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Writing Strategies That Work!
Are you tired of pulling your hair out trying to teach your children how to write a narrative story? Well, here is a study guide that is sure to ease your troubles! This unique writing "study guide" helps students to see a "recipe" for writing a narrative. These concrete ideas help teachers communic

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4 Varieties of Cornell Notes Templates (editable)
This bundle contains the 4 varieties or Cornell notes templates that I've created to help students structure their note taking. You can view them individually in my shop, but the 4 varieties include: traditional, graph paper, dot paper, and music staves. The templates are all similar in that they co

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Melody Writing Blank Manuscript
This is a great blank manuscript paper for beginners to write simple melodies. Four lines for three measures each. Treble clef already on the first line so students can copy on the rest of the lines. Students can add their own time signatures, tempo, dynamics and even their own lyrics.

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How to Write A Musical With Kids EvenIfYouDon’tKnowAnythingAboutMusicOrTheatre
This is a 20-page e-book that I've written to give step-by-step instructions for how to guide children to write and perform an original musical. This is a process that I've done many times with fantastic results. I've broken it down into easy steps so that any adult or teen can do it, even if th

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Cornell Notes Style with Music Bars (editable)
Similar to my free Cornell Notes template, this paper includes music bars on the right side of the page that are perfect for students to create their own music and take notes on the left-hand side. Perfect for classes on music theory, choir, and more. The document is in word format so that it is ea

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Pentatonic Composition Task with Assessment Rubric
This is a two-page blackline master to be copied for students. It is a carefully scaffolded assessment task. Students begin by creating a rhythm within a defined framework. They then add a melody and lyrics and notate the task on a staff. Instructions are given throughout the worksheet so that stude

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Theory Crib Sheet
Purpose:This theory crib sheet was created as a support material for grades 9 and 10 music students. This is especially helpful for music students who have no previous experience with keyboards and yet need to focus on this topic / format for their work with music theory. Uses:It can be printed to b

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Guided Listening: Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1
This set of listening activities contains a guided listening sheet to accompany each of the three movements of Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto. Students will explore concepts related to form, dynamics, and timbre as they learn about common features of the Classical concerto. It is helpful for the

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Checklist for Piano Teachers

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Music Theory Chords
Colorful visual representation of chords that is a great introduction for middle or high school students with little previous music knowledge. Great for a music appreciation course. Covers Major, minor, inversions, Tonic, Dominant, Subdominant, and Subtonic chords. This provides a theoretical framew

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Scales Stars Interpretation Guide
This is a short 5-page PDF with notes and examples of how to read my Scale Stars series. Hope it helps!These are all the products it supports!Scale Stars ABRSM Grade 1Scale Stars ABRSM Grade 2Scale Stars ABRSM Grade 3Scale Stars ABRSM Grade 4Scale Stars ABRSM Grade 5Scale Stars ABRSM Grade 6Scale St

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Dissecting the 16th Note Handout
Dissecting the 16th Note Handout breaks down the “mystery” of 16th note patterns. This is perfect for any musician and I also included some basic sticking patterns for percussionists.

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The guided notes packet and corresponding powerpoint for Sound In Movies is meant to give student an understanding of how sound functions in movies.

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Music in Movies: Film Production GUIDED NOTES AND POWERPOINT
The guided notes packet and corresponding powerpoint for Film Production is meant to give student an understanding of where music falls in the film production process and how it is influenced by each decision made throughout the process.

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Senior/Stage 5 Music Composition Portfolio TEMPLATE (fully editable)
I have found my Stage 5 Music classes really struggle once we introduce the idea of building a composition portfolio to accompany their score for submission. So I made this easy-to-follow template to guide their process!This template is completely editable for you to tweak it as you wish and each se

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33 Keyboard Lesson Plans
33 Lesson Plans for beginner to intermediate level for keyboard class. Lessons notate the learning objectives, activities, strategies, assessments (summative and formative) and other pedagogical music methods.

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