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One of the hardest things for students to do is to refrain from saying hurtful words to other classmates. This excellent back to school classroom management lesson is a visual reminder of what it is like if hurtful words are spoken. Students will compare the difficulty of putting toothpaste back int
Character Education: Leadership PowerPoint - Ten Qualities of a Good Leader Presentation. Helpful at the beginning of the year or as first week of school activity. Includes ten qualities that make a good leader, partner activity, writing assignment, and review questions. Some of the characteristics
This interactive, eye-catching lesson on bullying will have everyones attention!In this 4th/5th grade classroom lesson, "Bullying - What it is, what it isn't, and how to stop it", students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Practice identifying mean vs. bullying with
Students will be able to describe the differences among aggressive, passive, and assertive responses to conflict.Students will be able to identify their present conflict style.Students will be able to identify working to resolve problems as the most effective response to conflict.Benchmark: CTE.9-12
Teach your students what you really want them to know about What Bullying Is, What It Isn't, and How To Stop It in this 30 minute lesson!In this classroom lesson, students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Practice identifying mean vs. bullying with short, engaging
Use this presentation to introduce the concept of 3 types of strangers to your students. This 28-page PDF presentation teaches the concepts of 3 types of strangers with scenario questions, trusted adults, answering the phone safely, and what to do when a stranger is at the door. This stranger danger
This lesson is a static PDF and is a NO PRINT resource. Do you have difficulty finding meaningful lessons that target critical thinking skills in older students? This lesson is perfect for you! This lesson was written to empower students to think critically and practice responsibility when using onl
Teach your 2nd grade students what you really want them to know about What Bullying Is, What It Isn't, and How To Stop It in this 30 minute lesson!In this classroom lesson, students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Learn how to stand up for themselves and others u
Introduce your students to the basics of human rights with this Introduction to Human Rights PowerPoint. Students will also be given the opportunity to discuss how their choices have consequences and how this could affect the rights of others.Introduction to Human Rights PowerPoint slide titles inc
Only $1.99. Students will excel when they tap into how their brain learns. When students are made aware of things they can do to help themselves learn, they no longer feel helpless or like learning is something that just happens. Use this introduction to explore learning with your students and have
This interactive lesson on offline & online bullying and meanness will have everyone's attention! This tried and true lesson, used and tweaked for 2 years before it's release, is now ready for YOU! This 5th/6th grade classroom lesson, "Bullying - What it is, What it isn't, and How to stop it Of
This pre-planned presentation on Transactional Analysis is anything but canned. (Get it? Canned?) Transactional Analysis can be super useful in the school setting! Who says there's no time for theory in school counseling? Using mason jar piggy banks and basic banking terms, this lesson covers... ♥
This chapter will allow a teacher to express the importance of having boundaries in and out of the classroom. Students will learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, respect others' boundaries, reflect on their own personal boundaries, and more. It also discusses different communicatio
This social studies SmartBoard Lesson is designed to be used as a teaching tool to help guide your instruction as you teach about the character traits of Franklin Roosevelt. This lesson contains 6 slides with pictures and internet links about various events in Roosevelt's life where he demonstrated
This is a PPT to introduce and teach what respectful and responsible looks and sounds like in a classroom. It ends with breaking the kids into teams to play "The Behavior Game" based on content covered in the PPT.
This powerpoint provides students in grades 6-12 with information about mental health and how it is negatively affected by alcohol use. Students are educated about the negative effects of teen drinking and provided with healthy alternatives to improving their mood. This slide looks at the science be
** Updated **This is a Healthy Relationships power point that I created to present to the girls PE classes. It is appropriate for grades 7-12. There are 17 slides (not including the title slide). This power point can be used alone. There is an opportunity for discussion and input from the students w
This PPT discusses the 8 basic emotions (love, empathy, fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, happiness, sadness) with pictures and definitions included. This is a required topic in most health and wellness classes. There are videos and writing activities included. This lesson is aligned with the state of T
A brief introduction to internet safety. It introduces positives and negatives to the internet, as well as privacy, and results from an internet safety survey.
What students need to know about middle school and how to get the most of it.
This Google Slides presentation discusses the signs and symptoms of depression. This is an incredibly important topic for middle and high school health courses. This is also an important topic for school guidance counselors to discuss with students. Included in this resource are two Google Docs acti
Share with colleagues and others the idea of the culture of poverty and what must be done to break the cycle. Based loosely upon Ruby Paynes' Culture of Poverty, but created using quick points to create a short but powerful PLC (Professional Learning Community) meeting for staff.
Kirt Manecke, author of the award-winning book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today's Wired World, talks to students at Oak Valley Middle School in Commerce, Michigan. Kirt talks about the importance of having good social skills, job skills and providing amazing customer
All people hold certain stereotypes about members of other groups. Many stereotypes are merely cultural expectations about our world or short-hand ways of dealing with its complex reality. However, prejudiced people think in terms of these images, and they do so in ways that are potentially abusive.

showing 1-24 of 184 results

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