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Escape Room for students working on emotional regulation. Skills covered include identifying their energy zone, identifying emotions, appropriate zones reactions.Students are trying to solve the riddles in time before it is too late! Students use their problem solving skills, teamwork, and their kno
This interactive, hands-on simulation activity is perfect to teach your students about needs and wants, and to help them understand the consequences of choosing needs or wants in real life situations.Everything you need to teach about wants and needs, including a lesson plan, simulation activity wit
Educational and fun, this anti-bullying game is perfect for students who are learning at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. The game presents children with real-life scenarios. They’ll learn to solve conflicts, be kind, and stand up to bullying. Two to six children can play. They can be o
Have you ever noticed that we hardly ever teach our students explicitly how to work together on a project? How to stand up for themselves while still being respectful? How to resolve conflicts peacefully but fairly? We just sort of expect them to have learned it last year. :p If you assign group
These 6 brief, engaging lessons allow students to make connections between an interactive demonstration and the real issues of bullying and aggression that they often confront in their daily lives. The demonstration itself, and the connection (explanation) that are described in this document are d
Does your school have a Special Needs Awareness Week? Do you need to teach your students empathy? If so, this is a great way to meet your students' needs! This is a presentation that focuses on learning disabilities. This bundle includes an editable lesson plan, a PowerPoint Presentation, a PDF vers
Make your classroom management work for you by teaching financial literacy and responsibility - all while holding students accountable all year long. How Does It Work? Provide your students with a Class Cash paycheck just for attending school. Let your students take true ownership of the Class Cash
This is a classroom behavior system I came up with after piecing different ideas together. The general idea of this is to get students using real-world skills such as writing checks, earning a paycheck, depositing and withdrawing money, and filling out a checkbook register. Each student has a job,
Classroom jobs help students to take pride and responsibility for their classroom. I use this job application form to find out who really wants a particular job. Students learn that spelling, punctuation, and grammar is important when filling out an application. I also do informal interviews. Thi
Do you want to see what your students remember about your classroom rules and routines? Do they need a refresher after a school break? Do you want to give them a fun challenge that helps them remember these rules and routines? If the answer to these questions is YES! then this is the product for
Ten scenarios that deal with different ethical scenarios involving various digital technologies in today's society. A scenario is described and questions are posed to generate discussion in a classroom or a small group setting. Also, on many scenarios there are projects suggested where students can
Every classroom in the world is comprised of students who learn differently. Our students are surrounded by peers who have learning disabilities, speech disorders, attention deficits, and more!  Are we teaching our kids about these differences?  Are we equipping them to help their peers and show emp
Pre-made social stories pages to be read aloud to reinforce behavior and social skills inside and outside the classroom. Just insert a photograph of the student attending to the activity in real life to personalize it. Pick and choose pages to customize the student's day and laminate and bind for du
It is important to use authentic language when creating your classroom jobs. Students should be introduced to this rich vocabulary and develop a sense of professionalism in the classroom. By using authentic language the “on the job” expectation will be reinforced in your classroom. Classroom emplo
BUSINESS MANAGER JOBS (For distance learning too, plus 2 Lessons)With this resource, you now have access to a revolutionary business manager classroom job strategy that will transform your classroom in a positive and bustling business environment. These specific “REAL WORLD” classroom jobs make a la
The format for this 32 page guide has been employed in a variety of ways in the classroom: in game show form, in cooperative teams, and in whole class discussion. Some scenarios are geared for older teens so use your discretion for which circumstances best apply to your audience. The bolded “ans
We all try to create socially responsible and aware students. This activity, though nominally based around mural creation, is really an experiential learning social justice lesson about the effects of resource inequality and discrimination. It is one of the most effective ways of helping students
This Simulation is a real-life case study that will help students understand conflict resolution/mediation/ as well as challenges in modern communities. After being given roles to play in a large conflict, students will have to think critically, act empathetically, and speak directly in order for a
This document plays a huge role in students understanding how to set goals to accomplish success. Some of the information on the goals sheet for personal and academic: What are you trying to achieve? What is your ultimate purpose?What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? What do you hope to
Character Playbook - FREE Digital Resource for teaching Character Education and Social Emotional Learning - http://bit.ly/2yJkwzj Character Playbook is an innovative digital course that uses evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during
LEARNING AND EARNING WITH MOOLA motivates and energizes kids to want to come to school and learn. MOOLA money is like a score card—it becomes a tool that offers students hands-on rewards for completed tasks, for positive behavior, and for courteous cooperation. MOOLA is a perfect end of year activi
"Blue Balloon" is a 5-minute mindfulness meditation session with guided prompts. I wrote this meditation for the use of my middle school students who are studying Buddhism. I recorded the music personally, and am available for composition and freelance music production, as well as releasing free mus
These questions are based on daily situations that can happen to anybody... what will you do when it happens it you? Will you be prepared to handle on-the-spot incidents? Will you have the right skills and ability to do what is right? Will you feel out of place, awkward, or embarrassed if you
Give your students an opportunity to participate in an election without all the political contentiousness of the 2016 election year! Fairy Tale Kingdom is getting ready to elect a new President. Hansel, Snow White and Jack B. Stalk are all running for the position. In addition, there are three i

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