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Civics Resources

37,108 results

Map Skills- Reading a Map and Activities

✅⭐️Are you studying maps in your primary classroom? If so, then you will love this all inclusive NO PREP set! Not only does it go over cardinal directions and how to read a map, it also reviews parts of a map such as the map key, title, and compass rose. It is a perfect lesson to include in your social studies geography unit!⭐Please know that this resource is a PDF. It is great for distance learning if you are sending home packets or are able to transfer it to Google Slides™ to use in Google Cla

Election Day & Electoral Process | Presidential Elections 2024

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #1 ALL-TIME BEST-SELLING ELECTIONS-VOTING RESOURCE ON TPT! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This unit includes 32 pages of printables to engage your students while learning about elections and the election process in an unbiased way. No fluff or filler here: this unit provides solid, high-quality content that will deepen students' understanding and simplify complex concepts. You’ll find these printables to be thoughtfully designed, easy to use, thorough, and engaging for kids!This resource does not include

Who Am I? - Community Helpers Powerpoint Game #1

Created by
Teacher Gameroom
Community helpers games are great for teaching students about different community jobs. In this "Who am I" game, students must guess the community worker. There are 10 questions and you just click on each question to go to it. Each question has 3 clues and student have to guess which community helper it describes. Clues include tools they may use, what they do, and where they may work. Great for a whole class review or rainy day activity. Great for individual practice on the iPad! Extra licens

Government Unit, Lapbook, Text Print & Digital Distance Learning Bundle

Created by
Jill Russ
Your students will learn about the United States Government in this complete unit--with both print and digital options--including an informational text you can use either in place of or in addition to your textbook. You can use the printable versions, go completely paperless, or use a combination of both!This is a complete unit with informational text, anticipation guide with questions to guide their reading, a 24 question test, and pieces for an interactive notebook or lapbook. It also includes

American Government Unit | Activities, & Graphic Organizers | Print and Digital

Created by
These American government lessons will allow students to develop an authentic understanding of the levels of government and the branches of government. It incorporates performance tasks, government projects, enrichment activities, choice boards, graphic organizers, and more! This government unit includes a variety of activities to teach students government vocabulary and concepts. In the unit you'll find:-3 Government projects (including the 3 branches of government project)-9 Worksheets and gra

My Community Unit (with Google Slides)

Created by
Sarah Paul
I had so much fun doing community unit with my students! Update: Now with Google SlidesThis unit includes:anchor chart pieces and student sheet (Communities have: people, places, activities)Fun in my community graphic organizerMy Community then and nowTypes of communities flip bookTypes of communities writing prompt (opinion writing)Sentence writing Community helpers graphic organizer: service they provideRead, Think, Match3 Reading passagesCommunity Scavenger hunt Fun in my community class book

Citizenship: Rights, Responsibilities, Rules, Laws, and MORE!

Created by
Meagan Kelli
This unit contains eight EXPLICIT lessons that focus on the following concepts: 1. Citizens in their communities 2. Rights and responsibilities of citizens 3. Rules and laws citizens must follow in different settings 4. Citizens making responsible and irresponsible choices 5. Citizens communicating well with others 6. Citizens problem solving with others 7. Citizens showing respect and kindness with others. Each lesson provides an objective, student "I can statement," opportunities to build ba

Citizenship - Being a Good Citizen

Citizenship activities! Perfect back to school ideas for citizenship; differentiated printable readers with comprehension activities. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆This is the FIRST book in a 2nd BUNDLE (now complete) of printable readers for guided reading. Link for the bundle is below. There is already one bundle which is complete - you can check it out here:BUNDLE 1 of Printable Readers☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆If you want to see the 2nd bundle which is a growing bundle:BUNDLE 2 of Printable Readers -

2020 Election Slideshow | Presidential Election 2020 | Road to the White House

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This Presidential Elections resource includes a 25 page slideshow, plus 7 pages of printables to engage your students while learning about the electoral process and Election Day. No fluff or filler here: this slideshow provides solid, high-quality content that will deepen students' understanding and simplify complex concepts during this important election year. Colorful, highly engaging slides provide an overview of the electoral process from the time candidates declare their intent to run, to

Three Branches of Government Tree Craft Activity + Flipbook

Created by
DaisyDoggy presents: "Three Branches of Government Tree Craft Activity + Flipbook." This craft activity is a great way to introduce, teach, or assess student's understanding of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. Once all pieces of the tree are colored and cut out, the tree is easily assembled by gluing each set of "leaves" to its corresponding lined counterpart. This allows for students to lift up the leaves to reveal what they have learned about each branch. In a

Classroom Rules Back to School Rules for Behaviors

Grab some Classroom Rules and Back to School Rules printables are here. These are integrated, age-appropriate back to school rules printables, anchor charts, discussion, and more. These Classroom Rules and Back to School Rules are the perfect Kindergarten or First Grade resource to use with your class. Students will make connections to these hands on, themed, and FUN set to create background knowledge and more of classroom rules and expectations for the following topics:- What are rules?- How a

U.S. Constitution ESCAPE ROOM Activity! Constitution Day - Reading Comprehension

Created by
Think Tank
The Constitution Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom reading comprehension passage, answering questions and solving puzzles! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the U.S. Constitution, Preamble, Constitutional Convention and Founding Fathers. This is the perfect activity to introduce the Constitution or celebrate Constitution Day. The Constitution Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. The codes include ci

Community and Citizenship Unit

This social studies pack includes graphic organizers, formats, and activities to work with the concepts of communities and being a good citizen. They are perfect to use to gather and record information from sources.Included in this pack:-Communities Vocabulary boxes (6 boxes including vocabulary words and space for definition and picture)-Basic Needs Tree Map (how communities provide for basic needs: transportation, communication, recreation, education, and government)-Basic Needs of My Communit

Revolutionary War Causes ESCAPE ROOM Activity: American Revolution

Created by
Think Tank
The Causes of the Revolutionary War Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom, reading comprehension passages, and answering questions! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, French and Indian War, Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Quartering Act, 13 Colonies and Intolerable Acts. The Revolutionary War Causes Escape Room is a great reading comprehension activity with a twist of deciphering codes.

Good Choice Bad Choice Sort Printable and Digital

There are four sorts included, both for online and distant learning - all sorts are now digital too!Good Choices / Bad Choices Sorting WorksheetGood Choices / Poor Choices Sorting WorksheetsResponsible Choices / Not Responsible Choices Appropriate Online Behaviors /Not Appropriate Online Behaviors THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Sorting Mat and Sorting Pictures Answer KeyGoogle Slides Digital VersionSave 30% when you buy Sort Worksheets: The BundleYOU MIGHT ALSO LIKEPurchase Sorting Worksheets Individual

2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum Government Citizens Unit

A government unit filled with activities, word cards, and printable charts. Focusing around government (why we have it and what it does for us) on a community level as well as citizens and their responsibilities.GOOGLE DRIVE ACCESS LINKS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE PDF DOWNLOAD ON THE GOOGLE DRIVE ACCESS PAGELinks to Google Drive uploads in slides/forms are available in this download!Want to see a sample lesson? CLICK HERE FOR A LESSON FREEBIELesson Plan Titles:Lesson 1 – Diversity in a CommunityLess

Citizenship Printable Activity Book- Rights and Responsibilities

This is a fun little printable activity book designed for use by my own third graders. This book highlights the most important duties, rights, and responsibilities of good citizens. Inside, the students will read and write about things they can do to be a good citizen, the rights given to them by the U.S. Constitution, and the responsibilities that they have in our country. The text is designed to only use two sheets of copy paper. Simply run the pages front to back in the same order they are o

Preamble Stretch Book | Constitution Day Activity | Preamble Meaning

Wow your students on Constitution Day or any time of the year with this unique stretch book about the Preamble! Students will think about and illustrate the meaning of each section of the Preamble. Two versions of the book are included. For a more in-depth study, students write their own interpretations for the words in the Preamble. If time is limited, a second version is included which has the meaning already printed and ready to illustrate.Stretch books are made by folding three paper squares

Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens | Social Studies Lesson

This Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens lesson has everything you need to teach your students the basic rights and responsibilities of citizens in the United States. This resource is great for introducing your students to the basics of citizenship in the United States. A variety of lesson activities are included to improve student's understanding and keep them engaged throughout the lesson.PLEASE CLICK ON THE PREVIEW TO SEE WHAT IS INCLUDED!This resource includes:Lesson PlanBulletin Board C

Being a Good Citizen Reader for Social Studies Kindergarten & First Grade

Created by
Class of Kinders
Building a classroom community? Discussing what it means to be a good citizen? This social studies reader is perfect for Kindergarten & First. It is 10 pages long & features great citizenship vocabulary: giving, helpful, cares, shares, responsible, follow rules, respectful. This resource includes:2 versions of the reader1 contains all words/text1 is a "write in" version and students add the word "you" which is repeated throughout the reader.Need more Science and Social studies items? Ch

Rules & Laws Reader Social Studies Kindergarten & First

Created by
Class of Kinders
Every community has rules and/or laws. A city, a neighborhood, a school, a classroom, even a home! Use this resource to assist in teaching and having conversations about the differences between rules and laws ...and why they are important!The reader gives a simple definition of a rule; followed by two examples: walking in line and school, eating all of your dinner at home. The reader also gives a simple definition of a law; followed by two examples: driving the speed limit, not littering.Both th

Bill of Rights Scenarios Sort with Google Slides™ - US Constitution Day Activity

Created by
Love Learning
Teach students about The Bill of Rights with this fun activity! Students will learn about the Bill of Rights and the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. It is perfect for Constitution Day or Founders Month. This activity includes the first ten amendments, definitions, and real life scenarios. This activity includes a digital version that utilizes Google SlidesGreat to use as a center, formative assessment, independent activity, morning work, or homework.⭐ | Save Money | This sort is IN

Being a Good Citizen at Home, at School, and in the Community

Created by
Kristen Campbell
You can use these cards in many ways. 1. Print these cards, cut them out, and use them as a visual introduction to citizenship. • Show the students these cards and ask them if the children shown are being good citizens or if they are following rules at home, school, or in the community. • Use these cards as discussion starters. Show a particular card and ask the students what they should do if someone else is not being a good citizen. 2. Print these cards, cut them out, and laminate them.

2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum Community Unit

A community unit that includes lesson plans, comprehension, vocabulary words, activities, and even a unit assessment. Unit follows along with the Michigan Citizenship Curriculum for 2nd grade, however, with the community theme it is applicable in almost any place.GOOGLE DRIVE ACCESS LINKS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE PDF DOWNLOAD ON THE GOOGLE DRIVE ACCESS PAGEItems are also accessible for distance learning via Google Slides/Forms.Want to see a sample lesson? CLICK HERE FOR A LESSON FREEBIEIn this pac
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