Writing emails is an important life skill that every student should know in the twenty-first century!About Wondering with Mrs. Watto:Welcome! I am a middle school English teacher who creates graphic organizers, posters, an

Computer Lab Posters & Decor Bundle

Everything you need for the Computer Lab! Includes 6 Poster Sets, Computer Themed Computer Number Cards, and Computer Repair Slips. Bundle Includes:Computer Lab Rules PostersComputer Parts/Hardware PostersMouse Pointers PostersComputer Shortcut KeysBasic Internet Terms PostersKeyboarding PostersComputer Number CardsComputer Repair Slips

*NEW* Business Law - Understanding Social Media User Agreements

Students will explore the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies for 5 major social media networks. They will work in teams to create giant phone posters that will display the important information that they "agree" to when signing up for these sites. We will be hanging them up in the school so they can teach their peers what they are accepting when they sign up for these accounts. You will get the instructions / Rubric and legal documents needed for each social media platform. *The legal doc

Business, Teamwork, Soft Skills, SEL, Digital, Social Media Communications

Incorporate new tech skills along with Social Emotional Learning in your curriculum along with a lesson on 'Teamwork'. This lesson plan will work in-person or virtually. You and students will require access to computers to create the Teamwork Social Media Posts. Help students to learn and apply teamwork skills. I use this lesson to reinforce Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness, SEL, and collaboration skills in my Business and Workplace Readiness courses. Students will gain an understanding of

Stock Market Project -Students Research a Company's Performance, CCSS

This is a project in which students research a major top company from the stock market and input the information onto a nice poster for display. Students will sign up for a company in the stock market to learn about the company's background, factors of production, financial/stock information, stock performance, new releases, and will culminate in their own analysis. Product includes: OverviewCriteria handout for poster optionCriteria handout for slideshow option6-page sign-up sheetRubricNote: Th

Movie Poster Assignment

Created by
Aggie Girl
Students create a new, unique poster for a movie. Assignment contains details of assignment, recommended tools to use, a 1 page assignment/rubric. Easy for students to understand, easy for instructor to assess. I use this as an assignment for my High School Marketing/Advertising class to conclude how movies are promoted.

80 Business Posters BUNDLE | Business Classroom Decor Pack

Download this business posters bundle, great for business classroom bulletin boards. The bundle includes 5 products (80 posters), and the posters contain quotes about business, innovation, success, marketing and entrepreneurship.FORMAT: PDF FilesI know that your students and colleagues will love these posters - if I can help in any way please get in touch!GET TPT CREDIT TO USE AGAINST FUTURE PURCHASES!If you go to your 'My Purchases' page, beside each purchase you will see a Provide Feedback but

Accounting Classroom Posters

Created by
Accounting Classroom PostersProduct includes 11 printable postersPosters are .PNG Can be printed using a poster printer for large classroom posters or you can print and laminate them for a long lasting productPosters are bright and colorful

25 Awesome Funny Computer Lab Classroom Posters Signs Bundle

These are actually pretty funny - the kids love them. Nice visual aids that actually enforce obvious classroom rules and procedures or give helpful tips for surviving in the computer lab!Bundle of posters includes:1. Basic Computer Lab Sign Poster2. Computer Labrador Dog Funny Sign Poster3. Copy Paste Delete Sign Poster Funny4. Floppy Disks Never Forget Funny Sign Poster5. I Can See Your Cell Phone Funny Sign Poster6. I Will Not Unblock Sites For You Funny Sign Poster7. KEEP CALM and Click Undo

Economics and Business Year 7 Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Posters

Year 7 Economics and Business Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Posters - EDITABLE- KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING- SKILLSThe Year 7 curriculum gives students the opportunity to further develop their understanding of economics and business concepts by exploring what it means to be a consumer, a worker and a producer in the market, and the relationships between these groups. Students explore the characteristics of successful businesses and consider how entrepreneurial behaviour contributes to

Bundle of Ten Economic Projects High School Economics Google Slides

Do you want your students to understand and apply major topics in economics? These are the products for you! These product allows your students to take ownership over the material and create individualized scenarios to ensure their mastery of the major principles in the course. Also, the students will be presented with an opportunity to use their creativity to apply concepts, illustrate pictures, and graphs.*Nine of the ten assignments include a Google Slides version of the assignment for Distan

Billionaire Research Project and Classroom Décor

A great collaborative activity for students to conduct business research, report their findings, and display a student-created classroom creation! A great way to get the students working together!Students research a billionaire of their choice and learn the qualities of successful people. This file includes:An introductory discovery activity on the qualities of a billionaire.A collaborative student file.A collaborative file for the billionaire head shots.Step-by-step teacher instructions on h

Editable Tutor Flyer- Start your Business today

Created by
Lovie's Lessons
Have you been thinking about your starting your own business, look no farther. Start your Tutoring business today with this colorful, editable, Print & Go Tutor Flyer. Show case your talents and skills on one sheet.

Keyboarding- Finger Diagram

Keyboarding- Finger Diagram This is a great visual aid to help students familiarize themselves with what finger strikes each key on the keyboard. Students can use this as a reference. It can be printed out on colored paper to make it easier for students to locate. *Please see our store for a fun coloring in the keyboard assignment- (Keyboarding- Coloring in the Keyboard) that you can use this finger diagram with.*
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