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According to Erikson, each person must navigate through a series of interrelated stages in their life cycle. The key idea in Erikson's theory is that every individual will face a conflict at each stage, which may or may not be successfully resolved. In this project, students will be researching on
4 Behavior Protocols This form shows proper protocols for the following behaviors: 1 - Student is engaging in inappropriate behavior to get something they CAN HAVE (count and mand) 2 - Student engages in inappropriate behavior in response to a demand. (escape distinction) 3
How do you create a developmentally appropriate day care center? Using both Piaget's & Erikson's stages of Cognitive and Psychosocial Development, students will have a blast creating a professional looking online day care center in this project!Throughout the lesson students will:1) Respond to a
Percentage Chart to Monitor Trials On Targeted Behavior Or Academic This Percentage Chart allows a parent, teacher, or other service provider to monitor number of trials, number correct responses, and percentage correct on a targeted behavior or academic. See Preview for chart! Great for ABA!
AP Psychology Child Development This project will give students a hands on experience to better understand child development through an analysis of their own development and how it applies to key developmental information from the course. Students will work independently or with a partner and then
This power presentation is full of facts on healthy eating and living for children. It is filled with facts on the basic food groups.
Students will analyze new studies that support and contradict a theory and/or theorist.
One of the TEKS for Child Development requires students to research the benefits of breastfeeding. These questions require students to find information about the nutrition value of breastmilk and formula, challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers, effects of cultural and social factors on the initi
This is perfect for the student who does not want to take care of a flour or electronic baby and would rather write a paper or make a powerpoint. Students are to research teen pregancy. Each year I have a handful of students that choose this rather than a flour baby.
This is an article that discusses suicide and the rates it has reached, it also talks in general about how we can help the the role world health organization is playing in trying to bring these rates down i hope you can find it useful
Want a project that is highly engaging? Need a differentiated project-based activity to spur your student interest? Host a Child Development Science Fair! This activity has students conduct an experiment on a child development topic of choice. Examples may include; Which diaper holds the most liq
Career brochure project will be a tri-fold, computer-generated brochure of information on a career of choice in the field of early childhood education or an education related field.
Children of divorced parents. Researched topics:1. What emotions may children of divorced parents feel - and how can they learn to express them?2. How will children of divorced parents understand love following the divorce of their parents?3. What needs do children of divorced parents have regarding
The purpose of this assignment is for students to discover how much money they can save by buying used baby gear. They will need access to the Internet, shopping sites such as amazon.com, walmart.com, target.com, babiesrus.com, or buybuybaby.com, as well as craigslist.org and/or ebay.com Good for
Students research a danger during pregnancy and create a public service announcement promoting awareness for the topic.
Here is a short presentation on Pertussis Whooping Cough including the cause, symptoms, and preventative measures. Also includes images, diagrams, and sound. All Editable
After teaching and discussing sexually transmitted infections, use this project to have students focus in on one of the most common STIs. Page 1-2: Research Guide Students will use this guide to discover the information you want them to about the STI. Information like bacterial vs. viral, number o
This is an amazing project that help students be creative, conduct research, and care for something other than themselves. I used to do an egg baby and it became messy, upset other teachers, and costly. I have the students bring anything to cloth/design their baby with.....yarn for hair, fabric for
This manual is written for use with Nasco’s Ready or Not Tot baby simulation. The Standard Instruction Manual provided with the manikin was used as a reference for certain sections of this manual. This project is a parenting simulation. The manikin cries, coos, burps, and needs a diaper change throu
I am using this project with my Human and Social Services class, but it could be adapted for Child Development, Psychology, or any other course where you are studying developmental theorists.
Powerpoint presentation to explain first aid, what to do in an emergency, and CPR for young children. Last slide contains a learning activity, students will create a prevention poster for one of the many potential safety hazards covered in the powerpoint. Career Exploration, CTE, FACS, Employment, L
Students will navigate the webquest (URLS) to explore 3 child development theorists; Piaget, Erikson, & Vygotsky. This webquest will encourage students to explore Paiget's 4 cognitive developmental stages, Erikson's Hierarchy of Needs, & Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development. Other Webques
Toilet Training Data Collection Sheet This Weekly Toilet Training Data Collection Sheet allows a teacher, parent, or other provider to monitor the toileting of a child or student. The chart monitors if a student is dry, wet, produced urine, and if the student produced a bowel movement. The chart
Child Developmental Theories & Theorists Introduction to how children develop and learn, Student Study Notes Chart/Key, Student Assignment for Research Project/Rubric on Theorists, Student Introduction Assignment to Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Test and Student record chart, Teacher notes for

showing 1-24 of 62 results

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