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Chemistry Resources

63,221 results

States of Matter for Kids: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Created by
Miss DeCarbo
This states of matter science unit is packed with activities, including five hands-on science experiments you can use to teach your students about the states of matter. Students will learn about solids, liquids, gases, evaporation, melting, freezing, heating, changing properties, and more! Emphasis is placed on how matter changes from one form to another. 12 learning posters, science vocabulary cards, teacher directions, and activity printables are included. Celebrate your students' learning at

States of matter Fold and Learn

Created by
Lita Lita
This is a foldable that can be used in different grades. This craft has been adapted for two levels (one with some writing). It includes: Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases. Examples of the particles. A classify worksheet. And cute characters craftivity. I have also included the Spanish version: Estados de la Materia. See the thumbnails to know what it is included. UPDATED August 2015 You can find similar activities in my store: >SCIENCE FOLD AND LEARN Do you like my Science Fold

Gummy Bear Science Lab

Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how: -On the TpT homepage, click on “MY TpT” (top right) -Click on “MY PURCHASES” -look for my product, if you see the words “NEWLY REVISED RE-DOWNLOAD” this means I have a newer, better version.. There i

Learning How to Use Science Tools: Science Notebook Recording Sheets

This mini-unit is perfect for the first days of school when you are busy teaching routines and expectations. It includes 6 very simple, hands-on science activities that give children the opportunity to practice using science tools common in most primary classrooms. Activities include: *How Many Drops of Water Fit on a Penny (dropper) *How Many Scoops Fit in Your Cup? (measuring cups) *Using a Hand Lens to Match Tiny and Big Pictures *Using a Balance to Compare Weights *Making Kool-Aid "Fizz" *S

Physical Science Interactive Notebook - Complete Bundle

SCIENCE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCEThis product is a compilation of ALL Physical Science Interactive Notebook chapters. This download will save you 20% off the individually listed chapters!Each activity enables students to process the information given by the teacher then allows them to use self-direction to apply their new knowledge. The engaging activities always vary in order for all students to use and benefit from different learning styles. Activities included correlating wi

States of Matter Unit: Solid, Liquid, Gas

Created by
Nicole Shelby
This complete unit will provide you with many hands-on activities to teach matter. It includes: - Day by Day Lesson Sketch (with learning targets and vocabulary) - Hands-on Activity Directions and Lab Sheets- Oobleck lab, Density and Buoyancy Lab, Chemical and Physical Changes, Rootbeer Float Activity, and Lemonade and Cookie Mixture Lab. -States of Matter Movement Activity -Lyrics to a States of Matter Rap -States of Matter Picture Sort -Properties of Matter Exit Slip -Scoot Review Game -

30 Science Experiments PLUS Science Journal

Science just got a whole lot easier to add into your lesson plans! These hands-on, super cool science experiments are surprisingly easy to set up and use common supplies like baking soda and vinegar.PLUS, this set includes a no prep science journal that goes along with the 30 jaw dropping science experiments so kids can easily keep track of their results.GETTING STARTEDMost of the activities use common household supplies that you likely already have lying around like salt and ice but, to help en

Mixtures and Solutions Sorting Activity

Students will cut and paste pictures of mixtures and solutions and glue them them in appropriate spots. The photos are provided in both color and black and white. A key is provided for each picture. Follow me on Instagram @teachingwithtiffany

Science Bell Ringer Journal for the Entire School Year: Middle & High School

Science bell ringer journal for the entire school year including 275 journal prompts for middle and high school students. This product provides teachers with an entire school year of science-themed journal prompts in an organized and focused way. The journal is organized by month with 25 entries per section. Students will strengthen their reading, science, writing and critical thinking skills with these unique, higher level thinking bell ringers. This product is created by Mrs Brosseau's Bind

Matter Unit

Created by
Cassie Dahl
This resource includes everything you need to teach about Matter. There are assessments, student pages, answer keys, labs and so much more! The unit is broken down into 11 individual lessons, each focusing on a different topic. Lessons Included: 1. Properties of Matter 2. Physical Properties 3. Oobleck Experiment 4. Measurement 5. All About Density 6. Physical and Chemical Properties 7. Physical Changes 8. The Water Cycle 9. Mixtures and Solutions 10. Chemical Changes 11. Heating and Cooling

Atoms and Elements Doodle Note | Science Doodle Notes

This science graphic organizer includes one page for students to identify and describe the parts of the atom including protons, neutrons, and electrons. On the second page, students will identify what makes each element unique and describe aspects of elements such as atomic number, atomic mass, and chemical symbols.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid students in moving towards mastery of the Next Generation Science Standard NGSS MS-PS1-1.What are doodle notes?Doodl

Properties of Matter Complete Unit

Created by
Emily Brown
Properties of Matter Complete Unit! Beautifully updated 6/13/16! Updates include beautiful new graphics for the discussion slides, new and improved teacher guides, and answer keys for all non-experimental worksheets!! I am so excited to have this beautifully updated new unit for you! This 88-page packet includes all you need to teach a complete Properties of Matter Unit of Study. This packet is broken up into different sections. Each section has a suggested lesson plan that includes a little

Mixtures and Solutions Activities, Notebook, Worksheets

*Best Seller*Teach students to define, distinguish between and compare mixtures and solutions in this hands on, engaging Science unit. This unit is FOCUSED on Mixtures and Solutions and assumes a background knowledge of Matter. This unit will work for grades 3-5 with a background knowledge in Matter. I taught it in 4th grade. Mixtures and Solutions are a 5th grade Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) When I taught this unit we made a mixture (trail mix) and solution (Lemonade) the students lo

Introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements Activity

Created by
Introducing the Periodic Table? This is my all time favorite lesson to teach. Introduce the Periodic Table with this puzzle, and have students telling YOU how the Periodic Table was organized!Students work together to discover the best way to organize colored/numbered shape pieces. All you need for this activity is a color printer, sandwich bags (or paper clips) and a prize for the winning group (not totally necessary, but fun). Handout, answer key and lesson plan included. This is the BEST ac

Mixtures Science Stations | Solutions, Compounds, & Physical Properties

Mixtures Science Stations includes 9 centers that focus on compounds, dissolving and solutions, and physical properties of mixtures, and separation techniques.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about compounds and mixtures, including solutions.Create It: Record the physical properties of each ingredient in a mixture.Watch It: Watch a video and answer questions.Match

Chemistry Chat: First Day of School Ice Breaker Lab Activity for Chemistry

The first day of school should be fun, not boring! This science lab ice breaker activity will help your students learn about their classmates, while serving as a diagnostic tool for the instructor. Do you want to be the fun teacher, or the one who reads the class syllabus out loud on the first day of school?What are the benefits of this activity?Group work is an important part of what we do in a science class. Each student will need a lab partner, and there will be many times in the classroom

Science Kids Clipart {Scientist Kids and Experiment Clipart}

This pack of scientist clipart is packed with 33 images of science lab clips (this includes 18 color versions and 15 digital stamps for each corresponding image (black and white versions). All image files are in png format so they can be easily layered as you create your lessons or products. Due to the large number of images and size of this set, the file will download as a zip file and you will just unzip it after purchase to access the individual images.Creative Clips Digital Clipart is create

Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet

This Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet was designed for middle school students just learning about chemical and physical changes. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to while they’re working if they need help. There are six true or false questions, and 19 questions that require students to determine if the example given is a physical or chemical change. Perfect for students just learning about the difference

Chemistry Interactive Notebook Pages - Print or Digital INB

Created by
Kesler Science
The Chemistry Interactive Notebook Bundle is essential for teachers who want to provide their students with an interactive experience when teaching Chemistry concepts.  Both print and digital versions are included in this purchase.  These Chemistry activities are a fantastic resource for a traditional classroom setting, a 1:1 environment, or students who are distance learning. What Topics Are Included? Acids and BasesAtomsBalancing Chemical EquationsChemical BondsPhysical and Chemical ChangesCou

Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet

This Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations worksheet was designed for middle and high school students just learning about balancing chemical equations and the Law of Conservation of Mass. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to while they’re working if they need help. There are 10 chemical equations for students to balance. Each equation comes with a helpful chart so students practice counting up the number of atoms on each

Oobleck Lab (CER) - States of Matter Lab Activity

Created by
Morpho Science
Students will create a strange substance called Oobleck and experiment with its properties. Through hands-on experimentation, watching a demo video, & reading an article on non-Newtonian Fluids, the students will discover that Oobleck has properties of both a liquid and a solid depending on the pressure applied. Your students will then write an argument, from all the evidence presented, to prove this claim. This activity is a fun and engaging way to meet a very important NGSS/Common Core Sta

Atomic Theory Timeline Project

Created by
Sunrise Science
The Atomic Theory Timeline Project is everything you need to give your chemistry students a nice background on the history of the atom! Students use skills of synthesizing informational text, organizing pieces of information into groups and then into a chronological order, and displaying the information in a clear and creative way.This project covers: Democritus, Aristotle and "the Death of Chemistry", Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr, and the Modern Cloud Theory.I like to show this Ted Ed vide

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt

A one page activity that asks students to use a copy of the Periodic Table (not provided) to find information in the form of a "scavenger hunt". This is a great introductory activity to get students familiar with the table. Would also work as an early finisher activity, homework assignment, or class competition. Very versatile! This activity is also included in larger products in my store: -GROWING Middle School Chemistry Unit The earlier you buy, the more you save. Great if you are looking

Atoms Escape Room - 6th 7th 8th Grade Science Review Activity

Created by
Kesler Science
The Atoms Escape Room is an immersive experience for your students. It allows them to demonstrate their knowledge of atoms in a fun and engaging way. Student Background:Students will need to be familiar with protons, neutrons, and electrons. They will need to know their location and charge and be able to identify valence electrons on a Bohr model or an element symbol.A Unique Escape Room Experience:Unlike many escape rooms, the teacher is in total control of which of the 8 puzzles they want t
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